The 5 Best Dog Boat Ramps (Dog Ladders)

best dog boat ramps

Dog ramps are a must-have feature not only to guide your dog on your adventures but to keep it completely safe while you do so. These small things are excellent for those who are looking to take a boat trip to a lake or ocean. Buy the best dog boat ramps, your dog will definitely love it.

While the ramps are not very comfortable on bare land, at the time when you get out of the water and call your dog, they will quickly sit down and shake the water off their fur to avenge themselves. 

Please note that those dog ladders are for dock or boat use only. Also, you can use them for indoor purpose or loading vehicles; different prospects are available out there.

Editor’s Pick: 5 Best Dog Boat Ramps

In this case, we are here to introduce you with a carefully selected and graded list of the five best dog boat ramps. The list of products includes an objective assessment of all types, as well as their advantages, disadvantages and features. So, here we go with your furry friend and let the water adventure slide smoothly:

WaterDog Adventure: Dog Boat Ramp

Best Dog Boat Ramps

The top product in our review is the WaterDog Adventure Hunting Boat. This dog boat ramp is extraordinary for your furry friends looking for the best way to get their mate to the duck boat after recovery. The WAG steps have a lifting capacity of 130 kg and are intended exclusively for your dogs. 

Unlike the other heavy and bulky product, Duck Boat Dog ladders contain mechanical plastic, aluminum profile as well as black oxide material with stainless steel.

4″ flat ladder with integrated to stand and four inches rungs height fit for all sizes dogs and has a non-slip surface. For minimizing the force and influence of surrounding water flows a large open area of the space frame design results in all three directions. This dog ramp mounts on a float or the back of a boat.

The patented design includes reversible and adjustable hooks. Also, it has freely adjustable brackets with riveted and glued EPDM rubber covers to support a variety of body shapes and designs. This model contains green oakmoss ladders and aluminum supports. 

However, the material of this product is black. The 6-step features a 24 inches vertical height from the underpass to the edge of the beam for using over 16″.

Most probably, if you throw the ramp in water or fall off the boat, they will float due to the closed-cell foam placement strategy. In fact, this boat ramp is foldable for storage and transport. The dimension is approximately 42 ” x 18″ x 5″ and weigh about 8 lbs. 

Loosely inside the boat, 3-1 / 2″ from the top of the rim and head height from the top of the rim to the water level allows it not more than 16 ” dogs. So, try out for your puppy!


  • Reliable and robust construction materials.
  • Dog friendly.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Lightweight.

  • We didn’t find any complaints about this product.

Great Day: Floating Dog Ramp for Boat

Floating Dog Ramp for Boat

You and your pooch can enjoy recreational boating with the second choice in our list. Attach the Great Day Pet-Loading Platform to your boat’s landing ladder, and you’re ready to go. 

At own will, your dog can leave the boat and return. The best part is that your dog does it without assistance. You don’t need to curl, pull or stretch the wet fur. 

However, this floating dog ramp contains light aircraft material and has handles to provide a stable and secure base when your dog climbs the boat after swimming. Load-A-Pup’s eye-catching white opaque powder coating not only complements the boat’s original finish or paint job but guarantees years of reliable use. 

Moreover, this Load-a-Pup adapts to any boarding ladder. Weighs only 7 pounds and contain a large 14 “X 20” floor. Comes with seat belts, install in seconds and folds down for snug storage when you don’t use it. 

I weighed 220 pounds, tried it once and found myself bending the frame, so when the manufacturer says it has a maximum load capacity of 200 pounds; it means you have to approach the stairs, not the end. Otherwise, as light and easy-to-use option to heavy dog ​​ramps with floats, this little platform works so well, which makes it an excellent alternative to bulky items.


  • Your canine can enjoy recreational boating.
  • Can quickly enter and exit the boat.
  • Fit any boats with boarding ladder.
  • Lightweight and contain aircraft materials.

  • We have a few complaints about the attachment.

Gen7Pets: Vehicles & Boat Ramp for Dogs

Exit and enter the vehicle can be tough for the pet with age. For this reason, the Gen7Pets Natural Step or the third product in our list is so significant. When the dog climbs a hill, there is a tendency to use the claws for extra traction. 

This boat ramp for dogs with Poly-Grass ensures the dog can feel safe and secure when walking on a smooth surface that does not scratch the soles of the feet. Also, the grass feels soft on the pet’s owner and won’t scrape the inside of the vehicle. 

This ramp is lightweight enough and easy to fold and open. Also, it allows the most extensive 72 ” ramps, making it the most compact 72-inch ramp available today! 

A soft rubber grip makes the ramp transport easier, while an automatic lock secures the ramp to prevent accidental unraveling. Convenient storage in the back of an SUV or minivan enables quick and easy access. 

This ramp opens easily with 42 “length and folds down to 21”. Also, you can easily store the Gen7Pets in your car. The maximum weight capacity is near about 250 lbs and its own weighs only 17 kg.

Artificial turf provides excellent traction. By the way, artificial turf may require glue in the future, but this is a simple solution. You may like this ramp much better than before, and it is cheaper. 


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Comfortable for your dog.
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 250lbs.
  • Easy to fold and open for storage.

  • The ramp is sturdy but a bit narrow.

Pet Gear: Portable Vehicles & Boat Ramp for Dogs

Portable Ramp for Dogs

The Pet Gear ramp encourages your dog to stay confident when entering a car or other inaccessible places. In fact, the surface of the ramp has highly visible reflective material that helps your pet walk on wide ramps. 

Moreover, the outsole does not slip even in wet condition, retaining your dog stable. Also, the side reflectors increase safety by enhancing the visibility of the ramp during use. 

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Rubber clips on the back of the ramp help keep your dog steady. The foldable design lessens space of the storage in travel or at home. Also, the handle makes it easy to carry.

Excellent product as it described. For durability and suitable for the task, it’s a bit bulky and heavy. It’s not a cheap ramp like the others, but then we needed a little more than a regular ramp. 

However, it can be a duffel bag for the price. By doing this on a wet winter road, you the rear seats of your car will be wet. 

If your canine is on the rear, this ramp is too long that you have to store in the back seat. We think about carrying trash bags or a rug in the back seat. However, we highly recommend this dog dock ramp.


  • Portable inbuilt handle.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Maximum visibility with side safety reflectors.

  • Traction is not good enough on the upper side of the ramp.

Beavertail Aluminum: Folding Dog Ladder for Boat

Folding Dog Ladder for Boat

If you are looking for a high-quality dog ​​ladder for boat, you probably need to buy this last product in our list and start customizing it to your requirements. When you are in trouble and are in the middle of a lake in cold weather and want your dog to return to the boat and climb out of the icy water, you will be happy to buy this ladder for all your hunting needs. 

This private staircase with green olive trees is well suited for most boats. The rubber ladder arms can be easily adapted to your particular boat and prevent scratches and unwanted noise.

Moreover, the ladder is convenient to climb and walk. Also, the construction material is aluminum and long-lasting stainless steel. 

A notable disadvantage is a breadth less than 12 inches. I think it may be inadequate for the large dog breeds to walk comfortably. 

Besides, the ladder is easy to load and remove, and it is foldable, facilitates transportation and does not need to be added to a regular ladder, making it unsuitable for people. 

However, this is the ideal dog ramp for pontoon boat and fits almost everyone. The easy-to-fold feature of this product makes the storage a breeze. Once you have installed this ramp, you can drop your dog at its will.


  • Ultra-strong ladder.
  • Adjustable rubber grip.
  • Fit most boat.
  • Easy to fold.

  • The length of this ramp is a bit shorter than we expected.

What Are Dog Boat Ramps?

From the simple definition, we can get that; a boat ramp for a dog can be a floating stage that lets your dog enter and exit the water on a dock, platform, or pool without any assistance. In fact, the ramps mimic the shoreline, protecting your dog from possible injury from sinking into the pool or lake.

For pet lovers, this is a hassle-free way to get your canines manually out of any water resource, like lake, ocean or swimming pool. Dog ladders and dog ramps are all ladder equipment that will allow your puppy to climb the boat on its own.

They have come out there in numerous sizes, shapes, and designs based on the breed for which they plan, or the boat they are having. Some ramps feature attaching to an existing staircase.

So, people cannot use it at this time, and others connect to the side. There are dog platforms and ladders that are not designed to be portable and detachable but must be permanently screwed on.

Why You Should Use a Boat Ramp for Dog?

The trip to the ocean or lake can be fun for your dog, but several risks should be avoided or minimized. In addition to basics like sunscreen, a life jacket, and plenty of drinking fresh water, a boat ramp is the best means to make sailing more reliable for your dog. 

Ladders and ramps are not always strictly necessary. Some dogs can move around on the deck after bathing, and you can often lift your small canines out of the water by hand. 

However, ladders and ramps are always a smart attachment to your boat or swimming pool. Some main reasons are:

Protect Joints of Your Dog: 

Diving into the water probably won’t hurt your puppy unless you have a large boat. But the effort to get back your dog to the boat can undoubtedly make joint pain worse. Stiff spring jumps can also contribute to the development of arthritis and other joints.

Lifting the Large Dogs:

There are a few dog breeds out there which is too large to be removed from the water. When you go for getting a massive and wet pooch out of water in a boat or dock, you can know the difficulties.

Back Protection: 

Getting a dog lifted from the water is surprisingly tricky, for the small breeds too. It can lead to back injuries. Various dogs also have a hard time getting up with a life jacket.

Swimming becomes more fun for your pooch: 

Playing or having fun in the swimming pool can be an excellent way for your dog to train, but many dogs get tired quickly. A ladder or ramp allows your dog to determine when to rest instead of getting up.

Reduce Hesitation of Your Dog:

Dog pool ramps are ideal for dogs that love water but have problems in mobility, a panic of jumping, anxiety issues, have arthritis or are older.

Guard Your Boat: 

Scraper nails can cause severe scratches on the hull of your boat! In this case, a dog boat ramp can save your boat.

Reduces the likelihood of excessive fatigue: 

To get back into the boat is a significant effort for a few dogs. Spending a full day in the water is likely to drain your pet. In that case, a ramp can make it easy for a dog to swim.

Save Bruises and Bumps:

Quickly and safely lift your dogs from water without endangering owners and dogs. You save yourself some bruises and bumps.

Alternative Application:

Designing a dog ramp has made it a flexible choice. If you are not at the ocean, you can easily use the ramp for various purposes, such as getting in your car or getting to the loft bed.

Overall a Lifeline for Your Dog:

Ladders and ramps present lifeline for canines that enter the pool accidentally. In fact, it will help your dog get out of the pool even you’re not there. 

However, it is particularly crucial for inferior swimming breeds such as pugs and bulldogs. We also advise that you equip your four-legged friend with a lifebuoy for marine and aquatic activities for additional safety.

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You can also consider a boarding ramp from the dock. Bouncing from a slick surface onto a boat is a most favorable reason for injury. Also, there is a risk that your dog will fall between the pier and the boat. An easily expandable ramp may limit this.

What to Consider Before Buying The Best Dog Boat Ramps

Whether you go for stairs, ramps, or platforms, a boat ramp is much more comfortable and safer. In general, canines are quite agile and graceful creatures that can get in and out of a car very independently. Ramps, however, offer a bit of additional support. 

Your dog should be resting too. Allow it to enjoy the goodness of the lake or ocean by taking the dog ramp and avoiding danger. However, it’s crucial to consider many features in order to get the best ramps. 

It doesn’t matter how familiar you are tethered to the landing, and your dog will always have a bridge hole. Give your dog time easier with an incline that leads your pooch safely or steps that guide it safely down. 

In fact, you may find too many dog ​​ramps out in the market, yet most have come out for the SUVs, trucks and cars. While they can be useful for boarding dock, it may not be fit for water use. 

However, there are several factors to consider before purchasing a dog boat ramp. What looks like an easy climb already has many options to pick. Here’s a precise and straightforward guide to assist you in choosing the best boat ramp for your furry dog:

Fits Your Dog: 

The initial thing to consider is your dog’s weight and size. You have to change your mindset of universal ramp for all dogs. 

Like ramps, they are now available in specific breeds and influences, and you should avoid extensive dog control and risk of injury. Also, while a more petite dog can get in the way, why you need to obstruct all of the area in your home or garage unnecessarily?

Non-slip Platform: 

Wet platforms can be perilously slick. Go for boat ladders or steps so your canine can easily get out of the water with the help of higher traction. Also, some ramps use rubber nets for traction.

Simple installation: 

It largely depends on the instructions of the manufacturers. A few ramps can be durable, while some others can be easily picked, used, and folded. 

You don’t have to stick with a ramp that you can’t still use for a boat at first! Consider the manufacturer’s installation steps before buying your last option.

Waterproof Materials: 

As this buying guide is all about the dog boat ramps, the water resistance is apparent. You will find various degrees of resistance to water. 

Different materials will have to be used based on the time span you have to spend with your boat. Hope you find a rust-resistant metal that is corrosion-resistant.

Weight Range: 

While this is generally not a problem since most ramps are rated for at least 100 pounds holding capacity. Only you have to check if a couple of your pooches are using the ramp altogether.


Most dog boat aids have two categories: ladders or ramp. People also call the ladder as stairs, can be more difficult for a dog, particularly for smaller breeds to walk up. Since the specific steps are parallel, there is no more possibility of slipping. 

On the other hand, ramps are not much stressful for the joints of the dog and lighter for the small breeds. But you have to ensure that you choose one that has a lot of traction. Also, you will find available platforms comparable to the ladders, but only one step beneath the surface of the water.

Strong and durable: 

All ramps and ladders have the highest weight-lifting capacity. If your dog passes that weight, maybe the ramp bends and become hazardous. However, find out a ramp formed of durable waterproof materials such as reinforced plastic or aluminum.

Compact and straightforward to use: 

Like pool ramps, the boat ramps for dogs are not much permanent. In fact, you have to find out a ramp for dogs with an easy-to-install design so that you don’t have to waste precious time in the water struggling with complicated ladders. Also, the foldable design can increase portability.

Smooth Edges: 

It has become a fundamental approach in terms of security. If your canine slips on one side, it won’t cut stripes and sharpened edges.

Fit Your Boat: 

Most ramps have come out for a wide variety of boats, still not all hulls. Few ramps are attached to the pontoon ladder, and others are hooks to the surface of the boat. Ensure the product fits into your boat and touches the surface of the water.

Besides, always your canine should wear a life jacket while near water; in case it has a ramp installed. Some breeds of dogs are inherently great swimmers, yet others are water-fighting. 

Also, the strong swimmers become tired much earlier than most dog ​​lovers realize. A lifebuoy can protect your dog. So don’t go for adventure without a lifebuoy.

When You Have to Use a Dog Ramp?

Dog ramps serve some essential duties, ranging from pure comfort to help with water hunting with a dog, to allow older, arthritic and overweight dogs to climb and swim the boat easily without forcing its joints and hips.

This last example is significant because overweight and sky dogs need to swim to stay in top physical condition, but they aren’t able to do this unless they have the confidence of a suitable ramp or ladder to climb.

Regardless of the situation, the easy answer to the question of why you should go for a dog ramp is “so your pooch doesn’t drown.” However, it may sound vague, but dog choking is a common dilemma. When you hunt with your dog or just swim and fun, always follow the safety measures.

Why should you use the Dog Boat Ramps?

Using a dog boat ramp properly depends a lot on the design and purpose of the ladder, as well as the type of boat you are using. Whether you need to hook up a regular ramp on your boat or the side of the boat, you will find many safety issues to consider:


Are the stairs or ramps safe? These things have come out to fit many boats, but do not meet all boats well. 

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In a few cases, you may need to use additional bolts and straps to secure the ramp. When you use it on a sailing boat, ensure the proper attachment as it is a matter of life and death of your dog.

Using Capacity: 

Is it easy to climb a ladder or ramp? Also, the most reliable ramp is useless if your pooch cannot jump it. Some ramps are too slippery for use in water but too steep to climb wet feet are also available.

Correct application: 

Is a ladder or ramp fit for your dog’s weight and size? In fact, it is subjective, but you must take it into account. Some ramps are further narrow for large dogs as they are designed for small dogs, while others are not strong enough to support too much weight at a time.

Always keep your eyes on your dog whether your dog is using it and using without any help. In the end, the most reliable and most trustworthy boat ramp remains an outstanding device that dives into the water. 

Maintenance of a Dog Boat Ramp:

As there are different dog boat ramp out there, the maintenance and cleaning process may vary. However, you have to follow some general steps on dog ramps, regardless of size or materials. These grooming methods include:

  • Use a dog-friendly detergent to remove debris or dirt as soon as you get home.
  • Dry with soap or water and dry outside.
  • Keep the ramp away from children and dogs to avoid injury.

Let’s find out the washing tips you need to stay clean and in top condition. Here we go for those cleaning tips:

  • Wash each month or earlier based on how messy it looks
  • Check for trash at the front and rear of the ramp.
  • Apply a high-pressure hose to flush it
  • Use detergent or animal soap and scrub from all sides
  • Rinse repeatedly and ensure that no residue there.
  • For stubborn stains, you may need to clean any detergent or soap manually
  • Let it dry
  • Like before, keep it away from pets and kids when not in use

How to Train Your Dog with a Dog Boat Ramp:

Train up a dog with a boat ramp is not an easy task. You have to spend some time with your dog and practicing the following steps.

Step 1: Hook yourself with a clicker and take a bag of your dog’s favorite treats

Step 2: Just leave the boat ramp in the place for your puppy to get adapted to it. Once your dogs are familiar with this new element, go for the following step.

Step 3: Startup with a strap on the corresponding side that will be standing to utilize the boat ramp

Step 4: Walk at the end of the slope and begin walking near to the ramp. If your dog falls down a ramp, reward it with the treats. Repeat this procedure for 5-10 times a day.

Step 5: If your canine scared the ramp or seems indecisive, don’t force your dog. Just put its favorite treat out of the way. It will prompt to hit the ramp.

Step 6: Just reward for climbing a ramp, even if it is only one step.

Step 7: Once your dog meets the ramp, lift the bar. Please put it on until it takes the second step. Keep doubling steps number before treating.

Step 8: At this point, your dog can walk the ramp alone if required. When your dog falls in the water, it instinctively knows what to do.

FAQs on Best Dog Boat Ramps

How steep should a boat ramp be?

For small and toy dogs, the ramp should be around 11-12 inches wide. And for medium breeds, the size should be 22-24 inches. When increasing the slope, a slope angle of 18 to 25 degrees should be possible. A small or toy dog needs 18-20 degrees, and an average dog need 22-25 degrees.

Are steps or ramps better for dogs?

A ramp can be a better option than a ladder for older dogs and dogs having joints issues which often meet rising difficulty climbing any ladder. A dog ladder or ramp protects the joints of a small dog by reducing the total number of jumps it jumps all day.

How do I get my dog to walk up a ramp?

Practice during your first workout to set the incline on a firm, level points where it cannot slide, such as grass or carpet. Train your canine to catch the treat as you are pulling your dog down a flat ramp. Teach this first by placing one foot on the slope. Then work it up by placing two feet on the ramp.

How do you get an old dog to use a ramp?

Teach your pooch how to utilize the ramp by placing it on the floor. By letting your pooch walk over the ramp, your dog will be able to adapt to the texture and touch of the tilt without difficulty growing. Then use the food to draw the dog outside and reward it if your dog can go one leg, two legs, etc.

How do you calculate the slope of a ramp?

For slope calculation, divide the slope length by the height. It will be the second digit in the ratio. Keep in mind that the first digit will always be one. When the slope is 14 feet distant, and the increment will be 2 feet, and you have to divide that 14 by 2 for getting 7 and the ratio will be 1 to 7.

Final Verdict

If you are buying a dog boat ramp, your pet does not need to raise it when swimming or to go for adventures. In this article above, we have mentioned the top 5 boat ramp for your dog. Don’t forget the best pick!

If you are looking for a portable and comfortable dog ramp, you can choose the WaterDog Adventure Hunting Boat. The best thing about this ramp is its flexibility. Therefore, you can use this one both water and ground. 

It means you don’t need to purchase two or more ramps. Also, it’s heavy, which means it’s excellent for dogs of any weight. Since the floor contains rubber, you can be sure of the stability of the dog. 

The WaterDog Adventure Hunting Boat folds for easy transport and storage. But the other four is not the one of any use. 

In fact, your choice may vary on your requirements. Your dog’s happiness is of the utmost importance, so make your puppy a loved one by purchasing the best dog boat ramps.