Top 5 Best Harness for English Bulldog

Best Harness for English Bulldog

If you watch the Rio movie then you will recall the amazing character named Luiz. Luiz’s intimidating appearance, disturbing comments, the movement will definitely attract anyone.  Here Luiz is not a human rather it is an English bulldog. Similar to the movie character you will find this breed as sweet and gentle. They are not only sweet and gentle but also a wonderful family pet. If you wish to have fun with this dog then you need to find out the best harness for English bulldog. 

Here choosing the wrong harness for this pet will create suffering for the owner during the training sessions.  Based on this breed’s unique body shape like jumbo heads, short legs, and barrel chest, we select five perfect bulldog harnesses. So, better for you to attentively go through from first to last. 

Editor’s Choice: 5 Best Harness for English Bulldogs

Here you could notify about the impressive features of our selected harness. We hope that your pet will feel comfortable with any of the English bulldog harnesses you choose from here. 

BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness for English Bulldogs

Best Harness for English Bulldogs

BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness comes for the muscular body breeds along with some special features for the pet’s convenient movement. For your bulldog, it will be perfect because of its fitable size like its chest girth 22-32 inch.

Here the no-pull design works great to abstain your dog from pulling or choking. This harness brings snap the strap and on/off lock options to facilitate fasten and adjust it with the dog.  You will find the option to attach the leash either front or back because of its both side’s strong D-ring leash attachment point. 

No matters, where you walk with your dog at night the reflective straps will allow you to keep surveillance over your dog. In the case of material used, this harness comes with premium nylon oxford material that is also long-lasting and easy to clean.


  • Easy to wear and put off.
  • Strong D-ring ensures attachment.
  • Comes with premium nylon oxford material.
  • Discourage from the pulling or choking behavior.

  • It would not fit with over 70 pounds of dogs.

Bolux Dog Harness for Bulldogs

Harness for English Bulldogs

This harness is compatible with extra-large breeds like Black Labrador, Retriever, German shepherd, American Bulldog, Siberian retriever, etc. So, for your English bulldog, it will be a perfect combination. Here an adjustable chest strap with a Snap-on buckle will help your dog to comfortable movement.  Besides, you have the option to customize befit for your dog’s growth and don’t need to change frequently.

You don’t need to worry about your dog’s pulling because the pulling pressure is equally distributed to the body. Besides, it is very easy to control your dog with a sturdy nylon handle.

To ensure outdoor safety, it has a 3M Reflective Material strap that keeps your dog under your surveillance at night. The leash is connected with the D-ring and will ensure quick grabbing and control of the dog on crowded streets. 

This bulldog harness is made of PU coated Nylon which is light in weight, skin-friendly, waterproof, and also durable. Needless to say, your regular walking, hiking, hunting, training will be more blissful with this harness. 


  • Help in comfortable movement.
  • Top easy nylon handle for good controlling.
  • Ease to detect at night.
  • Made of PU coated durable Nylon.

  • Not fit with small dogs like under 10 lbs.

RUFFWEAR – Front Range Dog Harness

English Bulldogs Harness

This Dog Harness comes up with the design for easy wearing along with the lightweight & durability features. Thus, both will satisfy the owner and the dog. The owner could easily establish control over the dog through its 2 aluminum leash attachment points. You will find an aluminum V-ring that is centered on the back. A front strong webbing loop leash will encourage the dog to move instead of pulling.

Your dog will feel convenient to wear for a long time due to the foam-padded strips on the chest and belly where the load is equally distributed. It is also featured with 4 convenient adjustment points for comfortable use. 

Here uses an ID pocket which helps to store your pet’s tag for safety purposes. For the night safety, it has reflective trim and you can get a Beacon safety light by spending an additional amount. 

ALBCORP Service Dog Vest Harness


This harness uses a woven nylon material which is absolutely lightweight and does not hamper the dog’s breath. Here the vest is soft for padding so it becomes convenient to use for a long time. Your control over the pet becomes so much easier with the snap shatterproof buckle and the stainless-steel D-ring. 

With its wide and adjustable belly & chest straps, your dog will not insist on putting it off rather it will feel comfy. You will find additional sturdy buckles which are the easy-snap clasp. This harness will secure the patches with its used 2 hook & loop panels. 

You will give thanks to its vivid fluorescent trim after getting blissful service at dark. Moreover, the on/off locker will add additional safety while using. After all, all these features will make your long run with your dog pleasurable. 


  • A breathable & lightweight woven nylon material is used.
  • Feeling comfy even use for a long time.
  • Easily adjusted with the dog.
  • Securing the patches’ features.

  • There is one leash attachment at the front.

Juxzh Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

This soft front English bulldog harness from juxzh Truelove is really attractive, which provides lightweight, comfortable feelings, and also safety. Here you have the option to pick your desired color from its 11 different alternatives. The outer layer is made of scratch-resistant oxford material and breathable mesh lining which is lightweight and long-lasting also. This harness used an ergonomic design that prevents fatigue and discomfort feeling of your dog.

The nylon webbing with reflective material is used here to ensure good vision over the dog at night. While boarding the car, a sturdy handle is given to easily attach with the seat belt. The used soft sponge padding in the chest & belly will provide good safety against the dog injuries than a collar.  

You will find 2 different strong leash attachment points on the front and backside like the front is stainless steel O-ring and the back is aluminum-alloy V-Ring. For easy grabbing here you will find a handle on the top. 


  • Ensure perfect fittings
  • Having a good leash attachment point.
  • Perfect use to avoid injury.
  • Having a handy handle on the top.

  • Not comfortable for the slander with a big rib cage dog.

Buyer’s Guide to choosing a Best Bulldog Harness

As a dog owner, you might know the importance of a perfect harness. A perfect harness for your English bulldogs will establish good control over the dog and make your walking, running, hiking delightful. Whenever you wish to purchase a harness for English bulldogs then you have to take a few different things into your consideration.  

The English bulldog has natural behavior to pull, so you have to choose a harness that holds them to do that. This behavior is considered as the perfect reason to choose a harness instead of collars because a collar may put undue pressure on the dog trachea. Therefore, the English bulldog wants to pull hard. 

Genetically, the bulldog faces a hard time breathing consistently so, here it is not a wise decision to put pressure on the breathing ability. 

Especially for your bulldog, you need to clarify both collars and harness.

Bulldog Collar

Dog collar would be preferable when-

  • To identify your dog from the crowd, a unique color would be better
  • Especially when your naughty kid often gets busted by your neighbors.

If your pup has no skin irritation problem then better to wear it the whole day. Actually, for some breeds wearing a collar is better than the harness.

Despite those amenities, using a collar is not good for the strong dog whose nature is to pull much. Naturally, a collar puts pressure on the dog’s neck so excessive pulling might cause neck strains. Moreover, the collar will not go perfectly with outdoor activities like walking, running, or swimming.

Bulldog Harness

When you see that your dog likes to spend time in nature or want to live outside your home then you can use a harness.  Especially, in outdoor activities like swimming, running, hiking, or even walking the harness will provide more comfort than the collar. Here the owner and the pet will find pleasure without getting hurt.

No matter of age or size, a harness is suitable to use any type of dog but especially for bulldogs and other brachycephalic breeds will feel more comfortable. When you go out for walking or any outdoor activity then you could acquire more control over your dog especially when it tries to jump over the passerby. 

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Needless to say, using a harness is beneficial for your pet too because it doesn’t create pressure on your bully’s neck. In addition, a harness wraps around your bully’s body, so the pressure is equally distributed to the back and body.

Most importantly, you should bear in mind that wearing a harness for the whole day could cause skin irritation, redness, and rash so, be careful while using it.

Criteria Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Harness for English Bulldog

When you visit Amazon’s review section you will see many people regret buying the wrong or defective one. So, the problem behind this is they take a quick decision without committing some research. To ease for you we bring some criteria that will help you in the right research.

Different types of harnesses

We notify you about your bulldog’s behavior, so you need to pick the right harness from many alternatives. Let’s introduce different types of harnesses below.

The Tightening Harness

The tightening harness fits tightly that puts pressure on the dog while it wishes to jump or charge anything. Here the pressure implies the discouragement of any kind of abnormal behavior.

Suit with The regular jumper.
The stubborn puller.
Not suit with  Shy dog or being abused.
The dogs that don’t enjoy corrective training.

The Head Harness

This is also known as a head collar which brings to fit around the dog’s muzzle and heads in lieu of fitting around the body. Similar to the tightening harness it also creates pressure to retard from the abnormal behavior. 

Suit with Persistent pullers.Dogs have a tendency to get distracted easily.
The trainers who are patient and experienced while giving training.
Not suit with  The easily frustrated owner.
Dogs having respiratory problems.
Dogs having quite short muzzles.

The Mobility of Harness

This type of harness is designed to assist your dog to move freely. This movement will facilitate with its hip-lift handle, a back handle, wraparound handle, and a strap. This type of feature will help those dogs which suffer from joint injuries, limited mobility, joint degeneration, and hip dysplasia.

Suit with Dogs that are recovering from surgery.
Large dogs that suffer from joint injuries.
Older dogs whose movement is limited.

The Fit of a Dog Harness

You will find that the harness will fit with the English bulldog’s body size. For this reason, you have to always search for the best harness for your English bulldogs that fits the dog. From below you will find some types of common fit dog harnesses, such as:

The Step-In Harness

You can relate this harness design with figure eight and especially make for the small size dog. 

Suit with  Small size dogs.
Older dog owners with little manual skill to control.

The Roman Harness

You will find two straps in this type of harness where one goes around the dog’s chest and the second one fits around the dog’s shoulder blades. These two straps can be joined along the back and under the chest.

Suit with  The dog which needs a back-clip harness

Used Material 

The next thing you need to pay attention to the used material in the harness. Here you need to consider some criteria like:

  • Skin irritation, redness, and rash free.
  • Light in weight.
  • Dry quickly.
  • Soft padding.
  • Good reflective trim.

You will find the three main types of materials like nylon, leather, and fabric. If your gentle giant is pulling a lover then go for the strong harness otherwise you can choose a soft and gentle harness.

Whatever you pick as your harness make sure the comfortable one.  

The way to measure a Dog Harness for perfect fittings

Assessing the right measurement of the harness for your English bulldogs is a crucial task for the owner. Here choosing the wrong harness for this pet will create suffering for the owner during the training sessions. Besides, it will lead to serious injury to your dog or even you also. Another most important thing is genetically your English bulldog is facing a hard time breathing consistently so, you need to be careful about the tightness of the harness.

Bear in mind that, if you choose a loose harness then you will fail to establish proper control and your dog has the possibility to escape. On the other hand, the tighter harness may create a breathing problem and feel discomfort while doing outdoor activities. 

So, to find out the perfect measurement you need to pay attention to two things, like:

  • At first, take a measurement tape and find out the proper size of the lower part of the dog’s neck.
  • Now take the measurement tape again and take the dimension of the dog chest’s widest part.
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These two-parts need to be taken under consideration before buying a bulldog harness. Some owners tend to buy the harness based on the weight because of the advertisement also given based on the weight. But this will not be considered the best way, so the recommendation is to always try to rely on the dog’s measurement

The durability of the Harness

I think any of you don’t want to fall in such a situation like in the middle of the road, your dog starts pulling and you try to stop but it won’t stop rather the harness tear-off. This situation will create lots of havoc instead of pleasure. 

So, you need to give more emphasis on the durability of your English bulldog puppy harness. 

We told you two levels of durability and strength below, such as:

A single-ply dog harness One layer of fabric.
Mostly use nylon webbing as fabric. (leather also sometimes use)
A two-ply dog harness Two-layer of fabric.
Used fabric is nylon or leather

For the other material like the leash attachment ring, you can consider the stainless steel. 

The health issue of the dog

As you come to know that genetically your English bulldog is facing a hard time breathing consistently so, an ill-fitting harness will increase this problem. In addition, skin problems will also be caused by the ill-fitting harness. So, try to find out your English bulldog’s perfect measurement for an adjusted harness. 

Consider the budget

There are various types of English bulldog puppy harness available in the market. Here you need to spend a good amount like on an average 20 to 25$. You will find the best one if you give a good time on research. Needless to say, don’t motivate with the cheap dog harness advertisement because you will get good service for some time but in the long run, it will suffer you much. 

Nevertheless, don’t spend a high amount on the English bulldog’s harness because you will find a good one at a rational price.

Can you clean perfectly?

Undoubtedly, anyone loves to go out for a long walk on a sunny day in autumn or in winter. Walking or running in the admiring landscape definitely makes anyone relax and energize especially when your lovely bulldog is next to you.

Here one thing might mess up your pleasure like a dirty harness or the bad odor which will cause when you walk for a long time or walk on the muddy road. So, you need to make sure of an easily washable harness for your bulldog. Thus, nothing will give you boundary in your long walk.

Are stairs bad for English Bulldogs?

Bulldog’s legs are short in size, for this, it feels comfortable to walk in a sideways, shuffling roll-like motion. When it comes to climbing on the stairs then the bulldog may be scared of going from step to step. Especially, while going down in the stairs they feel scared to fall down because their little paws will not properly reach in the next step. Although this depends on the stair’s size as well as shape, it will not good to fall them in the struggle in climbing stairs.

Should English Bulldogs wear collars?

While using a collar for your English bulldog then you may see its pros and cons, such as:

Pros Cons
To identify your dog from the crowd, a unique color would be better.To identify your dog from the crowd, a unique color would be better. A collar is not good for the strong dog whose nature is to pull much.A collar puts pressure on the dog’s neck so excessive pulling might cause neck strains.Collar will not go perfectly with outdoor activities like walking, running, or swimming.


How do no pull dog harness work?

A no-pull harness will help to minimize the dog’s tendency to tug hardly while walking. Here the mechanism is having straps that cross over the pup’s shoulders which helps to fasten at the center of the pup’s chest & behind its front legs and another is attached a clip at the front side instead of the backside. 

How do I know if my bulldog is happy?

Some sign will indicate that your bulldog is happy, those are:
Smiling face like mouth open with a few teeth being visible, large and round eyes with a relaxed brow and tongue may be hanging loosely out of the mouth.
Wagging tail with raised high and waving around.
Willing to run around, play with people, toys, or another pup’s happily. 

Can English Bulldogs jump on couch?

Due to their stubborn attitude, the owner needs to work hard to train the English bulldog.Here the advice for the trainer is to have patience and to be consistent while training the bulldog. When the bulldog keeps jumping on the couch, you need to motivate it to do again and again by staying the course & wait for him to come around.

Can Bulldogs be left alone during the day?

Although bulldogs are companion dogs, you can leave them alone when you ensure some training like potty training, crate training, established eating schedule, teach how to overcome separation anxiety.


Hopefully, you will get enough information from this article to select the best harness for English bulldog. Here you have to confirm the security along with comfy to wear while selecting one. Since the bulldog is inclined to hard breathing and strong pulling attitude, a decent dog harness is a required tool to keep your English bulldog safe and hassle-free.