Top 5 Best Pool Ramps for Dogs (Review)

best pool ramps for dogs

Suppose you look for ways to cool and train your pets while swimming, a dog ramp for swimming pool is an excellent tool for this. Protection should be your primary concern, and the best pool ramps for dogs can help your puppy get in and out of the car or pool or boat. Ramps for dogs in most cases are not needed, and you must have a specific reason for their purchase.

What is a Dog Ramp?

In general, a dog ramp is a platform or ramp that makes climbing your pet more comfortable. If your canine cannot go a certain height or the dog has difficulty jumping too little or too distant, dog ramp is the right investment. Ramp for a dog helps your dog get to places that are generally not accessible.

Those ramps do not slip and provide excellent traction for your dog. People may use them for pools, beds; cars, etc. are available in various sizes to fit your dog.

Ramp for dogs is also a high climbing platform for dogs with arthritis because they do not exert too much pressure on the joints. Also, it balances your Canine’s body weight and gives it a sleek and quick climbing experience.

Advantages of Using a Dog Pool Ramp

Let’s look at some things that make buying a dog ramp worthwhile. Here are a few advantages of using it: 

Reducing Injuries: Without any doubt, the main benefits of using ramps are that it reduces injury. By avoiding jumping into or out of the pool, ramps and steps make it easy for your pooch to move the way you want. Also, they relieve stress on the joints, which makes them necessary for good owners of children with arthritis and similar physical problems.

Support to the owner: For easing your dog move safely and conveniently, a ramp or ladder for dogs can provide much-needed relief. It is undoubtedly troublesome to pick up your dog every time you want to enter and exit the pool or boat. Fortunately, a ramp or staircase eliminates the need to do this without any hassle.

Anticipating Drowning: Your canine falls in the pool and kills if you are not with him/her. Pools generally do not hold pet-friendly stairs for your dog. Unluckily, if you have no choice, the risk of drowning your dog in your pool is extremely high. For this reason, the presence of a ramp for dogs, stairs for dogs in a swimming pool is necessary.

Improve the dog’s confidence: Dogs are often afraid of swimming pools and boats as they are unusual with them. Unluckily, this fluctuation can increase if there is no even and smooth path between ground and water. For this reason, a suitable ramp or staircase can be a great way to help your dog warm up by thinking about getting toward the water.

Editor’s Pick: 5 Best Pool Ramps for Dogs

No doubt, the dog ladder and ramp are vital to helping your dog move quickly and safely. Keeping that in mind, I will look at the top five products on the market. 

Also, I will present helpful general information on pool ramps for dogs. We hope that this article will assist you in making the right selection for your particular requirements.

Skamper Escape: Dog Ramp for Swimming Pool

Best Pool Ramps for Dogs

This summer and throughout the year, you can be sure that your pet will be in a safe and windy time with Super Skamper. This pet ramp sticks your friend’s feet and can be easily attached to your side of the pool. 

Utilize this ramp so that your pet can run on water or as a safe exit if it accidentally falls into the water. However, this lightweight, supple ramp has ribbed traction and floats in water until needed. Just take it out of the water immediately after use. 

Moreover, it is resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet radiation, which indicates that it does not turn crack or yellow. With the supplied equipment and cable, it is easy and simple to install so that you can easily protect your furry friend. 

When the fact is about the best dog pool ramp, of course, the Skamper Escape Ramp is an excellent choice. The available two sizes let you pick up the best one that suits your dog.

Finally, it is essential to regard that the Skamper Escape Ramp is not the right choice for underground and vinyl pools. Only you can use them for above ground pools. So, if you look for a high dog ramp to ensure the safety of your puppy by the pool, the Skamper Ramp is the perfect option.


  • Help your dog in entering or exiting the pool.
  • UV resistant construction materials.
  • Easy to install.
  • Perfect for homes without a fence.

  • We didn’t find too many complaints about the product.

WaterDog Adventure above Ground Dog Pool Ladder

Pool Ramps for Dogs

Water Dog Adventure steps are a leash for the dog to provide your dog with a safe and secure way out of the water. Unlike other dog pool ladder, the Water Dog Adventure steps provide your dog with a natural and steady movement to start or exit.

Try using a wet pet pool ramp or a moving device when applying weight. The 6-speed rotating design provides a 24-inch vertical lift for working on floors up to 12 inches higher the water. 

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The deep 4-inch steps with integrated footrest and 4-inch steps are suitable for dogs of any height and have a non-slip surface.

The “spatial frame” design leads to large open spaces to reduce the strength and impact of the surrounding water flows. Dog ladders can be removed from the water when not in use, and you can quickly disconnect from the saddles. 

For using the water rotation feature, a depth of about 60 inches is required. WAG steps have a load capacity of 130 kg and for dogs only. This product has proudly made in the United States and partly assembled from mechanical plastic and stainless steel.


  • Solid construction materials.
  • Easy to set up and take off.
  • It doesn’t slip.
  • You can fold the steps of water when not use.

  • We had a few complaints regarding packaging.

WaterDog Adventure Boarding Ground Dog Ladder

dog pool ramp

The dog ramp for pool has come out for the exclusive use of pets. Still, you can think that the ramp can carry the weight of a small child. A sign that it is not intended for children is the lack of side rails. 

Mostly, these are simply installed ladders and steps that dogs can utilise to enter and exit the water. If you own a staircase with a pet in your house, you will not have problems with it. This dog ramp has six steps, with a difference in height between the stages of 4 inches.

When you don’t use this dog ramp above the ground, it can quickly get out of the water. However, it gives your furry friend more space in the pool, and no one will accidentally hit them on the head. 

The steps on this ramp are powerful enough to support a dog weighing up to 130 pounds. In fact, it may prevent your children from using it as a ladder, but the absence of a railing should indicate that it is not for human use, even for the smallest.


  • Easy to use.
  • Pet friendly.
  • Sturdy construction material.
  • You can remove easily for storage.

  • A little pricy than we expected.

PetSTEP Folding Dog Ramp (Pool & Car)

Dog Ramp

The genuine 70-inch folding PetSTEP pet ramp is the ideal accessory to assist pets in sitting in and out of the back of vehicles. Also, it raises, and lowers tables/furniture, such as examination tables, beds, sofas, or even the stairs. 

This slope has a mild bias that helps pets that cannot jump on high surfaces. The folding backrest of the PetSTEP has made of high-quality plastic, which makes it durable and sturdy. However, these pool ramps for dogs have many safety features, such as a different non-slip ribbed surface that is not on other roads.

This ramp is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance; you can wash it with soap and water. The bottom of this ramp provides traction and helps to keep the ramp in place, while pets use them to raise and lower. 

The overall capacity of the ramp is 500 pounds. To utilize it, unfold the ramp and lay one end on the truck bed, veterinary table or upstairs. Animals can run up or down a gentle slope somewhat fighting, jumping or standing up.

Thanks to its robust structure and elastic surface, tilting helps reduce arthritis pain and dysplasia; reduce the risk of injuries and lower backpressure. However, this ramp is an outstanding addition to any pet.


  • Walking surface is soft and non-slippery.
  • Better adhesion in both dry and wet condition.
  • Fit the dog of any size.
  • Half foldable for storage.

  • Sturdy, but a bit bulky to fold.

PetSafe Happy Ride: Dog Pool Ramp

Dog Pool Ramp

Support your best friend on a PetSafe Happy Ride dog ramp. With a weight of just over 10 lb, this pool ramp for dog is easy to transport. Also, it is accessible to in and out of the car. 

While the lightweight, sturdy and robust folding ramp can support four-legged friends weighing up to 150 lb.

If your puppy is not big enough to get into the car either you need to protect its joints, a folding ramp allows you to get in quickly and out of the car, SUV or minivan. The excellent traction surface plus side rails enable your dog to walk confidently up and down the slope without falling or slipping. 

You can easily save the ramp by only folding this ram in half and securing it with a fuse while travelling in a car. PetSafe helps you, and your pet lives happily ever after. So, you can have a try.


  • Quickly get your dog in and out of the car.
  • Can support up to 150lb.
  • Easy to carry.
  • No slipping.

  • It can slip right off the car is not supported well.

Why do you have to Use a Dog Ramp?

A few dogs can move about on the deck after swimming, and small canines can quickly get out of the water. Ramps and stairs are always a reasonable addition to your pool. Here are some of the main reasons: 

  • Although dogs return well to boats and pools, it can still become injured without proper equipment. When you buy a dog ramp, you give them a secure way to reach the water.
  • Stairs and ramps allow your dog to easily get in and out of the water, which will enable it to swim for a long time. 
  • Providing your dog with a simple way to get into the water will reduce the number of bruises and injuries. You do not need to fight a dog to get him out of the water. Also, make sure that your dog wears a life jacket for added safety.
  • Ramps give a lifebuoy for dogs falling into the pool. In fact, it is essential for dogs such as bulldogs and pugs, who find it difficult to swim.

Dog Pool Ramps Training Procedure

For successfully using the ramp for dogs, your dog needs to undergo training to get how to leave the pool safely. With the suitable ramp or ladder, teach by bringing the dog in the pool and carefully guiding it to the ramp or ladder. 

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They can lead a small battle with four long, thin legs, and they can be helped from behind with a slight push for few times. Beware of jets of water, because after they securely and safely leave the pool, the dog trembles!

Using a ramp for the dog can be a little practiced, as it swims in the water and can swing a bit. You can help your dog out of the pool with a ramp until it generates balance skills while at the same time hooking the nails into the holes of the ramp and pulling out the grooves. 

Use safe pool slopes away from the ramp; ask your pet to find the ramp, and do a thriving exit. Most canines will get how to utilize the ramp in minutes successfully.

For dogs who do not need to go to the pool, or for those who like to stay dry, it is still a good idea to teach them how to use the ramp for dogs, as accidents can occur. Please do not push the dog into the pool, but give it coax to the water and quickly help it on the ramp. 

However, small dogs can safely go in the water and smoothly released only some feet from the slope to get to know the site and practice outside the pool several times. I hope it will work!

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Pool Ramps for Dogs

Admittedly, there are different types of ramps, stairs and ladders for dogs that can be challenging to buy the right one. Some of them are more costly than others.

What points should you consider for the best pool ramps for dogs? You will find too many factors to consider, so we have created this straightforward buying guide to assist you in your decision-making.

Dog Weight

The highest load capacity of the ramp or ladder is also worth paying attention. Few ramps are only for small dogs. So, it is essential to ensure that your canine is lighter than the highest load capacity. Failure to do so could result in injury to your dog.

Pool Type

Another thing to consider is the pool you have and the type of pool you have to buy. Some stairs and ramps are intended only for pools, others for above ground pools. Moreover, they are so flexible that they can fit into any group. Much depends on the process used to set up or install a dog ramp.


A thing you need to consider is your funds. There are many price ranges for pool ramps. Therefore, you need to control your finances and make a budget. In fact, you can buy a legal dog ramp for a hundred dollars or fewer, so there is no problem if your budget is a bit low.

Traction of the Platform

When looking for a suitable pool ramp, make sure the traction is excellent. Without excellent traction, your pooch may have trouble getting out of the swimming pool or slipping and injuring himself. Go for descriptive words such as traction, glide, and rubberized to make sure you have a slope that your dog will not glide over.

Ramps or Stairs

You also have to decide between the ramp and stairs. A stair is a ladder, like a house where your pooch stands to get out of the pool. On the other hand, a ramp has made of flat plastic or element that your canines walk down the incline. 

In fact, stairs are more reliable and usually more comfortable for dogs than a pool ramp as they are less slippery. At last, if your pooch has problems with the ladder or the pool ramp contains traction belts, there is no problem.

Smooth Edges

You also have to make sure that your dog’s ramp or ladder has smooth edges. Moreover, your dog will often get annoyed when getting to utilize the ramp or attempting to go out of the swimming pool, and if it has transparent edges or uneven spots, your dog could get hurt.

Easy Install

It would be best if you also considered the ease of installation of a ramp or ladder for your pool. Some methods are compact and straightforward to pack and install, but some of them for continuous operation. Permanent choices often include more pre-installation but are more durable. Also, make sure that your chosen system has everything you require for installation.

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Safety Tips for Dogs in Swimming Pool

Dog ramps are the only way to keep your dog safe in the swimming pool. Here we go for a few more tips for dog pool safety: 

Don’t think your dog can swim

While most utmost dogs have a natural doggy paddle, for many, it is an exercise to feel safe in the water. Be aware that some pooches never like to swim. If your dog loves to paddle but doesn’t float, you can try a small plastic dog pool. 

Your puppy always has to wear a lifebuoy near the water

It is true if your dog doesn’t regularly swim because you don’t know when it might fall.

Supply clean water: Chlorine water is not suitable for your pooch. Inadequate amounts may not have an adverse effect, but they provide decent enough, safe water, so you are less likely to empty your pool! Also, it is a great idea to wash your dog and exclude any chemicals in the water. 

Always keep an eye on your puppy when near water: Again, this happens when your dog is near the pool, not just swimming. It’s scary how fast a confident pooch can go tired or unintentionally swallow large quantities of water.

Be especially careful when adult dogs are swimming

Dogs with loss of vision, joint pain, or other ailments are more exposed to swimming. 

Use a Barrier to the pool: Many fatalities occur because the dog goes into the water when the owner is away. A pool ramp can decrease the risk that your dog will not exit. In this case, a barrier is the most reliable way to prevent your dog from swimming alone.

Learn CPR in dogs: With a little canine CPR, you can save your pet’s life by making it a worthwhile investment. Also, you need not think that your pooch knows how to handle the emergency ramp, mainly if he/she has never used it before. 

If you first set up a ladder or ramp, train your dog to use it with reward and praise. However, it doesn’t get long for your dog to feel relaxed climbing the ramp every time it wants to get out of the pool.

FAQs on Dog Pool Ramps

Can dogs swim in Intex pools?

Get some practice. Most canines swim naturally. The first way that children handle the water is known as a dog paddle as that’s exactly what canines do. When your dog swims in water, it begins to wrap it’s arms around front legs and kick with back. But just for knowing the dog paddle, they don’t injure in the Intex pools.

Can dogs swim in pools with liners?

You can set up vinyl liners from regular use and much less from dog nails. Dogs that drown in the pool and try to escape on one side can often cut through the lining of the waterline. Crescent-shaped holes are standard in the vertical walls of the pool. Yes, your dogs can swim but may damage the vinyl, maybe not at the beginning, but it certainly can happen.

How do you make a pool ramp for a dog?

At first, you have to measure and cut plywood. Then cut a brass threshold after measuring. Cut the pieces of side trim and put into place. After using glue, let the carpet dry for a while. Finally, connect the rubber feet and threshold.

How do you get a dog out of an above ground pool?

The single way canines can destroy the pool above the ground is to tear it with their nails. Train your dog to stay far away from one side. Guide him/her so that he does not rest his feet on the side. Train him/her repeatedly how to go out without sloping to the edge.

Do dogs pee in pools?

The handling of balls and inflatable toys cause floats at the discretion of adults in the event of theft and chewing during storage for more than 10 minutes. For dogs that are not domesticated, cannot swim unless they were a good dog in front of the pool. Your dog is not allowed pee to swim in the pool.

Final Verdict

Swimming is an excellent activity for you as well as for your dog. But when it’s difficult for your dog to get in or out of the pool, it may be dangerous. Your canine may suffocate even if you are not careful. Then the ramps for the dogs help. 

Convenient, portable, store, and easy to assemble, these billiard ramps prevent your dog from falling or slipping. The best pool ramps for dogs have made of non-slip and waterproof material, so your dog can leave the pool without fear of moving.

However, it is better to buy a ramp for dogs, given the above features, and a ramp in which your puppy likes to climb and feel comfortable. The suitable ramp or staircase depends on the requirements of the pool and your dog. 

My best choice for above ground pools is Skamper Escape Ramp, which gives a robust platform fit for most canines. If you have other requirements, try those products as I mentioned above.