Top 6 Best Harness for Husky (Review)

Best harness for Husky

Husky breed comes with great endurance and thus prefer an active lifestyle. They are athletically inclined. They flourish themselves in an atmosphere where they have a pack to protect and a job to do. The Best harness for Husky will help you to take a better of a dog with speed and exercise in their mind.

You need to buy a strong dog harness with unique features according to the work lifestyle or preferred exercise of your Husky. Harnesses for huskies will help you to control and steer your dog more easily. It will also help you in training your Husky. In the following of the article, we will tell you about the best dog harness for husky.

Editor’s Choice: 6 Best Harnesses for Siberian Husky

We are providing you a short detail of the most reviewed harnesses. From the list, you can easily choose the best harness for Husky.

TIANYAO Dog Harness for Husky

Dog Harness for Husky

TIANYAO made this harness with some effective features and the main specialty of it is to have the convenience to confine your dog. Therefore, your dog won’t feel discomfort as it is not a trap to your dog. The dog will freely roam around with the adjustable soft pet vest.

The locking features work great with the snap buckles which ensure the maximum safety and you can easily lock and unlock it. The main fabric of it is made of nylon that is waterproof and breathable. The nylon handle is securely placed with the sturdy D-ring paves the way to safely and easily handle your dog while training. As a result, when you will pull through it the pressure will equally be distributed.

Overall it is an easy control harness made of durable and breathable fabric. No matters, where to travel with your dog the quick grab handle will allow you to take control of your dog within busy roads, sideways or crowded places.


  • Convenient to confine your husky.
  • No discomfort feeling during the wearing session.
  • Locking features to ensure maximum safety.
  • Nylon made fabric is waterproof.

  • You may expect a lower price.

BABYLTRL for Large Husky Harness

Harness for Husky

This dog harness is made of premium quality durable nylon oxford and soft sponge padding, which makes it very comfortable when worn. Your dog will not mind wearing it for long. This husky walking harness is the best for your dog if it pulls. It’s designed in a way that even your dog pulls; the pressure spreads out and prevents choking or hurting the throat.

It is very easy to wear with adjustable chest/neck girth and the quick snap buckles. No need to manipulate your dog’s leg since it slips over your dog’s head. Your Husky will look sharp and visible even at the night for the Camouflage Color and Reflective Straps.

You can pair up this premium dog harness with a car seat belt and dog leash to ensure safety for your dog while driving. The sturdy top handle will ensure quick grabbing and control your dog. It will make your daily walking, hunting, training more enjoyable. This harness is very durable and lasts for long even if your dog chews it all day long.


  • Locking Feature.
  • A Handle to Assist.
  • Sturdy D-ring.
  • Reflective Straps.

  • It can be a bad fit in the case of puppies.

IPETSZOO Dog Harness for Small Medium-Large Dogs

Husky Dog Harness

This no-pull Husky dog harness from IPETSZOO is the real eye-catcher, which provides long-term protection, comfort, and security. Wearing this harness made out of the toughest no rip Nylon; your dog is well equipped with you for outdoor adventures. Simple to fit and use, it features a soft, comfortable padded chest for optimum comfort and safety.

This harness is designed to prevent trachea damage to your husky if it pulls suddenly. The front leash attachment resists your husky from pulling and helps your no pull training easier with your pup. The back-leash connection is great for more relax casual walks and even for jogging, hiking, etc.

It’s available in medium to large size. You can create a perfect fit for your husky using 4 adjusting straps all around the body, 2 on the neck, and 2 on the chest. You can also leave some room for growth. And you don’t need to worry about chocking or slipping out.

JUXZH Soft Front Dog Harness

dog harness

JUXZH means ‘true love’. Juxzh’s safe, durable, and colorful dog harnesses can actually be a good expression of your true love for your Husky. Even the best collar for husky can cause dog injuries, which Juxzh prevents. You can also consider it a great harness from a training perspective, as you can easily train your dog ‘no pull’ very easily.

This harness probably comes with the maximum available sizes including x-small, small, medium, large, x-large. It also has a long list of colors in which it is available. The webbing made of reflective nylon ensures good visibility even at the darkness of the night.

The straps of the harness do not slide loose between the uses. Thus, you don’t need to worry about re-adjusting it all the time to make it stay fit to the dog’s body. You can also bed hook it from the front, which can be the easiest way for you to keep your dog from pulling. There is a sturdy handle, which you can attach to the seat belt while traveling.


  • Aluminum alloy V-ring.
  • Stainless steel O-ring.
  • Breathable mesh lining.
  • Good visibility with reflective stitching .

Paw Five CORE-1 Reflective No-Pull Dog Harness

This harness by Paw Five can be the key to more pleasurable walks. This is something you can say what is a good harness for Siberian husky as it helps in stop pulling and getting the walk back on the track. You can have full control of your walk with this harness. This is a user-friendly harness and comfortable, durable, practical, and stylish.

Your walks become more convenient with the built-in dispenser for the waste bags in the harness. The Paw Five CORE-1 Harness is the proper gear that makes your walks pleasurable, whether you go on just a stroll, adventure, or hike with your dog. This harness prevents choking and pulling and reduces pressure on the contact points.

It is featured with Forged D-rings and double stitched seams, which ensure the maximum durability and strength to pass through the tension from tugs and pulls. The specially positioned girth’s belt prevents rashes or chaffing on your husky’s abs and the surrounding area.


  • The breathable inner liner and memory foam molds reduce heat.
  • The outer shell is waterproof.
  • Fully customizable.
  • There is a built-in dispenser for a poop bag.

  • Comes only in 2 colors and 2 sizes.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

This Rabbitgoo dog harness is probably the best harness for Siberian husky. This is an adjustable outdoor vest for pets made of reflective oxford material. It is available for your small to large-sized huskies and comes in eight colors.

The no-pull design helps you to have better control over your husky by connecting the leash to the clip on the front. Whenever your dog pulls, instead of continuing forward, it turns around. And thus, learns not to pull in a short time. There are 2 side buckles to ensure that the harness is properly guarding your Husky.

The breathable soft padding gives your husky a cushy fit around the body. It helps your dog to feel comfortable as well as secured when it wears the harness. And your dog’s walk becomes much more enjoyable. The harness is made of all the premium quality materials to ensure the best comfort for your dog.


  • The padded air mesh hugs your Husky with comfortable lining.
  • The sturdy top handle helps you achieve instant control.
  • The resistant material makes it durable and water-resistant.
  • Reflective threads ensure great visibility even on late walks.

What criteria need to be considered for a good harness for a husky?

Think about a day scenario like the sun shining, nice breeze, a temperature of 73F, after all, a perfect time to walk with your husky. So, when you go out to enjoy such a scenario with your lovely pet then keep in mind that your little friend is not like the children who are always ready to obey your order. So, here you need full control over your dog and a harness comes up to provide full control over your little friend. 

Advantages to use a Dog Harness

There are multiple reasons to use a harness and using the perfect one will help to discover new methods of doing fun with this little friend. Now, let’s take a look at some perks of using a harness of the dog.

  • The harness provides you good control over your pet and if it is a large or muscular dog then a harness use is mandatory.
  • When a dog is continuously pulling, yanking, or fighting with the chain then neck and trachea injuries could happen. Here the harness which attaches to the chest or head will give you the perfect solution.
  • A dog doesn’t know its own strength, so when it becomes excited then it will cause harm like pull over the owner. Here a leash that is joined to a harness on the dog’s back will keep the owner safe from such possible incidents.
  • The owner wants to train his/her dog on many things like following the rules of good behavior. Here for the excited dog, you can attach the leash to its back or chest will give you full control over it and therefore you can teach perfectly.
  • When you hang out with your lovely friend on a long drive or anywhere through a car then it is mandatory to fasten the seatbelts to your pet.  A harness will help you to easily attach the seat belt to the dog and keep it safe while driving.
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The behavior of the Siberian Husky

As a medium-sized furry and a wolfish looking, a Siberian Husky has some behavior and you need to consider those before buying.

Want to do vigorous exercise. Rowdiness & exuberant jumping (young age).
Attempting to escape.Chasing strong instincts.
Independent mind.Grabbing running animals like cats.

The considerable criteria before buying Husky Harness

So, due to having such behavior your one of the main duties is to choose a suitable harness. We come up with some sorts of important criteria that you need to pay attention to before buying a harness for your husky, all you need to do is to read line by line. 

The size of the Siberian Husky

The size of the Siberian Husky varies to their age as well as gender but most of this dog will stay in the usual measurements.

As a medium in size, a Siberian Husky’s average measurement is—– 

Height – Dogs are 21 to 23½ inches at the withers and Bitches are 20 to 22 inches at the withers.

However, the neck and chest also need to be considered while choosing a perfect harness. You have to compare the harness to your little friend’s actual measurements because of the different sizes of the harness available in the market.

The recommendation is to use the harness having at least 1-inch wide material based on your pet’s size and strength. Here less than 1-inch will become too thin and dig into the pet while it pulls. You need to keep in mind that too much pulling might cause your pet or your injury.

The used material in the harness

Generally, a dog’s harness is made of Nylon. This material is Ok if your Siberian Husky has no skin allergic problem like irritation by the nylon. If the husky doesn’t feel comfortable with the nylon then go for the best alternative like the leather harness. 

Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material with a water-resistant coating and it is strong as well. There are different grades of this silky material you will find available like stronger, harder, and softer also. 

In some experience, the plastic buckles are supposed to be chewed through although it is not as usual phenomena and may occur often. Here, the recommendation is to pick the heavy-duty metal buckles due to its security along with durability.

We also suggest you opt for Nylon reflective stitching over the harness for your husky. By this type of harness, you can survey your husky in the darker areas.

You will find many dog harnesses outfitted with metal or steel buckles along with chain attachments. This type of harness is also suggested since the owner could handle the force of their husky while pulling on the leash. Some steel buckles are trustworthy because of having some properties which are also lying in the rock climbing ropes for humans. 

Consider the padding

When it comes to padding, you need to keep in mind that any soft fabric is suitable to pad your dog’s harness but the ideal one is micro-fleece. You can choose the military-grade dog harness also because of having first-class padding with wide support designs. Your little friend (Siberian Husky) will find maximum comfort with this type of harness.

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Bear in mind that the harness which does not have wide support material is not recommended to use. Moreover, if there isn’t any additional support for the chest then the harness strap’s small width can dig in so much. If it is small dogs then it is fine, nevertheless, for bigger and stronger dogs, good padding is mandatory.

The position of the leash fastening of the Husky

If you own a strong puller or own a young Husky that can’t walk perfectly and is still learning then you can choose the harness like a no-pull style with the leash attachment ring in the front. This type of harness will help to cut down on forceful pulling. 

Most importantly: You should keep in mind that the harness having leash attachment rings on the back is suggested pulling. Besides, it is a perfect match with the leash-trained dogs or with which you want to run or jog.

To help in comfortable exercising

The Siberian Husky is one of the powerful breeds and wants to do vigorous exercise. So, it is not a good idea to retard them by using leashes. Here, you may choose a no-pull harness which helps you to change direction while trying to pull in front, therefore, you should not worry about your pet and your injury.

You may also consider the harness ability to adjust to multiple places to ensure a tight fit all-round rather just from one side.

The durability of the Harness

Think that you are walking with your Siberian Husky after a while your pet starts romping and tear-off the harness. So, in the middle of the road, what do you do now? 

Don’t worry, you are not in that situation rather reading this article. So, to get rid of this situation you need to focus on durability. 

Naturally, a Siberian Husky is one of the powerful and pull loving breeds. So, as the owner, you need to spend an average of 20$ to 30$ in between for a good harness. Here you will find a good quality (having military-grade nylon) dog harness by spending such amount.

Some additional features may pay attention

Based on your Siberian husky’s favorite exercise or lifestyle, you have to choose a dog harness that has exclusive features like reflector strips, heavy-duty buckles and side pockets.

However, you will find some nice Husky harness has the capability to hold storage pockets for containing several items. In addition, some special features you may add which take for safety measures, for example, a lighting system or attachment to pull a sled.

FAQs on Husky Harness

Should a husky wear a collar or harness?

Your husky can wear a collar or a harness without any problem. Though there are some pros and cons for both of them. A collar is the best when you walk your dog. But a harness is the best option as the training tool. So you can use the thing depending on your preference or dog’s needs.

How do I get my Husky to stop pulling on the leash?

By following a few steps, you can get your husky to stop pulling on the leash. The first thing you need to do is to teach or train your dog to stop pulling on the leash. Then focus on the practice more and reward the right position. You should not reinforce your dog for pulling. 

Can you train a Husky to walk off-leash?

You can train your dog off-leash without any issue. But it’s rare that people train a husky to walk off-leash. However, you can do it by keeping your dog at your left side, get the leash across your body, and hold it in your right hand.

How do you put on a Husky harness?

It’s actually not a big deal to put harness to your husky. You can put it by standing, sitting, or squatting behind your husky and keep your dog in a sitting or a standing position. Then slip it over your dog head. Now, buckle the harness properly and ensure that your dog’s other leg is in the right leg hole.

Final Words

By now, you have enough information to choose the best harness for Husky.  You just need to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog while choosing one. Since the huskies are inclined to rapid movement and chase small animals, a decent dog harness is a necessary device to keep your Husky safe and trouble-free.