Ongole Cattle Characteristics

The Ongole cows are a gorgeous breed of cows from India. They are bred across the world at large numbers. The Ongole cows are effectively employed for both functioning goal and milk production within their native location.

Ongole Cattle Characteristics

Ongole cows are big animals with big dewlaps, loosely stitched eyeglasses, and somewhat pendulous sheaths.

Their limbs are muscle and long. Their necks are brief and the body is long. The forehead is outstanding and wide between the eyes.

Their eyes are somewhat elliptical in shape with lashes and a ring of skin around the eyes.

Ears of those Ongole cattle are marginally falling and are reasonably long.

Both cows and bulls have horns that are stumpy and short, developing backward and outwards.

The bulls have constructed hump, which can be vertical and stuffed up on not concave and either side. The creatures are white in color.

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Even the bulls have dark markings in the neck, your head, and hump. They have things on fore and hind legs’ pasterns and also about the knees.

The bulls weigh around 500 kg and cows around 400 to 450 kg.

Ongole Cattle Advantages

The Ongole cows are effectively employed for both functioning goal and milk production within their native location.

The cows are milkers that are reasonable. For beef production, they’re also used External India.

Ongole cows are well understood and noted because of their durability, accelerated growth rate and organic tolerance to tropical warmth and disease immunity power.

They have character. The bulls are strong and robust, they are acceptable for work. They are used as working animals within the native place for work or plowing of ti.

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The bulls widely utilized in bullfights because of their durability and aggressiveness from Mexico and various other sections of East Africa.

They’re also employed for struggle in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. The Ongole cattle have been the very first strain of cows to get fame.


The strain is native to the Andhra area from the Prakasam District from the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Like Indian cattle breeds, the Ongole cows are called Ongole, from the location name. Because this region was part of their Nellore region, some people refer to the strain as cattle.

Cattle, particularly the bulls are famous because of their physical look. The farmers have increased the strain for milk production and also as animals.

Ongole cows are a really significant cows breed of India that played an essential function in producing several other famed cattle breeds.

The Brahmana bull in the USA is an off-breed of this Ongole, along with the Santa Gertrudis cows breed includes blood that the grown USA, in Texas.

The Ongole cattle can be found in a number of countries. It’s currently accessible West Indies, Fiji, Mauritius, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Netherlands, America, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Malaysia, Indo-China and the Philippines.

Ongole Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameOngole
Other NameNellore Cattle
Breed PurposeMilk, Work, Meat
Special NotesHardy, strong, fast growers
Breed SizeLarge
Up to 500 kg
CowsVary from 432 to 455 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorMainly white, occasionally other colors
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginIndia