Pirenaica Cattle Characteristics

The Pirenaica cows are a strain of domestic cows that is principally used for meat manufacturing functions.

It’s native to this Pyrenees of Spain. Presently the strain exists in a lot of the northern portion of Spain, however, largely dispersed in the autonomous communities of Navarre and the Basque nation.

Pirenaica Cattle Characteristics

Pirenaica cows are moderate-sized creatures with a wheaten colored jacket.

Both cows and bulls have horns.

The height of this Pirenaica cows is approximately 150 cm for those bulls and roughly 132 cm at the withers.

The bulls weigh approximately 800 kg. And bodyweight of these cows is roughly 525 kg.

Pirenaica Cattle Advantages

The Pirenaica cows breed was a triple-purpose creature in years past and employed as a draught animal and also for meat and milk production.

The strain is utilized for beef production. However, the oxen could possibly be utilized in the rural game of arrastre de stone-dragging or even piedra.

Pirenaica cows are nicely adapted to the mountainous terrain and humid climate of the northern portion of Spain.

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They were utilized as a strain at years past but are now used mostly for beef production. The number of this strain is increasing and it isn’t currently in danger.

The overall population of this strain was listed as 40,026 in the conclusion of 2014 (where 34,806 were brutally and 5,220 were bull).

Pirenaica Cattle Facts

Precise roots of those Pirenaica cows are unclear. It had been the most breed of cows in Spain. There was A herdbook started in 1905 that was the very first of its type in Spain for the strain in Gipuzkoa. There was A herdbook opened in 1925 in Navarre.

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The Pirenaica cows breed came near extinction in the 20th century.

Plus it had vanished with the exclusion of approximately 40 minds in Gipuzkoa, out of the Basque Country in 1974. And roughly 1500 head stayed in Navarre, of which approximately 1000 have been at Aezkoa’s valley.

Now this breed’s amount has grown and it isn’t in danger.The Pirenaica cows breed is categorized as one of the “autochthonous strains in evolution” from Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, the Spanish ministry of agriculture, and consequently not in danger of extinction.

Presently the strain is largely dispersed in the northern portion of Spain (northern Catalonia). Read more details regarding the strain.

Pirenaica Cattle Breed Information

Breed NamePirenaica
Other NameBasque: Behi-gorri
Breed PurposeMainly meat
Special NotesStrong, hardy, well adapted to the mountainous terrain and humid climate of northern Spain
Breed SizeMedium
About 800 kg
CowsAbout 525 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorWheaten
Milk YieldMedium
Country/Place of OriginSpain