Top 5 Best Dog Treats for German Shepherd

Best Dog Treats for German Shepherd

What you cannot do is to German Shepherd a low quality food product items. Here is why, we will show you the Best dog treats for German shepherd. Remember, the best choices are from brandable manufacturer, having good customers overviews and more importantly the food that your dog love the most.

German Shepherd dogs are not a picky eater but they are craving for amazing diet. The food they love may vary from adult to puppy. If you have a puppy to feed then you must come to know a different food line-up and vice-versa to the adult one.

Editor’s Pick: 5 Best German Shepherd Dog Treats

We have researched over 55+ dog treats and selected top 5 that will assure your GSD’s proper nutrition balanced. So, check out what is perfect treat for your dog from our enlisted German shepherd treats.

Nylabone Healthy Dog Chew Treats

Dog Chew Treats

The health of animals depends on their feeding. So, it is essential to choose healthy, natural foods that care about our furry friend’s well-being.

This is why we decided to offer you Nylabone Healthy Edibles Chew Treats as the best dog treats for German shepherds ever.

Nylabone Dog Chew Treats are as natural as there can be for your beloved dog. They are prepared exclusively with Bison bone flavor, without the addition of artificial colors or preservatives.

They are highly digestible snacks, thanks to the natural ingredients. These ingredients ensure the well-being of the digestive system by stimulating the beneficial intestinal flora. They promote the expulsion of bacteria, the cause of intestinal dysfunction.

A delicious snack that helps keep your dog’s teeth clean and, in addition, offers him a healthy and long-lasting pastime. It has been scientifically proven that activities with snacks of this type, such as gnawing bones, focus the dog’s attention. This allows him to release stress and excess energy.

The Bison bone has an approximate length of 6.6 inches and is suitable for your favorite German Shepard. It is available in other ingredients that contain slightly different pieces in shape and size.


  • Made with first choice ingredients.
  • It does not contain preservatives or dyes.
  • They contain calcium and phosphorus.
  • They are highly digestible.

  • The bone-shaped snack is very fragile, and doesn’t hold up much longer.

Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats

Training Dog Treats

You immediately notice a dog when it is perfectly healthy: in addition to having a shiny coat, it is energetic, vital, and active; always wants to play. If this is what you want, we offer you the Zuke’sbrand, with tasty mini kibbles.

Snack for dogs, made with quality raw materials, with a delicious filling of chicken, cherries and turmeric. Ideal as a reward for your dog, which also helps him maintain dental hygiene. The nuggets are delicious with different flavors that do not leave your dog indifferent. You can use them as a treat when you want to reward him for his behavior. The quality ingredients, the chicken, cherry and turmeric filling result in a fantastic soft snack that will conquer your dog.

The small nuggets, in addition to constituting a magnificent prize, serve to support the cleaning of the teeth, since their chewy texture favors dental cleaning. They also contribute to the strengthening of the muscles of the jaw. Their vitamin E content is beneficial for the development of strong and healthy bone cells and teeth.

This dog food is of high quality but at a decidedly low price. Therefore, the value for money, in this list of the best dog treats, is among the most convenient.


  • Subjected to careful checks.
  • Made with genuine ingredients.
  • Complete and balanced croquettes.
  • They are highly digestible and suitable for all dogs.
  • Good value for money.

  • As a moist food product, it is susceptible to spoilage; so, better storage would be necessary to increase the shelf life.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treat

Trail Treat

The Special Dog treat is the best that you can give to your furry friend even every day. It is a complete, balanced and high-quality dry kibble, guaranteed by Blue Buffalo Wilderness.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treat is delicious snacks for dogs, light and low in calories. The ideal reward for a chubby German Shepard or neutered dogs. It is also a delicious treat to tease after hours and to maintain weight.

These snacks are made with chicken, vegetables and maple syrup, have a delicious taste and are very light so that dogs can enjoy them to the fullest. Offer these snacks to your dog only as a reward and make sure he gets enough exercise. These biscuit-shaped treats are naturally preserved and contain antioxidants.

The strong point of the product is its low-calorie intake, which makes it suitable for combining with slimming diets and low-calorie dry or wet foods. Where another type of snack would bring in excess calories, these delicious snacks are designed to reward your dog without compromising his regular diet.


  • It does not contain preservatives or dyes.
  • Contains Omega fatty acid 3 and 6.
  • Correct daily energy intake.
  • Excellent value for money.

  • They are a little too small in size for larger dogs.

Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats

Natural Dental Dog Treats

One of the best natural alternatives to industrial dog feed is the Greenies Original with genuine croquettes. This one is suitable for all dogs, from Labrador to German Shepard, with a good value for money.

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A tasty snack specially designed to perform mechanical tooth cleaning, helping to reduce tartar, dental plaque and bad breath. It is an excellent solution to avoid unpleasant dental cleanings or dental treatments at the vet. Its soft texture allows for the deep cleaning of the teeth. Its distinctive shape and structure help your dog support the snack with his front legs while cleaning his rear teeth.

The natural plant extracts contained in this snack can reduce bad mouth odor and provide fresh breath. The strong menthol smell that they give off could cause rejection in some dogs, but for the most part, it is well accepted by the majority of dogs and effectively solves bad breath problems. Besides, Greenies treat contains important vitamins and minerals that can complement your dog’s regular diet and have no added sugar.

The Greenies snack is available in various sizes to adapt optimally to our dog’s needs and is suitable for animals between 2 and 7 kg in weight.


  • They only contain organic ingredients.
  • Rich in meat, vegetables and fruit.
  • They are highly nutritional.
  • Best for dental health.

  • They are a little too large in size for small dogs.

 Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats

Original Dog Treats

In this list of the best dog treats, where we compared different brands, Milk-Bone Original, one of the best known in the world, could not be missed.

Milk-Bone Original Dog Treat is a crunchy snack for the hygiene of teeth and gums.  The fresh ingredients, including 12 vitamins and minerals, fight the bacteria that cause halitosis so that your dog has a fresher breath.

The effectiveness of these snacks is scientifically proven; if used every day, it is possible to decrease the amount of tartar up to 80%. Their effect is due both to the cleaning agents it contains and to the unique crunchy texture. Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats completely digest and leave no residue in the dog’s mouth.

These crunchies were created with the collaboration of veterinarians and nutritionists attentive to dog nutrition. With Milk-Bone Original, yours will have shiny hair and solid stools that indicate proper digestion. Also, it is a great choice to take care of your dog’s dental hygiene and improve his breath.


  • Genuine dog food.
  • Croquettes suitable for all dogs.
  • Good value for money.
  • They are easily digestible.

  • If they were a little smaller, medium to small-sized dogs could swallow easily.

Different Types of Dog Treats

 Dog treats come with multiple varieties so, here you need to pick the right one to ensure your dog’s good health and happiness. One important rule you should follow like don’t exceed 10% of dog treats on your dog’s regular food intake even though treats assured a healthy diet. In the following, we enlist different types of available dog treats to assist in your perfect choice.


You will find bars, biscuits, cookies, kibbles, and so on under this type. These treats made up of a wide assortment of savor and various sizes and shapes. Generally, crunchy dog treat’s moisture content is low which is between 10-12%. You can choose this type as a quick reward and your dog also doesn’t face any difficulty eating it. Here the ingredient you usually find is grain, but you will also find grain-free treats in this type.

Soft & Chewy

Your dog’s training will be excellent with this type of treats. You will find multiple varieties herein and the moisture content is higher like more than 25%. Besides, here you find humectants which act as antibacterial moistening agents and assist in keeping the treats soft & chewy. Breaking these type treats into tiny pieces or bite-sized pieces is easy due to its soft texture. Therefore, you can give frequently this tiny piece to your dog in your training session. 

Dehydrated or Freeze Dried

Another type of treats that come to help you in good training is dehydrated or freeze-dried. Here one of the examples is jerky that is known as appetizing and highly-desirable to the dogs. Usually, dehydrated treats contain 100% protein. You will find this type available in several forms, for example, liver, meats, seafood, and poultry.

Dental Chews and Bone-Like Treats

Animal bones are used to make this bone-like treats or dental chews. You may find other ingredients also like corn starch or other digestible ingredients. This type of treats requires much chewing so, it is considered good for dental health. But be careful about some too hard treats which will injurious to dental health like tooth fractures. 

Tablet & Capsule Treats 

When you find difficulty feeding required medicine to your dog then tablet & capsule treats come to help you slightly. This type of treats is configured to conceal the tablet or medicine inside the treats. Therefore, your dog hardly notices the inside medicine and accepts the treats with pleasure.


Rawhide is suggested as treats when it is digest-friendly. It is generally made from animal hide which is often mixed with many chemicals. Your dog may suffer from gastrointestinal obstructions for rawhide so, better to go for feeding bones or dental chews made from corn starch. It is wise to contact a vet specialist.

Human Food Treats

You can use human food as your dog’s treats but here the different variety indicates whether it is good or bad for your pooch. Don’t only depend on the food like a hot dog, cheese, cookies, and crackers. You will find beneficial ingredients for your pooch on lean meat, seafood, fresh food like apples, carrot, or poultry. You should keep aside some items from here like sauces and dog’s poison causing foods like grapes, onion, or raisin.

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You can use some homemade items as your dog’s treats like for the hot day you can offer ice-cream blend with frozen broth cubes and fruits or plain yogurt, etc.  Apart from this, you will find many recipes on YouTube especially for your dog treats.

The Perfect Uses of Dog Treats 

You may find a variety of motives behind the offering treats. But, whatever your reasons are, you need to conscious about the proper amount of quantity and also calories for your dog’s healthy weight.

To Build Good Bonding

Offering treats is one of the ways to make understand your dog about your love. Sometimes offering treats make them so much happy and they show tier affection to the owner. Hopefully, you may know happiness will lead to good health.

In Training

Training is another field where you can use treats perfectly. The owner needs to teach many good behaviors through training and during this session the owner requires clam and happy dogs. So, here the owner finds the treats as their weapon to soothe the dog. But you have to identify the right one based on your dog’s preferences. You may consider the soft as well as smelly treats when both of you in the distracting environments, for example, a park.

Occupying Time

When you want your dog lying with you or to soothe them from an anxious situation then you can find treats as your solution. Here you can use large treats like bone or large carrot to occupy your dog’s time.

Cleaning Teeth

Already you may notify about some treats specially made to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Dogs whose teeth are not maintained properly will prone to dental issues. Besides, you may notice bad breath coming from your dog. Here you need to ensure regular brushing but maintain regularity can be difficult for the owner. So, some treats require too much chewing which is specially made to maintain good dental health.

Supplementing Health

You may find some treats made to ensure your dog’s good health. Here the offering treats will meet your dog’s appropriate nutrition. Therefore, you don’t need to be tensed for your pup’s proper nutrition. Also, you will find these treats are helpful in the disguise unpalatable medication.

How Many Treats Should You Give to Your German shepherd?

Generally, the manufacturers provide a proper guideline on the right portions of treats that you feed to your dog. Although you can get the appropriate quantity, better to consider a vet specialist’s suggestion. 

There you find a renowned rule of feeding treats is only 10% depends on your dog’s regular food intake. To make you clearer, when you go for feeding the 100lbs German Shepherd pooch then you give it foods like five cups and the treats amount will not exceed half cup.  

But the cup will not give you appropriate measurement when you purchase dry dog food so, here you need to go through the feeding guideline.

What ingredients will make healthy treats for German Shepherds?

 We bring a guideline below containing some information on which leads to good German shepherd dog treats. 

Ideally, a balanced dog diet should contain vegetables, fruits, meats, and so on. Here you will find specific information on ingredients which good for the German shepherd dog treats.

  • You need to make sure the balance of proteins, minerals, omega fats, carbohydrates, water, and vitamins.
  • When you enlist the meat in the first position then ensure it contains real mean instead of meat by-product (non-rendered & clean parts of the animal).
  • The quality & nutrition should be high and also should be digest -friendly.
  • The treats should contain plant-based preservatives and also natural preservatives such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C.
  • You need to ensure that the major portion of the ingredients is not only organic but also natural. Also, you may consider the bonus ingredients like super foods (vegetables, fruits).
  • The last thing that requires more attention is to check out the approval from the vet or pet food regulation bodies of your purchased treats.

Treats are bad for The German shepherd dog

 FDA warns to avoid some treats for German shepherd puppy due to 68 illness cases. In the following, we enlist some ingredients which are considered as bad for your GSD below.

  • Try to avoid the treats having processed or inorganic elements.
  • Try to avoid the meats which bypass the human inspection or the meat that is the potential to cause bacterial disease.
  • Treats with greasy fats where the concentration is higher. 
  • The ingredients named Carrageenan from dairy foods, meats should avoid due to causing inflammation in the animal’s intestines. 
  • Treats come with having gluten and grains where the concentration is higher.
  • Avoid some bones as your dog treats like Rib bones, pork femur bones, Ham’s bones, Smokey Knucklebones.
  • Avoid consuming more Gravy where one ingredient like salts may lead to high blood pressure in your German shepherd puppy.
  • Peanut butter having high fat or sugar-free peanut butter having artificial sugar should avoid maintaining good health.
  • One of the preservatives named Ethoxyquin should avoid due to creating the kidney and thyroid problem.
  • The last thing that should avoid is food coloring and artificial preservatives.
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What do you consider while buying the best treats for German shepherd puppies?

You may already know when it is perfect time to give treats to the dog. The time which is best for the other dog is also best for the German shepherd dog. So, based on those timing and health-related issue we enlist some of the criteria you may pay attention during purchasing German shepherd dog treats. So, give your full attention below.

For Good Training

 When you are looking for the treats which help you in your dog’s good training session, then the things you should pay attention are–

Can eat quickly and also easily: For the training session, you should focus on the treats which do not require a long break and can eat quickly as well as easily. If you go for hard traits like Milk Bones will create destruction of your dog. Also, your dog only concentrates on the treats instead of following your command.

Small treats: Big treats have a problem like it will quickly fill up your dog’s stomach. So, when your dog with an empty tummy and you command by showing treats then your dog has more possibility to follow what you say. One suggestion will beneficial for you like don’t feed the pooch for a few hours prior to training.

Soft and smelly treats: Dog’s seem to obey when you offer them treats like meat having a pungent odor and also other tasty ingredients. Apart from this, high value treats like cooked chicken, cheese piece, and cooked plain sausage also motivate them to obey the trainer’s command. 

Variety: When you continuously depend on only one type of treats, your dog likely to become bored. If you bring variation in the treats then your dog will become more interested grab that.

How healthy your giving Treats are?

Your German shepherds require a balanced diet due to their strengths and different abilities. So, you need to find out the treats having high protein simultaneously low fat amount. This type of treats will make them more energetic. Nevertheless, your dog is possibly affected by Osteoarthritis and canine hip dysplasia so; emphasize the treats containing glucosamine and calcium. Just like what you look for on the treats, the ingredients you should avoid herein are the artificial ingredients.

What dog treats do vets recommend?

Dog prizes are one of the main characteristics of positive reinforcement when training our dogs. These can be a treat or a snack that they can enjoy, as a sign that they did a good job. When looking for a snack, it is striking that they are not all the same. There are cookies, natural bones, pressed bones, wet croquettes, bars and even dental snacks.

FAQs on German Shepherd Dog Treats

What are the best treats for German shepherds?

There are so many choices when you are going to bring a treat for your German Shepherd dog based on its edibility and age. Normally, the top pick are:
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treat
Nylabone Healthy Dog Chew Treats
Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats
Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats
 Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats.

What are the healthiest dogs treats?

Experts indicate commercial products such as cookies or bars contribute about 4 kcal per gram. If this seems too much, you can choose a homemade reward with which we can more easily calculate the calories we give our pets. These are healthy and tasty altogether.
For example, if our dog can take a daily maximum of 100 kcal, he can take 200 grams of apple but only a couple of bars for dog food. There are also certain supplements that have health benefits such as “fatty acids or Omega 3”.

What kind of toys do German shepherds like?

The German shepherd is a smart, playful and faithful playmate. To accompany him in the playing sessions, he will need the odd toy. The most suitable for him are large, resistant toys that help him exercise. The outdoor toys will make the ride a better time and a more complete and fun exercise.

What dog treats should I avoid?

We must be clear that not all fruits and vegetables are beneficial for the dog. Their bodies do not metabolize some enzymes in certain foods and can damage some organs. That’s why when giving treats, we need to be careful and avoid the followings:
Packaged treats containing Peaches, Mushrooms, Avocado, Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, Grapes or Macadamia nuts.
Most fruits have their great danger in the seeds; that is why it is important to avoid them at all times.

Final Words

Now, it’s time to wrap up our discussion on the best dog treats for German shepherd. Interestingly, in 2014, German shepherd dog placed 2nd position in the most popular dog breeds among Americans. Also, they have fame for their smartness and intelligence. Their smartness and intelligence will boost up more when you provide proper training. Here you can able to make them obedient by giving them the right treats. Hopefully, all our discussion will be beneficial in picking the best healthy treats for German shepherds.