Toggenburg Characteristics

The Toggenburg goat would be your earliest known dairy goat breed. It was originated in the Toggenburg valley at the Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Where the strain originated Along with the strain was named after the area from Switzerland.

There are over three hundred goat strains accessible Nowadays. And one of these goat strains, the Toggenburg goat is regarded as the strain. This breed’s nickname is Togg.

Toggenburg Characteristics

The Toggenburg goat is a moderate-sized creature. They’re sensual hardy and attentive in look. They have short, nice, tender or medium length hair and their own hair is laying flat.

Their color is strong, varying with no taste for any color from pale to black chocolate. Toggenburg goats have a Swiss Marked pattern with dilutions, and you will find white markings on the human physique.

Different white markings of this Toggenburg goat are as follows: white ears with a dark place at the centre; hind legs whitened from hocks into hooves; forelegs whitened out of knees downward using a dark line under knee okay; 2 white stripes down the face from over every eye on the muzzle; a black triangle on both sides of the tail.

Wattles are usually within the Toggenburg goat strain, which can be a tiny basic nub of epidermis located on every side of the throat.

When no wattles are found, and spot might be present or in this region. Their face might be dished or directly but may not have what’s known as because of the Roman nose.

They have ears that are taken. The Toggenburg does have established udder, and they’re also known for their udder development.

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Typically, Toggenburg bucks weigh around 80 kg and does at 55 kg plus.

Toggenburg Advantages

Toggenburg goat is a really old milk goat breed. They are used for milk production. But also for meat production.

The Toggenburg goats are often friendly in behavior and are usually silent and gentle in nature.

Though they are known as dairy products, however, they’re also great for increasing because of their serene and friendly nature and personality. Toggenburg goat is thought of as a goat strain, and it’s exceptionally curious and animal.

Crosses with meat goat breeds, like Kalahari Red goat or even Boer could add their children and growth rates, providing a lineup that is milking to meat goats’ children.

The Toggenburgs aren’t one of the very best dairy goats in contrast to their body size. Their moderate milk manufacturers, along with their milk is comparatively low in butterfat content, roughly 3% fat and 2.7 per protein.


The breed was officially established in 1892 in Switzerland. As of 2006, there have been 850 goats located at the Werdenberg area as well as the Toggenburg Valley.

The middle of 2002 had enrolled with the New Zealand Dairy Goat Breeders Association 4146 Toggenburg goats.

The team St. Gallen Goat Breeders Association, enrolls the strain which has been set in 1901. Combine breed owners and the Verein Ziegenfreunde was made to guard the strain.

The Toggenburgs have been the goat strain out of Switzerland to attain the United Kingdom. When introduced into the United Kingdom, the strain failed a growth application.

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Resulting in the Toggenburg goats, that have milk quality and can be thicker. The Toggenburg goat is available out of the location of origin of it today the strain can be found around the entire world.

Toggenburg Goat Breed Information

Breed NameToggenburg
Other NameTogg
Breed PurposeMilk
Breed SizeMedium
About 68-91 kg
DoeAt least 55 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorLight fawn to dark chocolate
Good for Stall FedNot sure
Country/Place of OriginSwitzerland