Murray Grey Cattle Characteristics

The Murray Grey cows are a breed of beef cows in Australia. It was developed at the Murray River shore around the New South Wales.

The strain was designed in 1905 throughout the Federation drought in an opportunity breeding of a Shorthorn cow and an Aberdeen Angus bull.

From these types of matings the consequent thirteen dun-grey calves were considered curiosities. And Peter and Ena Sutherland swallowed these across the Murray River in New South Wales on the Thologolong home.

Murray Grey cows grew quicker and were great converters of feed and also generated quality carcases. All these are the reasons that this critters become quite popular.

And farmers started breeding them and became curious. The large scale industrial farms have been created in the 1940s.

Now the strain is offered in a number of nations. Both reside embryos and Murray Grey cows have been exported to a Lot of countries like New Zealand, South America, Canada, the Uk, and the United States. The Murray Grey Cattle Society was made from the 1960s.

Murray Grey Cattle Characteristics

Murray Grey cows are of moderate to big dimensions, have sound construction and possess great walking capacity.

Their hair colour ranges to dark or chocolate gray.

Some cows can be black although the majority of them are silver into a color that is silvery-dun.

You can find dark pigmentation in their skin that lets them reduce eye disease, photosensitivity responses and sunburned udders. These critters are and don’t have any horns.

The bull’s weight from 800 to 1100 kg. And bodyweight of these cows differ in 500 to 700 kg.

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Murray Grey Cattle Advantages

Murray Grey cows are mostly a beef cattle breed. They’re employed primarily for beef production.

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For crossbreeding in several nations, but they’re also employed.

The Murray Grey cows are famous around the world for its economically important characteristics of carcase quality, easy calving and feed efficiency.

Beef carcasses that are marbled are produced by them with intramuscular seam fat of this kind that’s favored in other Asian markets and Japan.

They’re pretty hardy strain and develop relatively fast compared to some other beef cattle breeds. They could accommodate themselves.

The cows create milk and have been good milk producers. As they have legs, murray Grey cows suffer from leg issues that are ordinary. And the creatures are usually healthy.

They’re used for crossbreeding to enhance cattle. These creatures are usually of very excellent behaviour and also have docile character.

Murray Grey Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameMurray Grey
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMeat
Special NotesStrong, hardy, well adapted to all climates
Breed SizeMedium to large
817 to 1135 kg
Cows500 to 700 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorCoat color range from dark grey to light silver, with some rarer black or dun variations
Milk YieldAverage
Country/Place of OriginAustralia