Puppy yellow vomit: What to Do?

Generally, Puppy yellow vomit is caused due to the puppy’s empty stomach. The bile juice produced by the liver is yellow in color and it is stored in the gallbladder. This yellowish fluid is later passed on to the small intestine for digestion. If the puppy is not eating on time or hungry for longer periods, then there won’t be anything for the bile to act on. So the bile juice creates irritation in the stomach which makes puppy to throw up yellow foam or yellow liquid.

Most of the times if you see puppy yellow vomit there is nothing to panic. Puppy may vomit if bile can be irritating on his empty stomach. The question is how the helpful bile juice makes your pup to vomit?

When the stomach is inactive(there is no food to act upon), the bile juice will be produced and sent at regular food intake schedule of the pup. If there is no food in the stomach, this bile causes mild irritation. Hence the puppy which is on empty stomach in the night may throw up the yellowish liquid in the morning.

puppy yellow vomit

What do you do if your puppy is throwing up yellow liquid?

Generally, puppy yellow vomit happens only when the pet owner is not giving food on schedule. When you leave the bowl full of food in the morning, the puppy would have finished in one go. So they digest food and Puppy remains empty stomach until you return back at night. Without eating anything for a while the bile acts on an empty stomach. That yellowish liquid accumulates in the stomach but nothing to work on. This causes irritation and makes puppy yellow vomit.

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If the yellow vomit happens then that is a warning sign to change the meal schedule. Puppy requires small meals 3 to 4 times a day. Even older dogs suffer from bile vomiting due to wrong food intake schedule. I used to serve my pup small portions of food throughout the day, instead of giving him a lot of food.

Also, avoid acidic food in the morning. While you are breaking your pups fast, it’s always good to give food with less acidic or no acidic. Consider adding 2 to 3 spoons of yogurt to the dog food. Yogurt has probiotics. Probiotics help in reducing inflammation of the stomach caused by acid reflux.

If you are a busy pet parent, I always recommend using Automatic feeder as an option. The “Arf Pets Automatic feeder” has self-timer to feed your pup. You can keep your pup’s appetite in the schedule. Nothing to worry even if you run late from office. You can time it for 4 meals a day. Automatic pet feeder only takes dry food as intake. For some of us, our work schedule keeps on changing. We all doctors can co-relate what I am saying. So this case, it’s very hard to keep pup fed properly. I would definitely recommend automatic feeder with the auto timer involved.

When we are definitely sure that the food schedule is creating our pup to yellow vomit. We need to fix the timings of feeding. Pups generally need food in small quantities.

I was feeding my pup 4 times a day.

  1. Once in the morning, around 8 am after a small walk.
  2. Then after 4 hours I would take him for the walk, give him a small portion of wet food at 12 pm.
  3. Then at 6 pm some dry food.
  4. Finally before bed bland food like boiled rice, 3 spoons of plain yogurt, sometimes boiled chicken. Feeding was only after a small walk, so that puppy can release himself from pee or poop.
  5. Leaving your pup hungry for more than 6 hours, always makes his stomach irritating. All the digestive juices fill up his stomach which again makes him to through up.
  6. Taking care of a puppy’s diet for the first six months is equivalent to taking care of the newborn baby. Watch him till he gets independent.
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What do you feed a puppy after vomiting yellow foam/liquid?

  1. If your puppy is normal and active. Also if that is caused by bile irritation, then give him fresh water.
  2. Give him bland food in small quantities.
  3. Boiled chicken, boiled rice and some plain yogurt, will subside his irritation.
  4. Puppy will be fine with a normal diet within 12 hours. Always provide food to your puppy in small quantities multiple times ( 3 to 4 times a day).

Puppy vomiting yellow liquid? Is it normal for a puppy to throw up?

If the puppy throws up yellow liquid only once then there is nothing to worry. Observe puppy for an hour, if he is active then there is no problem. If the puppy has a good appetite and normal pooping happen, then its a normal bile throw up.

Puppy vomit yellow foam should not be regular. Unfortunately, there are many medical conditions that can cause puppy vomit. So careful observance is very important, check if he is active and having a good appetite.

It is not normal for a puppy to throw up. Sometimes if your puppy is wandering in lawn and fed on grass. Then you can easily figure out if the puppy throws up contains grass.

Nothing to worry, vomiting makes them feel better if any foreign object is irritating their stomach line. But remember vomiting should not continue, it should subside.

If you see any unusual behavior like lameness, loss of appetite and diarrhea, then consult the Vet for a further checkup. The problems can range from a simple diet change to anything serious related to the pancreas.

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How to Get Rid of the Smell of puppy Vomit in a Carpet?

Our human nose can’t pick much of the smells. But your puppy can sense the smell of something which is a few months old too. The disadvantage of the foul smell will trigger the puppy to do a similar activity, whether its poop or pee. If the puppy previously has peeped on the carpet, if you have not cleaned it well. Then the smell will trigger the puppy to do the same when it’s near the carpet. In order to avoid this, take some home remedies to clean it well.

  1. Make a solution of water and Vinegar.
  2. Wet the area on the carpet and scrub.
  3. Scrub using the dry brush. Initially, it starts to smell more, as the smell is getting out of the carpet. But hold on and rub it.
  4. Now dry the carpet by a Vacuum cleaner. You can add any fragrance of your choice to your cleaning mixture.