Pantaneiro Cattle Characteristics

The Pantaneiro cows are a tiny sized breed of national cows in the Pantanal area of Brazil. The strain derives from cows brought in the time of their colonization of the Rio de la Plata basin into the Americas by the conquistadores.

Along with the strain was increased in the area for over three hundred decades. However, the Pantaneiro cows are regarded as in danger of extinction.

The strain has been affected by the strain of Portuguese origin like the Curraleiro and Franqueiro in the 18th century. It had been the cow’s breed of the native place for centuries of it.

Presently the strain is regarded as in danger of extinction and also there have been significantly much less than 1000 animals were reported in 2003.

A few other titles like Cuiabano Crioulo pantaneiro, Tucara and Tucura also know pantaneiro cows.

Pantaneiro Cattle Characteristics

Pantaneiro cows are a little breed of cows with a short coat. They are brownish or with a propensity.

Their muzzle is black and there could a ring that is.

Both cows and bulls have horns, and their horns are all around.

Their ears are too small in size and you will find hair from their ears’ side.

The Pantaneiro bull’s average height is approximately 136 cm, along with approximately 119 cm for those cows.

The cows weigh approximately 290 kg. And body fat of the bulls is about 375 kg.

Pantaneiro cows are used for general functions in their native place Pantanal, Brazil.

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Pantaneiro Cattle Facts

The Pantaneiro cows are a rustic and sturdy breed.

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They are adapted to the Pantanal region’s conditions.

The Pantanal area is characterized by elevated temperatures and intervals both of higher humidity and flood, as well as drought.

The Pantaneiro cows are well adapted to that climate. They’re capable of immune to a cattle, also amounts of food scarcity ailments.

They are of behavior that is docile but can be of character.

Pantaneiro Cattle Breed Information

Breed NamePantaneiro
Other NameCrioulo pantaneiro, Cuiabano, Tucara and Tucura
Breed PurposeGeneral
Special NotesRustic and hardy
Breed SizeSmall
About 375 kg
CowsAbout 290 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorBrown or reddish-brown
Milk YieldPoor
Country/Place of OriginBrazil