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African Rock Python

The African Rock Python (Python Sebae) is Africa’s largest snake, it has a long, stout body, patterned with blotches that may vary in color between olive, brown, chestnut and buffy yellowish, often joining up in …

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Amazon Tree Boa

From the tree boas that really is the widespread species. The Amazon tree boa like its name implies are found in elevated humidity arboreal areas and inhabits the Amazon rainforest. But the species can be …

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Western hognose snake

The western hognose snake (Heterodon nasicus) is of non-venomous colubrid snake species found in North America. It recorded as having 3 subspecies, Though there’s some disagreement. Their range extends from southern Canada to northern Mexico …

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Woma Python

Woma Python

The woma python (Aspidites ramsayi), can be generally called Ramsay’s python or lavender python, is a python species endemic to central and southwestern Australia. These kinds of snakes proved once common across Western Australia, however, …

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How do Snakes Move?

I have been constantly interested in snakes and how snakes go around, they all do not have legs or arms. However, because snakes don’t have any arms or legs, they use what is available for …

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What do Snakes Eat?

First things all snakes are deemed carnivorous reptiles, exactly what this indicates is they eat meat. Snakes do not eat plants, in case you’re wondering there aren’t any vegetarian snakes. Because rodents consume other creatures …

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