Roman Goose

The Roman goose raised as a usefulness meat strain in Europe and increased as an ornamental breed in North America. Nonetheless, it’s raised for both meat and ornamental purposes

The Roman goose is a strain of infantry from Italy. It’s sacred to the Goddess Juno and bred. Along with the strain is reported to be among goose’s earliest breeds.

Based upon the place, the strain is retained for a variety of functions. That the Roman goose is an exhibition breed. And It’s known as the Tufted Roman goose in North America.

Roman Goose Characteristics

It’s used for both ornamental and meat manufacturing function in Australia. Nonetheless, it is increased as a usefulness meat strain in Europe. The strain has a crest over the mind of it that’s compulsory in North America, but the crests are discretionary in Europe and Australia. Read more details about the strain.

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The Roman goose is a utility strain. They’re moderate egg coating, and also the breeders may anyhow about 25-35 eggs each year. The strain is increased as a pest in Europe, and it’s bred for quick meaty and little carcass.

However, the breed is increased as an ornamental breed in North America, also bred to get a crest or tuft. The strain is agreeable and calm. They make great watchdogs and are attentive. A plump leaves bird is produced by the strain.

The ganders are powerful and they may be mated with 2-4 geese.

The Roman goose is a breed. As stated by the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection, the strain ought to be white in color, though some breeds have feathers that are grey or buff.

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The breast and stomach of this Roman goose are complete and well rounded, and the paunch has double lobes, even though it isn’t heavy. Their wings are powerful and the tail is short. The neck of the birds is of stout, moderate length and slightly arched.

This coloration is molted from the year, although some coloration may be shown by the goslings. Eyes of those birds are of a color that is blue, and legs and the invoices are reddish or pinkish-orange. The strain is plump and fine-boned, the entire body is dropped.

The tuft of feathers in their own summit, for which they’re named, starts on slopes and the eyes backward. The tuft seems like a motorcycle helmet. The head of these birds is oval. The Roman geese on typical weight approximately 4.5 kg. And the typical live body weight of these ganders is about 5.5 kg.

Roman Goose Breed Information

Breed NameRoman
Other NameTufted Roman
Breed PurposeMeat, ornamental, watchdog
Special NotesModerate egg layer, raised as a utility breed in Europe, raised for ornamental purposes in North America, calm, pleasant, very alert, some ganders can be aggressive
Breed ClassSmall
Around 5.5 Kg
GeeseAround 4.5 Kg
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Egg ColorWhite
Egg SizeLarge
Egg Productivity25-35 eggs per year
Flying AbilityAverage
Country/Place of OriginItaly