Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Characteristics

Netherland Dwarf rabbit is just one of the most common domestic rabbit’s strain. It is a rabbit strain that is more compact and raised as pets. The Netherland Dwarf bunny originated from the Netherlands as the Name Implies.

The strain is more compact compared to different strains of the rabbit. Mainly due to the breed’s little body size, they are retained as pets and as display creatures.

And there are popular as fur strain or meat. The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is quite popular as pets due to their overall look that is babyish.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Characteristics

The principal feature/characteristic of this Netherland Dwarf bunny is their size. They’re the tiniest of rabbits, although They have a similar look to the bunny that is.

The strain has a wide mind with a face along with profile and a tiny body. The jacket is soft and short and the ears are small, erect, curved at the ideas and just under a quarter of an inch (5cm) in the span.

Eyes and their head are large with regard. They are quite adorable looking bunny, they seem in maturity that is complete.

The Netherland Dwarf bunny crosses often retain a number of those characteristics, based on the strain that the dwarf is reversed with. But, crosses appear as babyish as the dwarfs and therefore so are often bigger.

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The strain comes with fur. They are available in many different colors, from white to tan, brown and black, orange and double colored. Additionally, there is a Netherland Dwarf bunny with reddish and blue eyes.

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However, Netherland Dwarfs using layouts are disqualified for series. Purebred Netherland Dwarf rabbits exist within a broad number of colors.

The color types contain Black, Bley, Blue, Blue-Eyed White, Broken, Chestnut, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Fawn, Himalayan, Lilac, Lynx, Opal, Orange, Otter, Ruby Eyed White, Sable Marten, Sable Point, Siamese Sable, Silver Marten, Smoke Pearl, Smoke Pearl Marten, Steel, Tan, and Tortoiseshell.

Colors exist at dwarf mongrel rabbits and in Netherland Dwarfs. The Netherland Dwarf is a rabbit breed. As well as their normal body fat is between 0.5 and also 1.13 kg.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Advantages

The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is principally kept as a display animal as pets. It’s quite popular as pets around the world due to their overall look that is babyish. They’re too little for increasing meat and fur animals.

The very first Netherland Dwarf rabbits needed a competitive character and have been fear of people. However, during selective mating, the Netherland Dwarfs therefore so are of superior behaviour and are more tender, friendly. They’re lively and skittish.

They have behavioral traits as dogs or puppies. This tiny creature can be adorable, but they need just as much maintenance.

If given sufficient time and space, the Netherland Dwarf rabbits may make decent pets.

A Netherland Dwarf rabbit’s normal lifespan is all about 7-10 years. However they could live more stored and when properly cared in captivity.


The Netherland Dwarfs were created from the 20th century.

Little Exotic rabbits have been bred with bigger wild rabbits for producing Netherland Dwarfs. After a few decades, the creature was a small rabbit offered in a vast array of designs and shades.

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Roman rabbits were temperaments that are fearful and aggressive. However, the Netherland Dwarf rabbit that is contemporary has changed into a pet bunny that is gentle. Even though the breed is can maintain disposition.

The Netherland Dwarfs were imported in the Uk in 1948. Along with America imported it Netherland Dwarf rabbits in the 1960s and 1970s.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association approved Dwarf breed in 1969 and the British Rabbit Council also accepts it.

The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is a breed as pets across the world Now.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breed Information

Breed NameNetherland Dwarf
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMainly kept as a show animal and as pets
Breed SizeSmall
WeightAverage body weight is between 0.5 and 1.13 kg
Suitable for Commercial ProductionNo
Good as PetsYes
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Color VarietiesPurebred Netherland Dwarf rabbits exist in an extensive variety of colors. The color varieties include Black, Bley, Blue, Blue-Eyed White, Broken, Chestnut, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Fawn, Himalayan, Lilac, Lynx, Opal, Orange, Otter, Ruby Eyed White, Sable Marten, Sable Point, Siamese Sable, Silver Marten, Smoke Pearl, Smoke Pearl Marten, Steel, Tan, and Tortoiseshell. Other colors exist in non-show-quality Netherland Dwarfs and in dwarf mongrel rabbits.
Country of OriginNetherlands