Swedish Red Cattle Characteristics

The Swedish Red cows are a dairy cows strain that is raised mainly for milk production. The Swedish Red cows are multipurpose cows breed.

As its name implies that this breed is derived originated from Scottish Ayrshire cows and English Milking Shorthorn dairy cows and derived in Sweden.

The strain can be known by a few other titles like Swedish Cattle, SRB, along with Svensk rödbrokig boskap or even Svensk röd och vit boskap.

The Red Pied Swedish strain has been the biggest concerning the dimension. But united forming the Red cows breed.

However, they are increased as a milk product for milk production.

Swedish Red Cattle Characteristics

Swedish Red cows are moderate sized animals using largely red body colour with black spotting.

They are polled and do not have horns. The strain has similarities with the West cattle. Elevation of the Swedish cows is roughly 140 cm.

As well as their body fat would be between 500 and 600 kg.

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Swedish Red Cattle Advantages

The Swedish Red cows are a strong and resilient strain of cows.

And they are known for their durability, fertility, calving ease and udder health.

They’re great for several functions.

However, the creatures are kept for milk production. The cows generally contribute about 8000 kg of milk each year.

Their milk is obviously really great quality having a fat content of 4.4% and 3.6% protein material.


Genes of crimson strains in Nordic countries have been integrated into this strain throughout the previous five years, as part of combined breeding program.

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And also that breeding program entails integrating berry genetics that is red in Finland, Denmark, Norwegian and Swedish Red cows strain.

The strain was common from the region around Stockholm and Bohuslän, and in the arenas Dalarna. However, this cows breed is extremely rare now extinct.

Swedish Red Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameSwedish Red
Other NamesSRB, Swedish Red-and-White Cattle, and Svensk rödbrokig boskap or Svensk röd och vit boskap in Swedish
Breed PurposeMilk
Special NotesHardy, Active, Fertile, Long-lived
Breed SizeMedium
About 500 to 600 kg
CowsAbout 500 to 600 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorMostly red with patchy white spotting
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginSweden