Pot-bellied Pig

The pig is a bigger sized strain. It was originated from Vietnam and is smaller in dimension than the American or European farm pigs.

The strain is capable of interbreeding, as it descended from wild boars and is the very same species as normal pigs. And the majority of the pot-bellied pigs are crossed with assorted farm pig strains.

Pot-bellied Pig Characteristics

Pigs are smaller in size than the American or European farm pig strains. They are black in color but sometimes are found in black with white markings.

The average height of the older Pot-bellied pigs ranges from 16 to 26 inches. And typical bodyweight of the animals that are an older change from 43 to 136 kg.

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The pig grows faster. It turned into abundant at six months of age-long until they’re totally mature. Generally, these creatures are thought to be completely grown by their years old (as soon as the epiphyseal plates at the long bones of their legs eventually shut ).

Together with applications, the pigs are utilized as pets. Since they’re so cute when they’re small many folks wish to purchase them, but they get larger.

In the event of increasing the Pot-bellied pig as pets if the owner doesn’t want to breed their own animals, then most breeders advocate the spaying or neutering of both females and males at a really young age. Doing this helps to lessen the aggression of females and males through the chance of esophageal cancer and esophageal tumors, in addition to estrus. It’s also fantastic to trim tusks and their hooves.

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According to a study in 2004, they’ve revealed genetic diversity in native pigs. And based on the place of source in Vietnam, these strains were genetically different from one another.

Pig strains from nations were processed to a particular within centuries. This usually means a cross involving any pig kind and more varied material will be resulted by the pigs as well as the piglets will resemble the particular pig imports.

By introducing breeds of pigs, and the German Agriculture Ministry was helping Vietnam with it is pork production. The Vietnamese government has also started to subsidize the regional farmers that continue to maintain the native Pot-bellied pig since the strain is as successful nor as big as other pig strains. Read more details about the strain.

Pot-bellied Pig Breed Information

Breed NamePot-bellied
Other NameVietnamese Pot-bellied
Special NotesWell adapted to almost all climates, good mothers, become fertile pretty earlier, good as pets
Breed SizeSmall
45-100 kg
Sows43-90 kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorMainly black, sometimes also black with some white markings
Country/Place of OriginVietnam