Should I feed wet food or dry food for dogs

The most common question for all new dog owners is, Do I need to feed my dog wet food or dry dog food. Will the wet food or dry food give the right amount of nutrition to the dog? Both wet and dry food in combination makes the dog a perfect choice.

This mixed dog food approach means dogs get to enjoy the combined advantages of both wet and dry dog food. Usually, dry food is the most popular option among dog owners, because it’s economical and convenient to store. But given a choice mix of both is more suitable. Let me cover the advantages of both Wet and Dry dog food and also disadvantages of feeding only wet or dry dog food.

The Pros of dry dog food

The dry dog food has a lot of benefits for owners and their dogs, this the reason it is highly used. Dry dog food has the overall convenience to store and serve. It comes with low cost compared to wet food. Food doesn’t require refrigeration once opened. It can be conveniently stored in a large plastic container which should be airtight to keep it safe from insects. You can also leave them in your dog’s bowl for an extended time, it won’t get spoiled or affected by bacteria. It’s less messy and easier to measure. Dry kibble makes an excellent choice for training treats.  The most daunting task of training puppies can be made easier by luring puppies with treats. Find out  5 Best Puppy Training Treats: Which Treat Get Fast Results? One of the controversial benefits is kibbles are designed in such a way that it will prevent plaque and tartar buildup. The chewing of these even eliminates bad breath in dogs. Bad breath in dog smells like a fish-poop-dead animal. Dry dog food label on commercial brands should contain these in order to make a perfect dog diet

  1. Should contain a list of meat source – chicken, beef, lamb
  2. Grain source should be whole grain not their by-products like corn gluten, soybean
  3. Avoid artificial colors, preservatives, and sweeteners.
  4. Choose a diet that complies with AAFCO specifications.
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The Cons of dry dog food

The dry food is mainly made of grain-based such as corn, wheat, and rice. The question is will this satisfy enough nutrition for your dog. Its always good to check the ingredients on the commercial dry food bag – avoid the one which has more preservatives and contains more grains. When compared to wet food, dry dog food is not that aromatic. Dogs sense of smell is very good. They love strong aromatic flavors. Dogs connection to men is through food. In order to build a stronger relationship, it’s always good to feed stronger aromatic foods. Also, dry dog food is low palatable for older dogs and puppies. It’s good to soften them up with water and feed them.

“Mixed diet doesn’t mean serving dry and wet food same time and same bowl.”

The Pros of wet dog food

Wet food is made of higher meat protein and natural fats. It’s good for dogs which consume very less water. Wet dog food contains a major portion of moisture. Canned food is good for puppies and senior dogs as they are easier to chew. Also good for dogs with poorly aligned jaws, missing teeth or small mouths. Best suited for dogs with ill health and poor appetite, as they are rich in scent(aromatic) and has all nutrients, vitamins to keep them healthy. The canned food comes in airtight containers, so fewer preservatives are used. Fewer chemical additives. Lot of meat to munch on and more filling. It is easier to chew. Best food for all fussy eaters as they cannot resist wet food because of their aroma.

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The Cons of wet dog food

Wet food will perish soon once opened, due to bacterial growth. Wet food once opened should be covered and refrigerated. It would lose its shelf life once opened so to be used quickly. Wet food is expensive compared to dry food.

Mixed feeding wet and dry food for dogs

Mixed feeding tips :

  1. Consult your Vet before making a switch
  2. Make a gradual change
  3. Maintaining the right portion of wet and dry dog food
  4. Do I need to Mix Both wet and dry in one bowl
  5. Maintaining Hydration level

1. Consult your Vet before making a switch

A wide variety of dog food is available and are formulated differently based on the life stages of the dog and to match particular health conditions. It will be hard to judge the proportion when you are mixing both wet and dry food. It is always recommended to have a conversation with your vet to give the right food. There can be a lot of chances to make your dog go hunger or obese if the proportion of mixed food is wrong.

2. Make a gradual change

Few things to consider before giving dogs mixed food. For new puppy owners, consider this. If you have recently got your puppy home and you are planning for mixed food, it’s big “NO”. Puppies are stressed when they are in a new home, it always recommended to feed him what the breeder was feeding before. Never change their diet to add more stress. If you are about to change the diet of your older dogs suddenly, it may never go well. You might think that dogs can eat anything, but their stomachs are quite sensitive. Change in diet is always gradual over a number of days. You can feed a small amount of mixed food initially and increase the amount of mixed food with your old dog food. This gives time for their digestive system to adjust.

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3. Maintaining the right portion of wet and dry dog food

How to maintain the right portion for your dog? Well, I wonder its not that easy decision. Every dog needs different portions based on their body weights and age. Rule of thumb is to check the label of premium dog foods to know how much to feed. It is not as simple as half a cup of wet food and a half cup of dry food will make a complete diet. That’s the reason to consult your Vet before making a switch to a mixed diet.

4. Do I need to Mix Both wet and dry in one bowl

No, it’s not needed to be a mix of both wet food and dry food in one bowl. There is no need to serve them at the same time. Mixed diet doesn’t mean serving dry and wet food same time and same bowl. Considering the practicality of each person the food can be served as it benefits them. For the owners who go out to work during daytime leaving their dog behind, feed dry food in the morning. As dry food can be in their bowl for a long time and they are not spoiled. Feeding the wet food in the evening under your presence is preferable. As you can observe if he is feeding completely on it, if not you got to dispose of the wet food within two hours.

5. Maintaining Hydration level

Keeping dogs hydrated is very critical. One of the main advantages of a mixed diet is it helps to keep your dog hydrated. But it does a part of its job. Dogs do require a lot of water. A constant supply of fresh water is always recommended. Always feed fresh water, throw away if it’s soiled. Do not feed yesterday’s water even if its clean.