Shetland Duck Characteristics

The Shetland snowball is now a seriously endangered breed of domestic duck. It was originated at the northwest of Scotland in the Shetland Island.

Due to the breed’s look, it is considered to have evolved in the Swedish duck or by the Pomeranian snowball.

Duck is indigenous. It’s believed that the Shetland duck was introduced by the Vikings. It’s among the most bizarre breed of ducks also warrants Nowadays.

The strain was believed burst in the early 1990s before there was a flock discovered at the Shetlands and breeding has been started to boost their own numbers.

Shetland Duck Characteristics

Shetland duck is recognized as a tiny strain of duck. It’s similar in look to it has ancestors, Swedish Blue duck, and the Pomeranian.

It’s somewhat larger than the Mallards, along with also a bird. The strain has invoices that are blue, also is black with a white bib.

The two ducks and drakes possess a color that is black at adulthood using a bib. Even though the bib will be intermittent.

The difference between drakes and duck will be the beaks. The ducks have a beak that is black that the drakes have green beaks.

Even the drakes have shade in their own legs, however, these ducks’ bottoms are all black. The ducklings are brown with buff breasts, along with also the color contrast increases in accordance. Mature Shetland duck has a black plumage shot with green/blue.

But sometimes and using a white breast white stains on the mind. The plumage boost with the era of these ducks in accord.

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The normal bodyweight of the Shetland duck is all about 1.8 kg, also drakes weigh about 2 kg.

Shetland Duck Advantages

The Shetland duck is increased chiefly for egg manufacturing. The strain isn’t acceptable for meat production because of its size.

Shetland ducks are a rather demanding and cold hardy strain. They’re great and constantly active foragers, ducks.

They are friendly with serene temperament.

They’re effective and adorable birds to anybody they are breed for those beginners.

Ducks have a tendency to really move and lay around 150 eggs each year.

Their egg color is white.

Shetland Duck Characteristics

Shetland Duck | Breed Profile
Breed NameShetland
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeEggs
Special NotesActive, Calm, Friendly, Excellent Foragers
Breed ClassLight
Weight Ducks1.8 kg
Drakes2 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates (extremely cold hardy)
Egg ColorWhite
Egg SizeSmall
Egg WeightAround 50 grams
Egg ProductivityMedium
Flying AbilityGood
Country of OriginScotland