Starling Pigeon

The Starling pigeon is raised for show purpose and flying competitions. The Starling pigeon is a strain of pigeon out of Germany. It’s a breed that is really old, and it had been used because of the 1600s in South Germany and Thuringia. The rest of the strains of pigeons and the Starlings are descendants in the rock pigeon.

The strain was quite popular into the fanciers of Thuringia proffered the head assortment, really in its the native place, and also the variety was common. Just the birds have been known and were favored in Schwaben, particularly in shell and summit crests in South Germany. But, read info regarding the strain.

Starling Pigeon breed characteristics

Starling pigeon is a typical sized breed with the look. It’s similar in look to the area pigeons that are frequent, however, it is slimmer in body kind. Head of those birds is eloquent around crested and arched. Their color of the eyes may fluctuate based upon the types. The collection and the mind assortment has black eyes and flesh into eyes that are reddish, respectively. The color of the beak may vary based upon the variety.

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The neck of this Starling pigeon is of moderate size and carried forwards. The wings are closed and the tail is only and shut a trifle more. These birds have tick and complete feathers that are currently putting. Their legs are completely clean, short and typically with claws that are black however, the monk marked variety has nails. Colors of this Starling pigeon are: black, crimson, yellow and blue.

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The Starling pigeon is a robust and hardy strain, and is a great flyer. Together with applying for display and also flying functions, the breed is quite great for increasing as pets.

Starling Pigeon Breed Information

Breed NameStarling
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeFlying, exhibition
Special NotesBeautiful, active, strong, good for flying, good for exhibition, good for raising as pets
Breed ClassAverage
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Flying AbilityExcellent
As PetsGood
ColorMany, but mainly black, blue, red and yellow
Country/Place of OriginGermany

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