Top 5 Best Dog Food for American Bully (Dogs & Puppies)

Best dog food for American Bully

For the best appearance and the overall well-being of your dog is mostly depended on the proper nutrition that he gets. There is no difference in the case of American Bully. But, as well as nutrition, safety should be a significant concern. Do not worry; stay tuned to know about the best dog food for American bully.

Editor’s Pick: 5 Best Dog Food for American Bully

American Bully needs to grow muscles; hence their diet should be rich in protein in order to achieve the full size of them. Shocking news is that, a huge number of dogs are dyeing around the world because of cancer, and the dog food significantly affects some type of cancers. Even some dog food that claims to be the best.

Bully Max High Puppies & Adult Dog Food

Best dog food for American Bully

Bully Max High-performance premium dog food is the only meat-based formula in the market for bulldogs. It is formulated with real meat as the first ingredient with all-natural ingredients. There are 30% crude proteins to support muscular dogs like bulldogs.

1 cup of this dog food has 535 calories which provide optimum calories with 50% less food. The micro-organisms in the dog food help your dogs digest the food with ease. The minerals and vitamins in the formula also ensure your fur friends have a good digestive and immune system.

The formula is made for all ages of bulldogs so you can feed the same recipe to puppies and adults. Every pack of max bully dog food is tested 3 times before dispatching so the quality is guaranteed. For its high caloric value in small portions with high-quality proteins, this is undoubtedly the best dog food for bullies.

Food Qualities

  • The only meat-based formula in the market.
  • Formulated with 30% proteins.
  • Made for all ages of bulldogs.
  • It contains 535 calories in only one cup.

  • The price has increased recently.

Victor Classic – Hi-Pro Plus, Dry Dog Food

dog food for American Bully

Victor classic dry dog food is a great option for American bully dog food. It is formulated with premium quality beef, chicken, pork and fish meals to ensure high-quality proteins. This nutrient concentrated formula is best for high-performance dogs that are prone to gaining weight.

The recipe has 30% protein which is the best ratio of protein for bulldogs. It also has a mix of different berries which provides antioxidants for a better immune system. The nutrient levels are best for easy digestion and also helpful if your fur friend happens to have loose bowels.

With just the right amount of energy influx, the athletic pups will be happy and active always. Containing packed proteins and all the natural ingredients, it is also friendly for pregnant and nursing female dogs. With green signals from veterinarians all over the country, you can buy Victor Classing dog food for your American bullies with confidence. 

Food Qualities

  • Recipe made with beef, chicken, pork meat.
  • It contains optimal minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
  • It contains prebiotics and yeast for high digestibility.
  • Made with gluten-free ingredients.

  • May not suit the puppies.

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Premium Dry Dog Food

American Bully dog food

Like every other Taste of the Wild formula, this high protein real meat recipe is formulated with wild boar meat for a unique protein source. The rich flavor of boar meat is sure to meet the wild cravings of a bulldog. It is formulated with real meat, vegetables that provide great nutrition for the large breed dogs.

This specific formula is developed for bulldogs hence it contains the right amount of probiotics for healthy digestive and immune systems. The recipe is also grain-free as grains tend to trigger allergies in the dogs. The fruits and vegetables in the formula provide antioxidants to promote overall good health for your fur friend.

The Omega 3, omega 6 and fatty acids help maintain healthy skin and shiny coat of your pets. Made with premium quality meat, this formula provides lasting energy for your muscular dogs which is why it’s one of the best bully dog foods.

Food Qualities

  • Unique formula blended with multiple animal meats.
  • It contains wild boar meat for high-protein consumption.
  • It contains berries for optimal antioxidants supply.
  • Kibbles are formulated for wild taste.

  • Over-eating this formula can upset the stomach so be careful.

Blue Buffalo Natural Dry Dog Food for Puppies

best dog foods for bullies

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Dog Food is especially developed for large breed puppies. Formulated with real chicken meat, it provides ample amounts of protein to help grow strong muscles. The recipe is also formulated whole grains, garden vegetables, and fruits that provide a complete nutrition.

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The blue life protection in this formula contains DHA and ARA for the puppies to grow with healthy cognitive function and vision. Selected by veterinarians and animal nutritionists, the precise blend of minerals and healthy grains like flaxseed supports the immune system excellently.

The kibble with delicious natural taste will keep your puppies’ tummy full and excited for every meal. The size of the kibble also takes care of the dental health. This formula is equipped with everything you need for a muscular and large breed puppy. This formula is also veterinarian approved so it has made it to this list of best dog foods for bullies.

Food Qualities

  • First ingredient of the formula is real meat.
  • Specially formulated for bulldog puppies.
  • Natural dog food; it contains no artificial ingredients.
  • It contains DHA and ARA for cognitive growth.

  • Strongly discouraged to purchase the recipe from Amazon.

Exclusive Nutritionally Complete Puppy Dog Food

Exclusive nutritionally complete puppy food is specifically formulated for large breed puppies up to one year old. The 29:18 protein ratios are perfect for puppies to grow with strong muscles with limited fat percentage in their bodies. The formula provides optimal nutrients for a puppy to grow with everything they need.

The first ingredient of the formula is real chicken meat which gives proteins and a savory taste to kibble that puppies love. It also contains DHA and EPA oils that help with healthy growth of cognitive function and good eyesight. The recipe also has brown rice which provides antioxidants that promote a better immune system.

This carefully developed nutrition formula will keep your puppies happy and energetic throughout the day. The ideal kibble size will also take care of the dental health. For all these merits, this formula is just perfect as an American bully puppy dog food.

Food Qualities

  • Nutrition formulated for puppies up to 1 year old.
  • Packed with DHA and EPA for healthy cognitive function.
  • 29:18 proteins to fat ratio for healthy growth.
  • Savory, ideal sized kibbles suit a puppy’s taste bud.

  • The formula is not available in a few outlets.

Buying Guide for the best dog food for American Bully

Pet owners who aspire to keep their dogs at their best health status will reap the benefits of a healthy, fit, and happy best friend. Nutrition is the most significant factor influencing health. American Bully is a high-energy animal and also a potential sufferer of certain health and skin issues. Thus, while buying dog food you have to ensure that you buy the best dog food for American bully. This buying guide will help you to make the best decision.

Food values that your American Bully should get

It is very necessary that American Bully puppies or dogs get not only high quality but also nutritionally balanced food. Since, your Bully needs to be energetic throughout the day it is compulsory that its food is full of high-quality ingredients, which will fuel your Bully’s energy to new heights. Thus, it has to be ensured that it gets the best Bully dog food with the following food values –


An American Bully may be a helpless tiny creature but soon it turns into a monstrous and muscular companion. And to be fully developed an American Bully needs protein reached food, as protein builds and repairs muscles, and keeps the body tissues healthy. This breed expends a lot of energy throughout the day. Protein replenishes the loss.

Foods that are rich in protein ensure that an American Bully has enough Amino acid so that it can avoid several health problems.  An ideal choice is a food that contains 50-70% protein. You can choose any of the raw food, dry food, or supplements to fulfill your dog’s protein demand.


We often associate fats with obesity. But good fats are beneficial for your puppy’s health. Good fats improve appetite and help in the consumption of food. It also helps puppies to have nice hair coats. Fat improves a puppy’s physical exertion as well. Fish oil, soybeans. Chicken, cotton seeds, and vegetables provide this kind of fat.


American Bullies are known to be very active. Carbohydrates are full of energies that alleviate their playtime. So, they need a continuous supply of carbohydrates. Rice, corn, wheat, and oats are among the best carbohydrate sources. It is easier to digest if there is carbohydrate in the food.

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The balanced diet for your Bully should contain a lot of vitamins as your dog needs vitamins as well. Among the vitamins, vitamin E is the one that improves an American Bully’s immune system. Vitamin A feeds on hair and skin. You can feed your dogs and puppies a good amount of fruits and vegetables to ensure their vitamin needs are fulfilled.


If you own a bully puppy, then minerals are very necessary for its development and growth. Potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, and chloride are some of the significant minerals that a Bully puppy needs. Vegetables, fruits, grains, meat, and legumes contain such minerals. So, you should get your dog such food that contains all these at the sufficient amount.


Dogs need strong bones and teeth for survival. Calcium develops the teeth and bones. Calcium is very important for an American Bully as it grows. No matter which dog breed you have, you must ensure your dog gets the right amount of calcium through the right food.


Fibers don’t usually break while the digestion process goes on. It helps in digestion but provides no nutrients. It reduces the risk of constipation and diarrhea among American Bullies. Thus, your dog food should contain a good amount of fiber for better digestion. However, you should never choose a food that contains more than 5% of dietary fiber.

Common Dietary Negetive Issues That American Bully face

When your dog is sick, do you ever consider the food that can cause the bowel problem? Well, you should. We often blame issues such as exposure to another sick puppy, sensitivity, or genetics but the reality is that the dog’s diet is the foundation of its overall health. Even the foods that claim to be the best among dog foods can bring your dog your down. Thus, it is very necessary for you to know about some common diseases and then check if your American bully dog food can anyhow influence it.

Food Allergies

Food allergy is very common in all types and breeds of dogs of any age. And it may be caused by some ingredients that you may have never suspected. Some common allergens are the ingredients that you often notice on a dog food package, such as, corn, chicken, wheat, and dairy products. You may notice one or more than one symptom among itchy hives, skin, tummy troubles, and swollen face if your American bully has allergy due to food.


The packaged dog food often offers the same thing for all types of dogs. Most of the time, it is not specialized for a particular type of dog providing the necessary nutrients for that’s the specific dog. As a result, you are either overfeeding or underfeeding your American Bully, if you are completely relying on any packaged or canned food.

Obesity can cause many problems other than just heavyweight, such as breathing issues, joint problems. Sometimes it may even shorten your dog’s lifespan.  It is very important to make sure that your dog is getting enough to it but not gorging itself.

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is a very unfortunate side effect of obesity. Overweight dogs often develop resistance towards insulin, which causes an increased amount of sugar in the bloodstream. As a result, sugar level is decreased in the cells causing your America Bully to starve for fuel. To fulfill this shortage the body itself breaks down its proteins and fats. Diabetes causes damage to several vital organs, requiring care for lifelong because there is no cure for this disease.

You can never imagine how sugar cane of the dog food contains sugar that is lying at a corner of your pantry. The sugar is typically in the form of the starchy filler. It makes up much more sugar that your dog can handle or it needs. So, before just go and buying ay dog food you must look out for the sugar-containing elements in that.

Nutritional Imbalance

When you made your dog food at home but without any suggestion or approval from a veterinarian or any person who is expert in these matters, the food becomes often overloaded with nutrition or lack nutrition. This results in the imbalance of nutrients in the food, so as in your dog. The nutritional imbalance may cause several health issues such as heart disease or even blindness.

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All those raw diets, canned diets, or commercial kibbles that you are feeding your dog for so long may have serious bacterial contamination. E. coli, campylobacter, Clostridium, or Salmonella are among the types of bacteria that cause bloody diarrhea that may lead your dog to the hospital or sometimes to death if serious conditions occur.

How to Cope Up Dog Health Issues of American Bully

Filing the stomach and providing nutrition is not the only goal of the food. make sure your dog food does the following things are done as well –

Reducing health risks

Foods containing plenty of antioxidants and protein reduce the risk of disease regarding thyroid. You can go for organic and grain-free foods. Larger dogs that are suffering from Hip Dysplasia require a special diet that can reduce their discomfort and improve their mobility.

It is a must to avoid processed foods and the ones that contain artificial colors and flavors. If possible, always go for natural ingredients. Best dog food for bullies containing flax seed and fish oil is able to reduce inflammation.

Controlling skin issues

Unfortunately, the risk of skin problems in American Bullies is very high. Although some are genetics the rests are due to food allergies. Preservative-free, natural food can reduce chemical sensitivity and reactions. Fish oils keep the skin healthier. Also don’t forget to avoid food that has allergy triggers like soy, corn, and wheat.

It is not an easy job to find out the best dog food for American Bully that is nutrient-packed and well-balanced without comprising with the high quality. But it is worthy to have a little concern to keep your dog healthy and free from the danger that you may cause while feeding it.


What breeds make an American bully?

The breed of American Bully was developed in the mid of 1990’s, with the aim to create the utmost family companion. Researchers spent years of selective breeding to create the American Bully with the combination of the desired characteristics of the AKC American Staffordshire Terrier and the UKC American Pit Bull Terrier with some lines of bully or non-bully dog.

Can I feed my American bully raw meat?

Yes, you can feed raw meat to your American Bully along with raw fruits and vegetables. However, when feeding your dog raw, it suggested to not mixing dry food with raw ones. But some supplements can be added to the raw foods. The raw diet has everything that is needed for your dog to reach to the fullest potential.

How much should I feed my American bully?

The amount of food you should be feeding your American bully simply depends on their age and weight. Range of the amount may be from 1/4th to 4 cups. The quantity may vary during the growth or reproduction stage. Dogs that are nursing or lactating may require double or four times the amount than that of a normal adult dog. 

How can I fatten up my American bully?

To fatten up your American Bully, you need to wisely choose a diet that has the proper balance of fat, carbohydrate, grains, and vegetables for your dog needs vitamins. The diet should neither contain too much fat nor should it be to lean. Because, it is a Bully so, I’m sure you want it to be fat but also good looking.

How many times a day should I feed my American Bully puppy?

Your American Bully puppy should be fed twice or thrice a day.  In a day 3 meals should be fed to puppies aged from 12 weeks to 6 months. This frequent yet small meal will help them to have proper nutrition without gorging themselves.  Once they are 6 months old, they should be getting 2-meals a day.

Final Thought

If you want the tiny helpless creature to grow into your monstrous, muscular friend you should choose the best dog food for American Bully. It is always a better idea to consult your veterinarian for the best suggestion.  Make sure your dog gets protein and fat rich food so that they can develop nice muscles. Otherwise, they may remain underdeveloped and unhealthy. To avoid health risks, never inject steroids to them.