Sumatra Chicken Characteristics

Sumatra chicken is an indigenous strain of Sumatra Island. It’s a chicken strain and raised for display purpose. Plus it had been used for fighting at certain regions where cockfighting wasn’t illegal.

Historically, the inhabitants of Indonesian Island utilized to capture Sumatra roosters throughout the start of breeding up, utilize them in battle and launch them after their aggression dropped.

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Nowadays the Sumatra chicken’s seasonal part is still very much part of the breed. And also the breeders may anticipate broodiness and fertility to appear in the spring. The strain is most likely the consequence of cross involving feral Kampong chickens and an assortment of wildfowl that will be extinct now.

Sumatra Chicken

Sumatra chicken is a really lovely breed also has a rather attractive plumage. It’s a fowl that seem less like poultry compared to chickens. It has to that of a game bird compared to a chicken.

Sumatra chickens possess a tiny bright reddish colored pea comb. They have earlobes of a gypsy color. Their wattles are practically non-existent and extremely little. Feet and their legs are dark and their skin color is yellowish. The roosters have a carriage and glistening greenish stripes.

Though, now other colour types also available with a distinct color. Even the roosters have a tail, using plenty of coverts and long sickles. Other colors are readily available although black is the colour. For instance; White and Blue.

The White collection has regular white plumage along with also the blue variety has regular blue plumage. Standard Sumatra roosters weight approximately 2.25 — 2.70 kg, also hens approximately 1.80 pounds. Along with also the bantam roosters weight approximately 0.735 kg and hens approximately 0.625 kg.

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Sumatra chicken Temperament

Sumatra chicken is quite active, attentive and among the greatest fliers. They’re jumpers that are fantastic. Both adults and girls are extremely hardy. It is a strain that is handled.

Roosters are not aggressive towards other people, but they are sometimes competitive throughout the period toward individuals of their breed. Even though the roosters struggle for dominance, however they don’t struggle to the death.

Sumatra hens aren’t superior egg whites. They put some moderate-sized eggs. However, the hens are winter coats. They’re also one of the broodies and moms that are protective. Sumatra chicken requires space and they can not succeed in confinement.

Sumatra chicken History

The Sumatra chicken was originally imported in the Indonesian Islands of Sumatra from 1847 into the United States of America and Europe as fighting roosters for the purpose of cockfighting. It’s but one of those strains. It was admitted in 1883 to the Standard of Perfection of the American Poultry Association.

Today the Sumatra chicken is principally kept as a decorative breed. And it is extremely rare now. Sumatra chicken strain is recorded in the class of the Conservation Priority List of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Sumatra Chicken Breed Information

Breed NameSumatra
Other NameSumatra Game, Black Sumatra
Breed PurposeOrnamental/Exhibition
Breed TemperamentAggressive, Can’t Bear Confinement Well, Easily to Raise, Flighty, Restless, Wild
Breed SizeLarge
Climate ToleranceAll climates
Egg ColorWhite
Egg SizeMedium
Egg ProductivityLow
Feathered LegsNo
VarietiesMany color varieties available. Black, Blue, Splash, White etc. But Black is the only variety recognized by the American Poultry Association.
Country of OriginSumatra