Pros and Cons of Dog Breeding Business: Guide For Beginners

Every business has some pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages). Dog breeding business is not an exception. There are also some pros and cons of dog breeding business. However, if you want to start breeding dogs, then you must have knowledge about these pros and cons.

There are actually many reasons why you might decided to become a dog breeder. A passion for dogs and a love of caring for animals is obviously a common motive. Whatever the motivation, there are many things to consider before taking the necessary steps to enter into dog breeding business.

Successful dog breeding business requires professionalism, responsibility and commitment. You should not start dog breeding business for making money only. Rather, you should start this business if you love these creatures. Thus you can ensure the success of your business. Here we are trying to describe more about the pros and cons of dog breeding business.

Pros of Dog Breeding Business

There are many pros or advantages of starting dog breeding business. Most common and notable pros are listed below.

  • Dogs are relatively smaller sized animals. So, you will need to have relatively less space for starting your dog breeding business.
  • Many breeds available throughout the world to choose from. You can chose and start raising your desired breed.
  • Caring dogs is relatively easy. Depending on the number of your dogs, you can care the dogs alone, or you will need several helping hands for caring your puppies.
  • Dogs can adapt themselves to many climates. You will easily find some breeds which will perform well in your climate.
  • The dogs are relatively hardy animals. They are able to survive well and are capable of resisting many common problems.
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  • Easy marketing is another great advantages/pros of dog breeding business. Probably, you will be able to easily sell the puppies to your local customers.
  • Dog breeding business can create a very good employment opportunities for the educated and unemployed people. And also for those people who loves animals. You can also use your family labor (women and children) for caring your dogs.
  • You have to option of selling the dogs locally or you may expand into other regions or go national.
  • It is absolutely possible to operate a dog breeding business with one person managing the operation from start to finish.
  • Puppies have very good market demand and value. Prices for puppies with no health or pedigree issues can range from $500 to $3000, or even more for rare breeds.
  • You can even increase the income from your dog breeding business by entering your dogs into shows where they will be seen. If they win, it adds a level of prestige to your business and sends the message to potential buyers that you breed award-winning pups.
  • If you start dog breeding, then you have the ability to advance the breed. And most responsible dog breeders don’t earn a lot of money. Rather they do it because they love dogs and are passionate about developing the breed.
  • You will be able to eradicate undesired traits or hereditary disease can be incredibly rewarding.
  • Through dog breeding practices, you will be able to working with man’s best friend. Dog breeding is a responsible, compassionate and caring tasks, which can bring great joy to the right person.
  • You have the opportunity to create a new breed. And over the years dog breeding has resulted in new breeds, which further fuels our love of dogs.
  • Lastly, dog breeding will bring your full peace of mild, especially if you love dogs.
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Cons of Dog Breeding Business

Along with the pros, there are several cons or disadvantages of dog breeding business. Here we are listing the most common cons of dog breeding business.

  • Professional dog breeding requires knowledge. And it’s not something you should enter into blind. For being a good breeder, you should have a sound understanding of genetics. It’s your responsibility to improve a breeding line with each generation.[1]
  • Certainly, there is the ability to change certain traits and eradicate diseases so the next generation can live a healthier life. However this requires a deep understanding of the health of the breed (and also the ability to select an appropriate mate).
  • Dog breeding is a time consuming profession. You will need time to learn everything and operating a successful dog breeding business (for doing dog agility training, obedience classes and socialising puppies).
  • If you are breeding dogs for improving, you need to be able to recognize and accept your dog’s flaws. You also need to recognize your breed standard.
  • If you enter into dog breeding business, then you have to set your mind for sharing your home with dogs. And many dog breeders raise litters in their own home. This can be messy, not to mention noisy!
  • Dog breeding has a financial cost attached to it. There are health tests, genetic screenings and veterinary checks, food, bedding and cleaning supplies. There is also equipment cost, and if anything goes wrong, then you could face a large veterinary bill.
  • Exact prices for the puppies depends on several factors such as the parent’s pedigree, the health of the puppy, behavioral problems, and genetic health issues.
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These are the common pros and cons of dog breeding business. Try to learn more about dog breeding (as much as you can), before starting this business. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!