Red Shaver Chicken Characteristics

Red Shaver chicken is a dual-purpose breed that produces excellent eggs and meat. Canada doesn’t have chicken strains, unlike the neighbor of it. Canada has just two chicken strains.

One is Chantecler chicken and yet another is that the Red Shaver chicken. The strain was designed for tiny or home farms instead of industrial use. Red Shaver chicken is a sex-linked chicken breed so that they can be separated after hatching or at a really young age. There’s not any bantam range of the chicken strain.

Red Shaver chickens

Red Shaver chickens are birds that are beautiful. Roosters and hens could be split. Aged hens are of red-brown color with white down and the roosters are white with some red flecking.

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Red Shaver chicken has colored spoonful. Normally the roosters have bigger comb compared to hens. Along with the roosters are far quicker compared to hens. They have reddish wattles and earlobes. Their legs are yellowish and featherless.

On average Red Shaver roosters weight approximately 6 Ibs. And hens about 5.5 Ibs.

Red Shaver chickens are regarded as birds. They’re friendly and are also quite hardy breed. As a dual-purpose breed, Red Shaver chicken produces a number of eggs and great for meat production.

Hens are effective at putting 305-315 eggs annually. They lay big eggs that were colored. If you’re interested in finding a fantastic breed to your little farm, then Crimson Shaver chicken may be a fantastic pick for you.

Red Shaver Chicken Breed Information

Breed NameRed Shaver
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeDual Purpose (Meat & Eggs)
Breed TemperamentCalm, Friendly, Quiet, Hardy
Breed SizeLarge
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ColorBrown
Egg SizeLarge
Egg ProductivityHigh
Feathered LegsNo
Country of OriginCanada
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