Top 6 Best Dog Harness for Pugs

best dog harness for Pugs

“The secret life of pet” may notify you some attitude about the Pugs, but the Pugs are more than this character. Their loyalty and faithful attitude attract many people to choose it as their pet. Once you owned a Pug then definitely you want to engage in outdoor activities like walking, hiking, playing, etc. Here the best dog harness for Pugs is a mandatory device to make those activities blissful.

You may think for the collar, but its drawbacks will discourage you from putting on the Pug’s neck. Whereas, a good harness offers you good control over the dog and keeps safe from all possible injuries caused by pulling.  As your well-wisher, we will state some of the best dog harnesses for your Pug.

Editor’s Pick: 6 Best Harness for Pugs

We are going to provide you a brief of the most appreciated harnesses. And, this will help you to choose the best harness for Pug.

Bolux Dog Harness for Pugs

Best Dog Harness for Pugs

The Bolux Dog Harness is an excellent choice for many medium-size dogs with a budget price. This harness fabricated from nylon materials and equipped with adjustable fasteners for optimum durability.

A natural tendency of a dog’s pulling behavior may unpleasant for you. This harness featured a super comfortable design that spread pressure to the body to discourage pulling and prevent chocking. We want your dog to feel comfy with a long time harness wearing. So, here you find an attachable chest strap with a snap-on buckle that can be customized with the dog’s growth. Your controlling becomes facile with its offered rugged nylon handle and metal D-ring leash attachment.

Don’t worry, you can hang out at night, and the reflective strap makes your pet visible in the dark condition. Lastly, this well-reviewed small dog harness brings 13 different colors in 6 different sizes. So, check your favorite color to trim it nicely.


  • Easily adjustable with dog’s growth.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Affordable price.
  • Design for all types of outdoor activities.

  • The Velcro strap does not have any hook which goes around the dog’s chest.

RYPET Pug Puppy Harness

Harness for Pugs

RYPET introduced this no-pull feature with a unique style (attach a bowtie) harness for your small dog. This budgeted harness made from soft and breath-free air mesh fabric. Here you will find a comfort padded vest that will keep your dog safe from getting hurt during outdoor exercise.

You know wearing a harness is not an easy task for small and medium-size dogs. So, for your easiness, this harness equipped a snap buckle to make easy the harness put on or take off. Your dog’s chest size will fit perfectly with its moveable metal clip that can easily enlarge or narrow.  Hence the adjust fittings will keep your dog from pulling. Besides, a back metal ring with an attached leash will give you full control over the dog. 

Are you looking for outdoor’s safety features as your dog is small or medium in size? Well, I think the safe bell which produces bell sound will not frustrate you. For the color lover, it brings five different colors.


  • Wearing becomes easy.
  • Feel comfy with padding vests.
  • Fair price.
  • Have an eye-catchy design.

  • Having no reflective strap.

Gooby – Escape Free Easy Fit Harness

Best Dog Harness

A simple escape free design and adjustable fit features make the Gooby harness a fantastic choice for Pugs who tend to get away from their harness.  Here the escape free features are designed with keeping no space around the dogs back so; hug tightly when the leash is pulled.

Gooby harness made from neoprene (synthetic rubbers) material that offers the waterproof facility, washable, and insulation against the cold. The adjustment of the firmness around the chest is assured by the rubber adjustment tabs so, it stays intact even the leash is off. You will find inside the shoulder area is compressed with foam that offers safeguards against pulling.

As you know, Pug tends to do potty frequently so, this harness offers easy to put on and take off by simply insert & get out the paw from the paw-side hole.  POM plastic (widely used in the automotive & consumer electronics industry) is used to make the leash ring and hexagonal attachment sturdy and lightweight. The color you find in here six different to trim your Pug nicely.


  • Face trouble to fit with the dog whose girth is up to 19 inches.

RUFFWEAR – Front Range Dog Harness


Whether you just require a handy harness for quick outdoor adventures or searching for establish strong control over your Pug in the training sessions, RUFFWEAR harness delivers. This harness’s easy put on-off functioned with its two clips so, you can go out for adventure faster.

This adventure jacket brings foam-padded strips across the chest and belly that provide comfy feelings in day-long outdoor adventures. The outdoor activities become blissful when you have strong control over the pooch. That’s why this harness comes with two leash fastening points that are also ideal for training. Only strong control is not fine for pleasures outdoor activity rather your dog’s adjustable fittings is mandatory. So, to ensure adjustable fittings, this harness designed with four convenient adjustment points.

Outdoor activities like hiking require lots of safety measures. In this arena, this harness attaches an ID pocket to keep off your dog’s tags safely and use bright & easily visible fabric with reflective trim to make the dog visible in the dark. Here 11 different colors will add extra happiness by trimming your Pug with your favorite color.


  • Easy to put on and also put off.
  • Here you find no rubbing.
  • Ensure good control.
  • Come in 11 different colours.

  • Waist straps can slip a bit.

Gooby – Escape Free Sport Harness

This sporty look Pug dog harness from Gooby is the real attention grabber, which offers escape free protection, comfort, and lightweight. Here the main eye-catchy feature the escape free works with keeping no space around the dogs back so, hug tightly when the leash is pulled.

This sporty look harness made from neoprene material that hugs the dog softly and also has waterproof & insulation against the cold facilities. Simple to fit and adjust, it features four adjustable tabs which two lies on the neck & rest two on the chest. If you discover the leash off form the harness then don’t worry harness stays intact because here are used rubber tabs to adjust the firmness around the chest.

To ensure sturdy leash ring and hexagonal attachment here is used POM plastic (widely used in the automotive & consumer electronics industry). Lastly, all those blissful features come in six different colors.


  • Fabricate with neoprene material that hugs the dog softly.
  • Ensure perfect fittings with four adjustable tabs.
  • Water-resistance & insulation against the cold.
  • Strong 2 D-ring leash attachment points.

Puppia Dog Harnesses

Dog Harness

This harness by Puppia comes with 14 different colors at a great price. As your Pug has breathing-related problems so, it offers high-quality soft polyester mesh materials to ensure breathability and waterproofing. 

Pug tends to go potty very often so here, you find a quick-release synthetic plastic buckle for easy put on & off.  Indeed, loose fittings lead to serious injury to the pooch. Here you will get an adjustable chest belt with a plastic buckle to ensure smooth fitting.

Padding is another attention in the harness buyer. For their satisfaction, this harness brings comfortable padding in the most sensitive area like in the neck opening. A double-coated D-ring is waiting for your leash attachment.


  • Ensure breathability and waterproofing with mesh materials.
  • Come with put on & off feature.
  • Soft padding in the neck.
  • Have 14 different colours.

  • The belt with D ring moves too easily.

Pug’s Behavioural Problems 

As a Pug owner, you will find it as a loyal and faithful time passing partner. Although its loyalty and faithfulness will charm you, some misconduct will make you unpleasant. Don’t need to worry, if you notify with those from the beginning then you can take proper measures. Let’s get a look at those some of the common problems below.

Whining so much while staying alone. Having dominance tendency.  
Separation anxiety due to lack of routine. Having tendency to chew and tear up stuff  
Sometimes start uncontrollable barking. Tend to bite at stressful situations.
Try to jump on people.    Want to grab attention by bragging.
Don’t like to touch own toy by other pet.  

Some Health Issues You Need to Take Under Consideration

Pugs are known as brachycephalic dogs (flat-faced), here some health issues may create havoc to the owner. So, as a concerned owner, you need to restore those on your brain. 

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Respiratory Issues   Diseases:  Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS).  
Symptom:  1. Gasping for air.  2. Battling to breathe during or even mild amounts of exercise.  
Possible treatment: Try to keep your pug cool if the weather is hot..Avoid too much exercise.Giving a good amount of fresh-water.Make sure your pooch’s healthy weight.  
Eye Problems   Diseases:  Incurable irritation and pain.  
Symptom:  Bumping into the objects.A discoloured eye discharge. Weeping eyes. Discoloured marks on the eye. Any wired appearances in or outside circle of the eye.
Skin Disorders   Diseases:  Itchy skin, Pyoderma (Bacterial skin infections) due to traps dirt.  
Symptom:  Pustule. Tiny red bumps.Blisters which is filled with blood.  
Bone and Joint Problems   Diseases:  Luxating Patella- for this the knee to become displaced.
Symptom:  Hopping, jumping, and favouring one leg. Facing trouble for getting up and down.
Seizures   Diseases:  PDE (Pug Dog Encephalitis) occurs when the brain tissue becomes inflamed and mostly sees in young to middle-aged Pugs.
Symptom:  Lethargic.Listless. display a lack of muscle coordination

Why Select a Harness Instead of a Collar

Outdoor activities like walking, running; hiking is a natural phenomenon for a dog owner and also a favorite daily routine task. As your dog are a fatheaded beast and no sense of taking the right decision. So, full control over it is a mandatory task for the owner. Here the owner fall in a dilemma of what is best to pick for pug from collars and harnesses. To make them clarify on this, we discuss clearly in the following section.

The problem’s with collar:

A collar is particularly beneficial for the dog’s ID tag, but the problems you find many, like—-

  • Pug tends to slip easily when they attached with a collar and a leash. Slip may cause serious injury while walking near roads or in the hiking in the hills.
  • A collar needs to put on the neck so it tends to put pressure on the pooch’s windpipe. Another is though Pug is a brachycephalic dog, as a result, they find hard to breathe for their flat face, short snout, and narrower airways.
  • Many small pooches especially the Pug have delicate necks so; the pressure of a collar can be a cause of critical damage. Here those damages include spinal injuries or tracheal collapse.
  • Some proof shows that collars lie behind the pooch’s thyroid problems because of putting direct pressure on the thyroid gland. 

As you are a collar lover, don’t blame us to motivate you to leave this dog handler.  Once you leave this handler then the harness is the only left item for handling the pooch. I hope that using a harness is not a matter of tension for you because it is safe from all the negative issues which we mention for the collar. I think it doesn’t require further discussion rather go through the review section where many needful features are waiting to handle your lovely Pug.

Have you any doubt on using a harness is the best decision for this lovely companion? So, don’t make late on choosing the collar rather check out our best harness section to find your suitable one. 

Types of Harnesses Available in The market

If you are a freshman in the dog owner club then choosing a harness from different available may fall you in sphere puzzle. But don’t panic it is not like hoisting the flag in Mount Everest. Hopefully, it will not a headache when you rolling your eye on the below section. 

Vest Walking Harness Usually, made from plastic, cotton, nylon webbing, nylon, or from just mesh.Soft and lightweight so outdoor activities become easy.Highly suggest for smaller breeds.Easy to put on and take off by buckle or strap.
Back Clip Harness  A special leash attachment point lies on the back or top of the harness. So much popular among users due to the balanced control facility.
Front Clip Harness The attachment point lies to the front -around the chest area.Provides greater control over the dog.Allow you to guide or direct the pooch better while trying to pull.
No-Pull Dog Harness  Especially, designed, and equipped to retard from pulling tendency.Here you will notice a front chest attachment ring as the weapon against pulling tendency.
Hiking harnesses Developed for the hiking lover dog owner.This harness is comfortable, soft padded, but light in weight.Here reflective strap is used for dark safety.
Car harnesses Have a special equipment use to attach with the seat belt.Well fitted and adjusted to remain safe from hard breaking or accident.
Leather Dog Harness Provide great durability and strengthPrice slightly higher than artificial material made harness.May cause irritation, chafing if it wet. 

Different Materials Used in Pug Harness

Here you can check out what type of material is used to manufacture the harness. 

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Nylon: You will notice nylon is used as the main fabric while examining the dog harness, this is because—

  • Very much strong as used material in the harness.
  • Offer a waterproof facility.
  • Cleaning is pretty much easy.
  • Relatively soft.

Polyester: Another used fabric in the pooch harness is polyester (similar to nylon), the amenities you get from it will be—

  • Abrasion-resistant is high.
  • Water-resistant quality is good. 

Mesh: As it is made either from nylon or polyester, here the benefits are—

  • Having breathable and stretchable quality. 
  • Air circulation facility is much better than other fabrics.

Cotton: Though it is a natural and organic material, so perfect for some of the eco lover those don’t want to use synthetic fabrics.

Leather: It comes to charge high from the dog owner and requires high maintenance. Apart from those negative sides, leather harness ensures the harness’s durability and strength. Therefore, your high-end Pug will feel comfortable with this material.

Neoprene: The purpose of this synthetic rubber is to make the padding and comfort of many harnesses of the Pug.

How to find out the accurate size of the Pug?

You owned a beautiful Pug breed and wish to gift it a cute harness. Here, what will be your first job? Undoubtedly, you need an accurate measurement of this breed for the adjustable fittings.

Although you can surf the internet and find the average height of the Pug is 10-13 inches. But, here the size may vary as like the other breeds. When you go for buying harness for your Pug in the traditional market then you have option to give a trial. But in virtual shopping, you need to relate the size with the manufacturer’s providing size. Let’s see how to find out the accurate measurement of the Pug.

  • At first, to find out the neck girth—take your measuring tape and encircle it around the dog’s neck to get the circumference. 
  • After that, to find out the size of the largest part (chest girth) of the dog so, you need to encircle the tape (just behind the front legs) measure around their chest.
  • Lastly, to find out the height—– you need to take the tape and placed it at the neck’s base where the collar lies and measure along the spine to the base of the tail. 

Hopefully, not only measure your own dog but also you will gain the ability to teach others about the measurement technique of the Pug’s size. 

What do You Consider While Choosing a Dog Harness for Pugs?

When you go for shopping a harness for your lovely Pug then you need to pay heed to some issues, like—–

Adjustable Fittings

Undoubtedly, good fittings have so many amenities, and demotivated the dog from pulling behavior is the main. Besides, if the harness does not perfectly go with the Pug, then escape from, getting injured will happen easily. Most importantly, you Pug tends to jump on the people so, nothing to say about the importance of the good fittings. In contrast, tight fittings of the harness may cause breathing hard, and the dog feels uncomfortable to wear.

Low-Lying Neck Position

Pugs are a brachycephalic (has a relatively broad, short skull) dog and frequently have breath-related problems. Here the facial structure is not the only warning behind the breathing problem. So the harness with tight-fitting in the neck area or situated too high (across the trachea) will cause discomfort for the dog or even causes injury. Here, the wise decision will be choosing a lower-cut harness that provides comfortable breathing and less strain.

Having No-Pull Features

A no-pull feature-rich harness will be perfect for the bigger dogs which require training to walk with a leash. But picking the no-pull harness for the Pug will give you some amenities like keep safe from choking when the dog gets ahead of itself with excitement on a walk. 

Comfortable Fit for Potty Time

Pugs tend to go for potty often, so, here make sure the harness is designed with easily take off and put on.


You may love to go hiking, a long drive with your lovely pet so, try to consider those harness that has versatile features such as, attachment point with the seat belt, hiking friendly design, etc.


Pugs are sensitive to heat and cold both types, so, here, a heavy or excessively warm harness will give your Pug additional stress and irritate health problems that are already in existence. So, it will be better for you to pick that Pug puppy harness which has lightweight materials, breathable fabrication, and streamlined designs.

FAQs on Dog Harness for Pugs

What size harness does a pug need?

Generally, a small adjustable harness comes with size like chest girth- 33-60cm, neck girth- 33-48cm, and weight 8-16kg. But all the Pug is not size like that.  However, every manufacturer provides its harness size chart. You need to find out your Pug size and relate it to the manufacturer’s providing size. 

Should pugs wear a collar or harness?

A collar with Pug may possible to—-
Tends to slip easily which may cause serious injury while walking near roads.
Tends to put pressure on the pooch’s windpipe. 
May cause pooch’s thyroid problems because of putting direct pressure on the thyroid gland.
Whereas, using a harness is safe from all the negative issues which we mention for the collar.

Can pugs have collars?

We do not recommend using the collar due to the following issues, like—-
Pug tends to slip easily when they attached with a collar. 
A collar needs to put on the neck so it will put pressure on pooch’s windpipe. 
Pug has delicate necks so; the collar on the neck may put pressure and can cause spinal injuries or tracheal collapse.

How do I stop my pug pulling on the lead?

To stop your Pug pulling on the lead, then you need to follow some steps; like- start with removing any kind of distractions =>use treats or praises the dog=> standstill if the dog pulls => build up distractions.


Pugs are loyal and faithful little breeds that make this dog a nice time passing partner. So, as a concerned owner, you must ensure the best harness for Pugs without enhancing any of the health problems or concerns the Pugs have. Picking the perfect harness is easy when you grasp our mentioned list because those are elegant and highly appropriate for this particular breed. Hopefully, all the stated words from this article will lead to trim your pet nicely.