The Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds in the world

Few dogs are bred for hunting and racing purposes, over the last few centuries. Will the fastest dog be a good pet for me? In general, dogs be the best pet, but a dog with a lot of energy has to be satisfied with the timely. Check these top 10 fastest dog breeds in the world you will be surprised to find out few dogs made to the list. Few dogs are sprinters and few are endurance runners. According to World Atlas, here are the Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds in the world.

  • Greyhound – 45 mph
  • Saluki – 42 mph
  • Afghan hound – 40 mph
  • Vizsla – 40 mph
  • Jack Russell terrier – 38 mph
  • Dalmatian – 37 mph
  • Borzoi – 36 mph
  • Whippet – 34 mph
  • Doberman pinscher – 32 mph
  • Border collie – 30 mph
  • Poodle – 30 mph
  • German shepherd – 30 mph
  • Scottish deerhound – 28 mph

#1 – Greyhound – 45 mph

I guess you are not surprised by this. Originally Greyhounds were bred as hunting dogs to chase rabbits, foxes, and deer. Also, know as Ferrari or Cheetahs of the dog world. Greyhound is not endurance runners, they can happily lounge around the house all day. They show amazing skills of sprint running when it has to chase a prey or chance to chase a ball. Greyhound’s 45 mph average speed for any human to go behind is impossible. So its always recommended being on the leash, else its hard to catch the hound in case if it goes around a potential prey.

#2 – Saluki – 42 mph

Saluki dogs originally arose in Arabia in the Middle East. Believed that Saluki was the member of royal court during Alexander the Great. Saluki’s 40 mph speed can outrun hare and gazelle. Nowadays Salukis are used for sports hunting such as that held annually in the Western United States by the National Open Field Coursing Association. Breeders recommend Salukis to have an opportunity to run long and extended at least twice per week. Salukis are endurance runners, they can run for long distance for a long time and maintaining the same speed. Salukis can easily outrun GReyhound, as Greyhounds are just sprinters.

#3 – Afghan hound – 40 mph

Again one more Alexander the Great’s army dog which came to Afghanistan. The Afghan hound was used by Afghanis to aid hunters in the desert and mountains. Dogs could corner any animal and kept them at bay until their owners could catch up. Afghan hound’s 40mph speed is as fast as a purebred racehorse. Members of Sighthounds family. That means they have good vision also they have a field of vision of 270 degrees. Greyhound, Saluki, Whippet and borzoi all are members of sighthounds. Picasso’s one of the favorite dog was Afghan hound named Kabul. As this belongs to sighthound, it runs to whatever they want. So better to keep him on a leash or in fenced areas.

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#3 – Vizsla – 40 mph

Vizla is a dog breed originating in Hungary. Vizslas are active dogs and require a lot of physical activity. They love outdoors and prefer being with their owners. Vizslas are known as hunt dogs with an average speed of 40mph. Fluid and agile in their movements, vizslas are energetic, athletic hunting dogs that flourish with experience. David Bue owns three vizslas and recently returned home to Minnesota from a hunting trip in western Montana. Midway through the trip, he wrote, “The three vizslas had a spectacular day yesterday. Gorgeous points and passionate dog work. Lots of pheasants, sharpies, and Huns in the bag. The Vizsla is an outstanding gundog. We have owned and hunted vizslas for over 20 years, and we have enjoyed their hard-charging passion in the field, as well as their affectionate and intensely loyal spirit at home. Although I have hunted with many, many bird dog breeds, I have seldom seen a dog locked-up on point with such magnificence and pride as a Vizsla.”

#4 – Jack Russell terrier – 38 mph

The need for a small, agile, fearless dog that will chase foxes in their underground burrows and flush them out in the open came Jack Russell Terrier. Jack Russell have fearless attitude and stubborn personality make them relentless in the pursuit of prey. Jack Russell terrier’s 38mph speed can easily outrun foxes, badgers, raccoons. Jack Russell is trained in such a way to be excellent retrievers. Trained to sniff out the prey, pursue and engage it underground with the goal of flushing it out to the surface. Terrier hunting takes place underground, with the dog pursuing its quarry deep into its prey’s home. Its dangerous and also lot of work for Jack Russell.

#5 – Dalmatian – 37 mph

Dalmatians are recognized as “Salt and Pepper” patterns. Famous for their black spots on their white coat. Initially bred to run alongside carriages or horseback riders to alert coachman and guarding the carriage. High energy dogs, always ready for exercise. The usual average speed of Dalmation is 37mph

. Dalmatians often used in circuses or onstage performances for their interesting coat and excellent memory. They are multi-purpose dogs used as retrievers, boar hunters, birding dogs and sporting dogs. A lot of proper training is required for the dogs, if left out, they can be more willful and stubborn. You can only own a Dalmatian if you are ready to wake up early and go for long walks.

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#6 – Borzoi – 36 mph

Borzoi is a Russian dog which means “Swift” in Russian. Initially bred for hunting. The dogs would hunt wolves, hares, and foxes. Again a member of “Sighthound”. Borzois are independent and fast dogs. Always recommended to have them on a leash or in the confined boundary of the fence. Borzoi can reach up to 36mph, it’s very hard to follow them when they are on target. They can run off when they catch a scent. The complexion of Borzoi makes it a fast-paced athlete. It’s slender and tall. As the Borzoi comes from Russia, it is bred to withstand very cold temperatures of winter.

#7 – Whippet – 34 mph

Whippets are renowned for being fast, their top speed average is 34mph. Loves short bursts of vigorous exercise each day. Even Whippet belong to Sighthounds. They are bred for racing and also used to catch a small game like rabbits and rats. Descendant of greyhounds, so they belong to sprinters family. Like great speeds over short distances. This is the reason Whippets are used for rag races. Chasing a rag or piece of cloth on the straight tracks. Whippet racing is popular in England. Difference between Greyhounds and Whippets, Greyhounds are much larger in size and also require more exercise than the whippet.

#8 – Doberman pinscher – 32 mph

Doberman belong to a guarding and protection dog. They are highly trainable which makes them work for military, police and home protection. Also used in search and rescue operations. They have a natural instinct to protect their owners, it will jump into action when the owner/house is under threat. The reputation of being Vicious and the speed of 32mph will make anyone think twice if the house has a Doberman. They are easily trainable and learns quickly. Requires a lot of physical exercises and also require early socialization. An interesting fact is Doberman matures late, remains puppyish for almost 2 years.

#9 – Border collie – 30 mph

The Border Collie is a sheepdog. Majorly in England, the breed is used to herd sheep in the vast plains. A perfect dog for livestock. At a speed of 30mph, Border Collie being a working dog, its perfect for a shepherd to have one. It is very sensitive to visual and acoustic stimuli. It should hear its owner’s whistle from far away and also notice any small changes in the sheep herd and react immediately. This dog is not good in the city life, it requires a lot of exercises. Most of the owners are not ready for that. As this is a working dog, it requires some work to keep him busy.

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#9 – Standard Poodle – 30 mph

The Standard poodle was initially used to retrieve waterfowl for hunters. German word Pudel means “Plays in Water”. Poodles have high stamina, they can run at a speed of 30mph. They are agile, good hunting and herding dogs. No one believes when I say Poodles are bred for hunting. Thier fluffy hairs make them look cute. But Europeans during middle ages used Poodle for hunting. Standard Poodle’s 30mph speed and their retrieval skills make them a perfect outdoor dog. Usually, hunters would trim down to one-inch coat, to help them in hunting. Poodle learns quickly and works tirelessly. Poodles are more owner pleasing breed, he can learn anything fast to impress the owner. First see him as a companion dog, later as a hunting dog.

#9 – the German shepherd – 30 mph

The German shepherd dog is a herding breed known for its courage, loyalty and guarding instincts. One of most intelligent dog breed is German Shepherd. They are the second most popular dog in the USA. Due to its high intelligence, it can learn fast. Normally their attacking power is huge, the bite of German shepherd has 238 pounds of force when you compare with human its mere 86. This is the reason you see most of the guard dogs, police dogs, military dogs are German shepherds. At 30mph speed and German shepherd’s guarding instincts will give shivers to any. German Shepherd dogs are always active and like to have something to do. Requires a lot of exercise daily, if you are an active person who loves outdoors then he is the one.

#10 – Scottish deer hound – 28 mph

The royal god of Scotland is one of the ancient breeds. The breed has been found best suited for the pursuit and killing of the deer. Though the dogs are big, their 28mph speed could be enough to chase and kill a deer. Right now in the USA though hunting is not permitted on deer, this breed is used successfully on wolves, coyotes, and rabbits.