The 6 Best Dog Bed for Hip Dysplasia

best dog bed for hip dysplasia

Hence, choosing the best dog bed for hip dysplasia is a major concern. If you have such a poor dog with this disease then you must come to know some of the amazing beds that are designed to improve the painful situation.

Hip dysplasia is a painful condition for any dog. It starts from the very tender age of the dog, and it results in an improper hip joint. As a result, when your dog moves his hip joint, it feels awful pain.

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Your poor dog really needs a special dog at this stage. Not a regular one will soothe its comfort so we delve into it and get to know which turns out great for your dog. After reading between the lines of the following statements, you will get to know the best deal right away!

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Beds for Hip Dysplasia

Perfusion innovates with a memory foam base bed where your dog will get superior comfort with reduced joint pain. This bed has been proclaimed with the US certified orthopaedic memory foam which comes with different sizes and colours. Normally it comes with the medium firmness pillow and the waterproof liner stands it out from many line-ups. When we delve into it, we find it has breathable cotton up to 35%.

Apart from the cotton, the maximum material is formed with polyester (65%) for that it becomes bolster with optimal support. If you look up the bottom portion, you will find it anti-skid and tear-resistant. That said, you can easily hold this bed on any surface.

When you tap on the bed, you are going to definitely find the zippered closed chain with water-proof fabric. Moreover, the fabric comes with low VOC emissions for both indoor & outdoor air quality. If your pet lies down on it then it remains safe from any skin issues since it is certified with skin contact safe.


  • Breathable memory foam base.
  • Water-proof and easy to wash.
  • Ensure joint and back support.
  • Certified as skin contact safe.

  • This may not seem supportive for large shaped dogs like Pitbull’s or German shepherd.

Furhaven Orthopaedic Mattress

Furhaven brings a comfortable hip dog beds that is designed to bring excellence resolving the hip joint issues with your dogs. Because, it features with the contoured form factor for that the cushions of it maximizes the comfort. It offers plenty of room to sleep, sit, or take rest on it.

The sleep surface is made of plush faux fur so it brings luxury and comfort. The main attention of it is to have the enhanced orthopaedic support across the neck, hips, back, and joints. This is why many pet owners love to purchase it and give a high five to it.

When it comes to washing off the bed then you will find it handy since it comes with removable bed dog cover. It offers huge versatility in case of sizes like from small to giant dog will come to fit on it. Last but not least, it comes with an extra thick place where your dog will have enough orthopaedic support.


  • Soothes Dog’s Pressure Points.
  • Extra Thick Foam with joint hips support.
  • Available in all sizes for dogs.
  • Certified from CertiPur-US.

  • If your dog has a chewing tendency then the removable bed cover requires to be replaced frequently.

Friends Forever Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Do you want to score major points from your pet by providing him a new, ideal, & comfy bed? Then your wait is over! The friends forever brand bring this luxurious bed to give your dog a solid night’s sleep. With the memory foam base, your dog will get all the comforts it needs. This one is suitable for all size, age & breed.

Another key benefit it provides is the functional design. A combination of cushioned bolster & memory foam makes it an ultimate bed for supporting all pressure points. No matter how bad the condition of your dog is with joint pain or arthritis, it gives your poor one exceptional comfort.

Moreover, this premium quality bed comes with plush poly-filled bolsters. It creates a safe zone for your dog to rest his head, hip more comfortably than ever. In addition, going with this one will let him experience the best slumber of his life – every single day!


  • Comes with a removable cover that is durable & machine washable.
  • Created with fur, hair resistant & anti-tear cover.
  • Human grade mattress foam adds maximum comfort.
  • Non-skid or non-slip bottom keeps it in place.

7-inch Thick High-Grade Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Kopeks innovates this XL bed for your XL love.  Their mission is to create a comfortable and supportive bedding that serves the needs of large dog breeds. The orthopaedic memory foam will ensure superior comfort if your pet suffers from any kind of joint pain.

However, it features a 3” pillow and double layer protection which takes this to the next level. When we dive in-depth, we find it also offers waterproof removable liner covers interiorly. If you look at the exterior, it features plush suede which furnishes an overall level of softness to aid hip pain.

The hypo-allergenic property makes it suitable for your dog even if he has itchy scratchy skin issues or allergies. This contains an anti-slip bottom zippered cover to encase the foam. Another key benefit you get from here is, you can easily remove the cover for washing.


  • 100% orthopaedic memory foam with double-layered protection.
  • Acts like high-grade therapeutic foam.
  • Non-slip, non-skid bottom grip fabric.
  • Removable & washable cover.

  • Your small furry friend may not welcome it as this one is available in large size only.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed for Hip Dysplasia

When it comes to supporting your dog’s, hip joints then you must look for a bed that comes with a plush memory foam base. PetFusion comes with a whole new innovative feature like superior foam base made of durable polyester 65% and Cotton 35%. You can place it on any surface since it comes with the non-skid bottom.

The design of it is also innovative and ensures bolster support for its tear-resistant. When you feel like it is getting dirty then bring it to the washing machine and find it friendly to it. The inner line is not only water-proof but also it ensures better mobility as well. The memory foam mattress makes sure of quality since it brings low VOC emissions for indoor air quality.

Finally, you are getting a versatile dog bed for hip dysplasia that comes with many available versions like small, medium and large. It confirms to have certification from Certi-Pur-US with many ozone depletes.


  • 4-inch solid memory foam base improves hip support.
  • Safe to the skin contact.
  • Breathable fabric ensures comfort.
  • Tear & water resistant.

  • Some users report that the fabric turns out thin.

Pet Support Systems Orthopaedic Dog Bed for Hip Dysplasia

Back Support Systems brings the simple yet most supportive bed for your larger to smaller sized dogs. They provide 4lb memory foam to add more cushion & ensure the best night of sleep. Besides, the key benefits of memory foam are, it contours all pressures & returns to its actual shape after the pressure is released slowly. In order to let them enjoy more bounce, this piece comes with 2″ high resilience foam.

However, you may find this bed satisfying to support bone structures & other ailments of your pet along with providing luxurious comforts. No matter how long your dog enjoys sleeping, it will not go flat over time like other pillows. Besides, the temperature-resistant quality will keep your dog’s bed the same in both warm or cold climates.

When you find it is getting dirty, you can easily remove the cover & throw it in the washing machine. There is no chance to get sceptical about this product, as it is entirely made in the USA. The manufacturer also confirms that it is Certi-Pur Certified & eco-friendly.


  • Hypoallergenic & non-toxic.
  • Available in all sizes for all ages.
  • Provides 3-year warranty.
  • Anti-microbial and dust mite resistant.

  • If your pet is a Labrador breed, then you need to check the size before giving it a go as they prefer big living spaces.

Which things to consider before buying the best dog bed for hip dysplasia

Since you have made up your mind to buy the best dog bed for hip dysplasia, you should keep the followings in mind:


The first thing you should consider when buying the best bed is nothing else than the comfort of your pet. Especially when your dog is suffering from hip dysplasia, you should go with a dog bed having sufficient orthopaedic foam. It will guarantee some gentleness on the joints.


Some beds are suitable for large & extra-large breeds while others are good for medium & small sized ones. So, you should bring the precise size of the bed where your pet feels secure & comfy.

In addition, you have to choose the one that can accommodate your dog’s entire body perfectly. If you bring a too-big bed, then the small one may cover half of his bed. Also, he cannot enjoy enough stretching.

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For getting perfect measurement, you can assess the space your pet takes up while lying normally.


That’s being said, a bed is better than medicine. It may not aid your dog’s hip dysplasia for good. But this bed can ease his pain & let him stretch out, curl up, change posture constantly.

However, the longevity of a bed depends on your pet’s mood & breed. Dogs are fun-loving in nature & they love to jump up, roll over in their personal space.

So, it is worth investing in a durable bed once, then purchasing multiple overtime that is of lesser support and quality.


Selecting a durable & comfortable bed is not enough if the bed doesn’t contain certified foam with Certi-PUR-US(R). This certification gives you a guarantee that all the materials used in the bed is safe & side effects free.

However, most beds for hip dysplasia are equipped with memory foam. You may be wondering why we are suggesting your memory foam for your furry friend. No worries!  You are about to know everything in the next.      

Memory foam

Memory foam offers equal weight distribution & supports the joint alignment. It is available to benefit the larger breeds as well as multiple sized dogs without losing the actual shape.

Moreover, this type of bed contains different layers. So, it becomes more useful in orthopaedic & therapeutic purposes. This one is dust & mite resistant, at the same time it tends to be more durable than others.

Another thing memory foam feature is the hypoallergenic property. Suppose, your dog’s skin is sensitive to allergic substances roaming in your house, then you must consider a hypoallergenic bed for him.

Water Resistance

In the case of supporting hip dysplasia dogs, selecting a water-resistant bed is a key priority. In this stage, your furry friend inclines to sleep maximum times. He may make his den in a comfortable bed. Due to pain, he may tend to urinate, vomit & spill fluids in bed.

Hence, you need the one which is made from a water-resistant material. This kind of bed doesn’t harbour any bad odours. Also, you can wipe the specks of dirt with relative ease.

For this, you will notice most beds come with an unzippable cover comprising a waterproof lining underneath it.


Easy to washability is another important thing to take concern. Your dog’s bed is a great breeding place for many organisms including bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal species. So, you should go with an easily removable bed cover. Also, with the one, which you can throw into the washing machine for a quick wash.   

According to IHF, if your dog is so active in shedding, then you need to wash the bed twice in a week. That said, you can use vacuum first to remove pet’s dirt & then send it for washing. After machine-washing, make sure it dries in the sun to eliminate the possible filths.


Good Padding features act as a crucial factor to support a dog with hip dysplasia. Normally the best orthopaedic dog bed comes in different qualities. So, you should consider the one which comprises proper padding with appropriate thickness.

That’s being said, your dog’s comfort depends upon the right amount of padding. Hip joints of dogs are the most commonplace that works as a pressure point. So, providing a well-cushioned surface can relieve him from substantial pain.

However, the main concern should take on padding material. For instance, think about two inches of high-quality memory foam, it will deliver a comfortable surface compared to the four inches bed loaded with cheap materials.


Dog beds for hip dysplasia are not available at a cheap rate. So, if you are spending a big amount, then why not to go with the product that will last long.

Maximum dog beds offer a 1-2 years warranty. But there are even some beds that warranties as long as 10 years. So, we would like to recommend you buying an ortho dog bed with at least a 1-year warranty.

It may cost you a few more bucks but it will serve your dog more reliably than that tears up easily.

Factors affecting hip dysplasia in dogs

Several factors promote the development of hip dysplasia in dogs. For example, larger breeds are more prone to developing this problem. Researchers say, the predisposing factors may include: excessive growth rate, types of exercise, & nutrition intake.

Larger breeds also require a complete and balanced diet to combat excessive growth. If things don’t take place accordingly, then your pet may develop skeletal disorders such as hip dysplasia. Obesity is considered one of the main contributing factors, as it puts a lot of stress on your dog’s joints.

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Symptoms of Hip dysplasia in dogs

While some dogs show signs of hip dysplasia at a very tender age, others develop it with age. In both cases, there are some common symptoms that will give you hints about the diseases. 

Symptoms may include:

  • Reduced activity.
  • Reduced range of motion.
  • Get difficulty in climbing, jumping, running. 
  • Often feel Lameness in the hind end.
  • Abnormal gait – bunny hopping.
  • Noticeable hypertrophy in the shoulder muscle as the activity increase in the forelimbs.
  • Pain & stiffness.

Diagnosis of hip dysplasia in dogs

If you see the above-mentioned symptoms, then you should immediately bring your pet to a veterinarian. Then, the vet may perform some general physical examination to confirm the disease. But sometimes the vet needs to perform some tests.

Firstly, the veterinarian may manipulate your dog’s hind legs to test the looseness, pain, & motion of the joints. Then, blood may draw from your pet to perform a complete blood count. It will help to diagnose possible inflammation due to any joint disease. Finally, an X-ray may be performed in the hip region to determine the severity of the hip dysplasia. 

How to treat hip dysplasia in dogs? 

That’s being said, Prevention is better than cure. So, you should be careful about your dog from the very beginning. You can simply bring them a spacious & super comfortable bed where they can rest their body easily. Coming to the treatment option, there are varieties of options available ranging from lifestyle modifications to surgery.

It mainly depends upon your dog’s case. Like, if your dog has mild severity, then a nonsurgical approach can bring good results. In this case, you need to focus on weight reduction, exercise restriction & physical therapy. But, if your dog is a suitable candidate for the operation, then there are also plenty of options available. Go with the one that your vet suggests.     

How memory foam helps to aid hip dysplasia in dogs?

Hip dysplasia is a matter of concern when your furry friend becomes older or if it is large in size. To get rid of this tension you can bring him a bed that is made of memory foam. There are plenty of beds available in the market. Then why, we are asking you to go with this one. Well, that is what you will come to know in the next.

The memory foam is crafted with an open-cell technology. So, it gives much space and comfort to your buddy whatever the size is. As a result, the muscles and joints remain pressure-free which prevents the production of hip dysplasia. Even, if your pet undergoes any surgery, he will get a secure & spacious place to rest in.

FAQs on Best Dog Bed for Hip Dysplasia

How do I make my dog comfortable with hip dysplasia?

If you want to make your dog comfortable with hip dysplasia then make sure to bring an orthopaedic foam bed at first hand. That kind of bed is made of plush materials which is why it ensures support to the hip joints, back, and neck.

How can I slow down my dog’s hip dysplasia?

Early treatment & lifestyle modification can slow down your dog’s hip dysplasia. For this, you have to follow some rules. As your dog ages, they tend to gain weight. You can provide them an appropriate level of exercise & a healthy diet to aid the risk of obesity. For reducing posture ailments, make sure they are residing in an orthopaedic memory foam bed.

How do dogs with hip dysplasia sit?

Dogs with hip dysplasia sit abnormally due to variable degrees of pain. In this case, they tend to offload in their hip joints & shifts the weight in their forelimbs. Affected dogs sit in a bunny hopping position rather than sitting squarely.

What can I give my dog for sore hips?

The very first thing you should do is meet with a vet. Depending on his instructions, you can give him physical therapy, joint supplements, & of course a comfortable bed.

Final Words

So which bed is suitable for your poor dog? Obviously, you must focus on the memory foam based best dog bed for hip dysplasia. Therefore, your dog will feel at home and the discomfort will improve soon. Apart from memory foam base, make sure few others features like water & tear resistant, firm base, available size and good quality materials as well.  Hopefully, our best picks here come to resolve your issue and at the end of the day, you will have nothing to lose.