Top 5 Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas

Best Dog Treats for Chihuahuas

Chihuahua is one of the most elegant dogs in the world of pups. Many people are crazy about these puppies! Giving your Chihuahua a treat is a method to interact with him, give him a message, and understand something. To strengthen your emotional bond with your child, you have to handle him with the best dog treats for Chihuahuas.

However, these treats must be nutritionally balanced and adapted to your Chihuahua so that they do not make you sick. In addition to regular meals, such as snacks, treats, and edible chewing gum, they are an important part of a healthy diet for your Chihuahua and make up 15-20% of the puppy’s total diet.

Editor’s Pick: 5 Best Treats for Chihuahuas

To make your puppy feel you always special, I will introduce you to some popular dog treats. Our vet experts and editorial team researched more than 45 dog treats for chihuahuas and selected the top five. We have selected which have best food qualities and chihuahuas dog breeds enjoying while eating. Hope you’ll love it!

Fido Belly Dog Bone, Probiotic Enzymes for Dogs

Best Treats for Chihuahuas

Fido Belly Bone is a 100% raw skinless delicacy made from potatoes and rice, a good source of prebiotics and probiotics for your dog. Probiotics are beneficial yeast and bacteria that help maintain a healthy and balanced gastrointestinal tract.

At the same time, prebiotics serves as food for beneficial bacteria, further improving the health of your furry friends. These chewing gums are a healthy way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy by scraping off plaque and controlling the formation of stones during chewing, while also promoting digestion.

The unique design and strong texture cleanse the dog’s teeth while chewing and freshens the breath. These bones form under pressure and are not fired. In fact, these best dog treats for Chihuahuas taste great, are healthy, and are digested safely, unlike raw domains, which are at risk of constipation.

Always watch your pets so that they do not swallow our delicacies without first chewing them. The correct breed size is recommended depending on the breed, 21 Mini Dog Treats for 4-18 pounds dogs. One more thing, you can give a lot of these bones to friends and neighbors to match their fur, and I am sure they all will be amazed at how much their dogs love it!

Treat Qualities

  • Prevent plaque formulation.
  • All ingredients are natural.
  • Improve digestive health.
  • Perfect for all types of dogs.
  • Made in the USA.

  • We didn’t find too many complaints about this product.

Good’N’Fun Rawhide Dog Treats for Chihuahuas

Dog Treats for Chihuahuas

The tail will tremble with this delightful pleasure! With three different types of meat, the triple-flavored taverns will satisfy your dog’s appetite. Excellent chicken fillet, healthy duck, and rich chicken liver create wonderful unique pleasure that will entertain your furry partner.

The Good ‘n’ Fun brand contains a delicious mix of flavors that canines like the most. However, these delicious Chihuahua dog treats are made from the most elegant ingredients, including those high in cow and real chicken, to make really tasty and lasting goodies that your puppy will enjoy.

Good ‘n’ Fun kabobs combine the persuasive scents your puppy craves. These fun masks provide the long-term pleasure that can also excite your dog.

Each procedure is made from the pork hide and a cow and then turns into a real chicken, chicken liver, and duck. With pieces of meat that you can see and a lasting taste, these cheeks will make your dog come back again and again.

Mix three great flavors in a gourmet treat. Keep chewing in a cool place with a zipper. This bag contains 18 kabobs, and they are perfect for dogs of all sizes. So, treat your dog with a delicious and fun taste!

Treat Qualities

  • Made from real chicken, chicken liver, and duck.
  • A fabulous source of protein.
  • True chewing action reduces the accumulation of tartar and eliminates plaque.
  • A tasty and healthy way to satisfy your dog’s natural chewing needs.

  • We have a few complaints about the packaging.

Milk-Bone Chewy: Chihuahuas Dog Treats

Chihuahuas Dog Treats

Surprise your canine with Milk-Bone Chewy dog treats. This product has made from real beef. In fact, these wonderful soft starters are full of protein and enriched with over twelve minerals and vitamins.

However, these soft, wheat-free delicacies are simple for your dog to chew and contain a rich, delicious taste that your pooch will enjoy for sure. This recipe provides a soft texture for easy chewing.

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Moreover, this recipe contains high amount of protein. The manufacturer also offers a dissolute and delicious flavor your canine will aspire time and time again.

Your furry friend can consume the food as a nibble or as your pet’s normal diet. Break it into miniature form for tiny dogs, and you can be out of tension when you give them to your dog.

They are enriched with different valuable nutrition such as calcium, biotin, folic acid, also vitamins A, B12, D, and E to help your dog’s health. This product has come up with nutrients and high-quality components which meet up the current U.S. grade and standards.

Treat Qualities

  • Made with beef.
  • The soft, fluffy texture is soft to chew.
  • Strengthened by over 12 vitamins and minerals.
  • Wheat free.

  • Some dogs are extremely excited and almost manic.

Healthy Breeds Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks

This Healthy Breeds Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks are your dog’s daily oral hygiene solution. Triple Enzyme Large or Mini Veterinary dental sticks are a delicious treat that keeps the plaque under control, reduces the number of stones, and fresh your pet’s breath!

The vet formulated delicious chicken liver sticks are easy for digesting, do not contain calories, and do not contain grain and soy!

They are made in the USA and manufactured at production sites controlled by the federal government! This product offers an excellent customer service and returns.

The Chihuahua puppy treats offer a variety of dog care products, care, and treatment products for more than 200 breeds! Make sure you are looking for your breed!

However, this product is a wonderful combination of pleasures that any dog adores, helping him give something to chew near your table. You need less dog mouth cleaning and get rid of all the bad smells from the mouth. You can try that out!

Treat Qualities

  • Maintain your dog’s oral health.
  • Control plaque and reduce tartar.
  • Easy to digest.
  • No grain and soy.

  • For some dogs, there is no change of smell.

Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews for Dogs

OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews, your dog’s favorite veterinarian, provides dental care at home that your puppy needs. It keeps your dog’s teeth clean, reduces plaque and tartar, and fight against bad breath with the bite of this chew.

The first and only oral hygiene product for dogs that contains Delmopinol! Each chewing gum uses your dog’s chewing to loosen the plate, causing it to come out of the teeth. Plaque can lead to many terrible problems.

Bacteria that accumulate in the teeth and gums cause a bad smell. When the plate expands, it hardens and is called tartar. Without cleaning, plaque and stone continue to accumulate, dragging even more bacteria and causing respiratory depression.

For this reason, it is important to help eliminate accumulation. Delmopinol is a barrier to protect against harmful bacteria that promote bad breath. Treat your pet with a highly soluble and tasty chewing gum daily for cleaner teeth and fresh breath.

I do not think that this Chihuahua treats replace regular brushing, but they can increase the time between them. Sometimes it gives your dog bright green stools. So do not be astonished if this happens!

Treat Qualities

  • Breakaway the dislodge plaque from the teeth.
  • Protect against bacteria in the plaque.
  • Reduce bad smells.
  • Keep the teeth clean.

  • A bit rubberier for the dog than we expect.

Features of the Best Treats

You will be wonder what distinguishes one treats from another or what makes a workout so good. Most importantly, some ingredients in poor-quality treats can produce allergic reactions.

Also, some are associated with health problems such as neurological problems, organ damage, and more. Before we move on to our choice, let’s see at what to go for:

Whole Natural Ingredients:

Choose all-natural options to avoid flavor enhancers, colorants, and synthetic preservatives. It can cause many problems, such as stomach and digestion problems, rash, itching, and different long-term and short-term health troubles.

Ethoxyquin and bottled hydroxyanisole are hazardous chemical preservatives that are forbidden for human consumption. But they are allowed when eating and treating dogs.

Some colorants can be devastating, including yellow 5 is associated with hyperactivity, insomnia, and aggression, red 40 with known carcinogens, and blue 2 is associated with brain tumors and allergies. Both flavor enhancer soy and MSG can cause allergies.

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Keep in mind that many high-quality dog ​​care products and delicacies use a mixture of vitamins (probably called mixed tocopherols) and herbs (peppermint, rosemary, etc.) as natural colorants.


When a dog is allergic to cereals, in many situations, the main problem is gluten. Therefore, although getting rid of grain is absolutely a healthy choice. In fact, it is better to avoid at least rye and wheat and their by-product, with a high content of gluten.

Healthy ingredients:

When marking that the dog is caring, skip everything with the term “by-product” and a small amount of meat. This by-product applies to almost any part of the animal’s body that is considered unsuitable for human consumption (spinal tissues, kidneys, lungs, undeveloped eggs, etc.).

And avoid treating with the word “ordinary meat,” as they can come from sick animals in zoos, slaughtering animals, expired products with the addition of polystyrene or another packaging in the mix and different related sources.

Zero fillers:

Fillers are extremely cheap ingredients that are combined with dog foods to reduce overall manufacturing costs. A good example is corn, which is not an ear of nutritious sweet corn that can be served for dinner. But it is a type of thick beef that is difficult to digest.

Moreover, there are many other vegetable options as a feed company for dogs that need only vitamins and minerals. Other toppings include the peel of any food (oats, peanuts, rice, cottonseed, etc.) and anything containing the word “wheat” (wheat mill run, middle wheat, etc.).

Made in the USA or Canada

Treats and delicacies made in China or using ingredients from China are dangerous. The main reason is that it began in 2007 with volatile delicacies that ruined thousands of canines in the United States and other countries. Although what killed so many pets remain to be seen, it has been shown that certain treatments have a positive effect on high levels of illegal antibiotics and sulfur-based antiviral products.

For any treat in China or other foreign countries with very strict pet food laws, melamine is often used as pet food, leading to the treatment of dogs. In fact, it is a toxin used in the plastics industry and is associated with serious health problems, such as bladder cancer and kidney stones.

Make sure to carefully read the labels, the back of the package, and keep the delicacies made in North America (the USA or Canada). New Zealand also produces a lot of dog food and has excellent quality standards.

When to Treat to Your Chihuahua?

At first, don’t just give the Chihuahua a treat without any reason. In fact, it makes no sense to give your dog food for no special reason. Your furry friend is not hungry, and there is no time to eat. He must be happy, but will not realize why you are providing him with such a treat.

If you do this, your Chihuahua will instinctively try to approach and ask for this treat again and again. And if you pass it on, he will think that he just needs to ask to get the treat. The same goes for the treat you supply him when you drop him alone.

It will definitely help you feel a little free from guilt, but there is a risk that your Chihuahua will get too many delicacies.

In fact, if you leave him five times during the day, he must expect that there will be a gift on every trip, and this is every day. In this case, the advice is to present only treats for a long absence, which your dog will enjoy for a long time.

However, it is recommended to associate sweets with treats and, therefore, with compliance. Do your job in Chihuahua and reward it by offering snacks. Thus, they are related to training, sports, or even playing and better meeting your expectations.

How Many Treats Can You Give Your Chihuahua every day?

The border of delicacies that you give Chihuahua per day based on the suggested amount of calories it contains, depending on weight, age, and level of activity. For example, an active and young Chihuahua needs a little more than a Chihuahua that is not very active.

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Most pups require about 55 calories per day/lb of body weight. Chihuahuas usually weigh from 3 to 6 kg, but vary in size and may even be smaller or bigger. However, the recommended calorie consumption of your dog has based on its size.

For instance, a 3lb Chihuahua pup needs between 120 and 180 calories per day. Its energy and growth need more calories than a grown-up Chihuahua.

What to Consider Before Buying Chihuahuas Dog Treats

Nothing great is ever gained without serious consideration. Here are a few things to look for when choosing the best dog treats for Chihuahua.

Treat Preference:

Of course, a great treat should have fresh and reliable ingredients, but depending on whether your dog accepts it or not, it depends on its taste. Your Chihuahua may prefer crispy treats or a rubber texture. You can test with various delicacies to find out which one your dog loves the most.

Allergies of Dog:

You might be astonished that most pooches are allergic to a protein in food, but this is true. Beef is one of the most typical allergens, then dairy products. So, if your dog has allergy symptoms, it may first want to check the protein source during treatment. Of course, you want to choose a gift with a unique or limited source of protein.

Be light with delicacies:

Flavors should not replace genuine food and should only occupy part of your dog’s daily diet. An expert advises that treatment should not consume more than 10% of your Chihuahua diet.

If you use delicacies for training, you can reduce your dog’s servings to take into account the extra calories that accompany the delicacies. However, it is good to consider low-calorie delicacies so that you can give them to your dog without worrying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of human food can Chihuahuas eat?

Dogs receive vegetarian diets from owners of vegetarians who cannot tolerate meat for their pets. You can regularly give away your Chihuahua delicacies, if not a complete diet, get fresh liver and hamburgers, rare vegetables or greens or any vegetables, and croquettes / canned food.

What foods are bad for Chihuahuas?

Alcohol and caffeine are very toxic to dogs. It suppresses the respiratory system and central nervous system and damages the kidney, heart, and liver. Also, avoid food containing alcohol and caffeine. Chocolate, garlic, onion, grapes, and raisins are harmful to dogs.

Can Chihuahuas eat banana?

Bananas are amusing in vitamin B6, potassium, and vitamin C. Veterinarians sometimes suggest this fruit as a good option to salty and oily treats. Bananas also contain fiber, that help the canine gastrointestinal difficulties and magnesium for promoting the growth of bone and helping the body absorb vitamins and produce protein. So, you give your dog at a moderate dose.

Can a Chihuahua be left alone during the day?

A Chihuahua is an excellent choice if you want a small dog but need to work. They will succeed if they remain alone most of the day. Make sure your dog still has a Chihuahua during the day. They succeed in pairs. Unluckily, Chihuahuas face too many medical problems. So, take care of them too.

What vegetables are good for Chihuahuas?

In most cases, leafy green vegetables are preferred for Chihuahuas. Good examples are cabbage and spinach. Also, vegetables contain starch, and legumes, such as sweet potatoes and pumpkin, are good for digestion and low-weight Chihuahuas. Ensure that they are cooked well.

Final Verdict

All Chihuahua owners want to delight their dogs with delicacies from time to time. But it is crucial to know what to look and pick the right goodies. No one wants to supply his/her dog with something tasty that is not good for his health.

Chihuahuas can also have problems with their teeth, like many toy tribes. They may suffer from tooth decay. This thing makes it difficult to brush your dog’s teeth, causes plaque and tartar formation, and, ultimately, leads to the deterioration of the teeth.

Chihuahuas may start losing teeth at a young age. Regular Chihuahua dental home care is especially important, along with checking your dog’s teeth with a veterinarian.

Fortunately, finding the best dog treats for Chihuahuas is not very difficult. I have highlighted a few so that you have a try for your beloved Chihuahua. And don’t forget the best treats for Chihuahuas, Fido Belly Dog Bone, as I mentioned above.