Palomino Rabbit Characteristics

The Palomino bunny is a gorgeous large breed that’s usually gold or lynx colored. Mark Young developed the strain, United States of America, at Washington State.

Mark Youngs wished to create a bunny strain. And by crossing commercial rabbit that was typed through the late 1940s and early 1950s rabbits were produced by him.

He also enlisted the assistance of many’co-breeders’ and they developed their bunnies. Plus the strain is named by them as ‘Washingtonian’.

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The Palomino rabbits are a big strain. They may be recognized by their orange shade that was fawns.

They have a kind body that is commercial. As well as their own body type is much like the New Zealand rabbit.

Generally, this Palomino rabbit’s entire body is moderate in length with flesh that is good and hindquarters have rounded. Their body includes a much bone structure that is smaller. And these bone arrangement delivers a meat percentage to the breeder.

They have brown eyes, and their ears are so both vertical and large. There are two varieties of this Palomino bunny, which can be Lynx and Golden.

The gold color assortment is an orange-beige color on a cream or white undercoat. Mixing using an orange-beige within the white or cream undercoat, Though the Lynx Palomino bunny assortment has a silver or grey color.

Both kinds of Palomino bunny variety’s jacket is complete and impolite. Like any bunny strains, the Palomino will not be heavier than the dollars.

On average that the Palomino dollars weigh approximately 3.6 to 4.5 kg along with also the does weigh approximately 4 to 5 kg.

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Palomino Rabbit Advantages

As a huge strain, the Palomino bunny is acceptable for beef production. They are sometimes a fantastic pick for meat bunny farming enterprises. Palominos also make excellent pets and are superior as display creatures.

The Palomino bunny is a hardy and robust strain. It regarded as among the very greatest strain of dwelling pets and is a breed in nature.

They have a character that is calm and are friendly. They love human company.

They’ll groom themselves and palomino rabbits are clean animals and each other. They are not famous for being moms.

The little ones reach an age that is slaughtering before and develops. A Palomino rabbit’s normal lifespan is roughly 5 to 8 years. However, in captivity, they can live up to ten years.

Palomino Rabbit History

The’ Washingtonian’ bunny breed was initially presented in the American Rabbit Breeders Association conference in 1953. And the title of this breed has been shifted to Palomino.

Despite some issues, the Palomino bunny has been realized by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association in 1957 and was accepted as a distinct breed.

The Palomino bunny was exported into Europe. And from the 1960s the strain was gaining recognition and prevalent. However, the British Rabbit Council not yet recognizes the Palomino rabbits.

Palomino Rabbit Breed Information

Breed NamePalomino
Other Namen/a
Breed PurposeCommercial meat production. Also kept as show animals and pets.
Breed SizeLarge
WeightAverage body weight is between 3.6 and 5.0 kg
Suitable for Commercial ProductionYes
Good as PetsYes
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Color VarietiesGolden and Lynx
Country of OriginUnited States