Top 7 Best Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

Best Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

Suddenly your lovely dog starts vomiting. Undoubtedly, the scenery will not make your mood jolly rather may fall you in deep tension. Vomiting is one of the symptoms of behind the dog with a sensitive stomach. Here you need to be careful about the dog’s diet and need to feed the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs.

Although a sensitive stomach does not link to life or death related issues, the dog will suffer a lot due to the sensitive stomach. So, you must have to take a healthy dog treat for sensitive stomach.

Editor’s Pick: 7 Best Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

We come here with some best treats which will work well with the dog’s sensitive stomach related problems. We hope that you will go through the following article carefully and pick the right dog treats for sensitive stomachs.

Blue Buffalo: High Value Treats for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

High Value Treats for Dogs

Blue buffalo is undoubtedly one of the best brands that work with excellent foods. This time we have a superfood with salmon. These healthy bites level and preserve the energy of your loving pet.

Thanks to its fresh ingredients and a high protein percentage, it satisfies the hunger of the canine. This signature treat also includes DHS and omega -3 fatty acids strengthening his immune system.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail grain-free kibble is highly recommended by veterinarians. This complete formula occupies the closets of every conscious owner. Be it young puppies or adult dogs of small and medium-size breeds-make all your furballs happy.

Take into account that crunchy treats from Blue Buffalo, devoid of artificial flavors, preservatives and dangerous dyes. It contributes to the proper development of muscular and bone systems. These healthy meaty treats ensure the improvement of the coat and skin of puppies and mature dogs.


  • Fully balanced food.
  • Does not contain preservatives or artificial flavours.
  • Real vitamin treats for doggies.
  • No damage to the puppy’s digestion.
  • Well-vitamin promotes canine well-being.

  • Some customers feel it to be a little drier.

Purina Dentalife Treats: Healthy Dog Treats

Healthy Dog Treats

If your dog follows a diet that requires precise choices caused by build-up in teeth, this treatment is for you. The addition of brown rice helps to cover dogs’ energy needs. Also, it eliminates the allergenic nature of wheat gluten and other ingredients

As human beings, excellent dental care is vital to guarantee your dog’s general well-being. Purina DentaLife Adult Large Dog Treats is mainly defined to supply every day dental security for your dog.

With a clinically demonstrated interlocking fiber innovation, the kibble in Purina DentaLife is natural to chew. It makes a difference in a clean tooth and refreshing breath with each chomp. In the expansion, this Purina DentaLife Adult Large Dog Treats demonstrates a mix of mono and dicalcium phosphate. Nothing ensures better metabolism and the functioning of the immune system than them.


  • Provides balanced nutrition both for dental and complete health.
  • Reduce plaque and tartar build-up for dogs.
  • Freshens teeth by unique interlocking technology.
  • A combination of Vitamin mono and dicalcium phosphate helps to support the immune system.

  • Price seems higher than the quality.

Zuke’s Natural: Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs Made In the USA

Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs Made In the USA

Your grown-up dog’s well-being is in safe hands once you nourish her with Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats. With authentic duck recipe, this best quality dog treat gives a high-quality protein.

These delicious treats offer crunchy nibbles with substantial delicate pieces for a dual-textured involvement. She’ll burrow into her dish of full flavor that to gives 100% total and balanced nutrition.

Zuke’s Natural Chooses real duck with the goodness of rice, barley, cheery and others for grown-up dogs. This treat food uses meat protein as the number one fixing to allow your dog to have solid muscles. The omega-6 greasy acids offer assistance for healthy skin and a brilliant coat. In expansion to having an excellent taste, this treat provides nourishment to gain deep-rooted whole-body well-being.

Additionally, the crunchy kibble makes a difference by decreasing plaque build-up and brightening teeth. This super-premium dog treat nourishment formulas highlight 0% fillers. It means each fixing feature have a reason for making it one of the best duck recipe dogs treat.


  • Real chicken and turkey flavor.
  • 0% fillers making it the best dog treat to buy.
  • Made from the best quality ingredients.
  • Omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin.

  • Check the ingredients list to avoid an allergic reaction.

Nudges Grillers: Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

Nudges Grillers is highly rated among customers for making the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs. This fantastic treat food meets the required nutrition of your dog. If you’re searching for the best beef flavor treat, then Nudges Grillers should be your choice.

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During production, a twin-stage process is used where air-drying eliminates pathogenic bacteria. It preserves and protects the nutrients. 98% fresh real steak from beef meat is used to make this dog food. As these foods are highly digestible, your dog will love this even if he has a sensitive stomach.

We ensure that this tender treat has no added flavor or preservative. You can treat your furry friend without hesitation. Also, the beef ingredient is free of any growth added hormones. In summary, Nudges Grillers is your safe destination for your loving pet’s well-being.


  • Contains more moisture than kibble.
  • No need to re-hydrate.
  • No need for preservatives, sugars or glycerin.
  • Digestible as raw food and also beef is free of growth added hormones.

  • Check the ingredients list to avoid an allergic reaction.

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks: Healthy Dog Treats

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks is a renowned company that works strictly for the satisfaction of the customers. By producing the best standard dog treat with real bone marrow, you shouldn’t miss this one.

This company and its workers produce the best dog treat foods with the right tastes and perfect ingredients. This USA made food will make your dog fall in love with this wheat flour wrapped bone marrow.  The smell of the food is enticing.

Being beef the main feature it makes this food the low in fat but high in protein. It will provide all the required nutrients for your dog at the same time. It’s made with real ingredients and with the right amount of processing so that it’s easily digestible. For easy digest, deboned beef is used, but no beef by-products available.


  • The food pieces little biscuit shapes.
  • The USA made dry dog food with better odor.
  • No added preservatives or flavors.
  • Natural digestive formula maintained.

  • Raw marrow sometimes initiates diarrhoea in some dogs, so look out for that.

Purina Gentle Snackers Dog Treats

Compared to the competitors, these Specific treats are aimed at those pets that have a food sensitivity. If you have several dog breeds at home, you will save time and money by buying only one brand of kibble.

The tasty treat cures many diseases in dogs, starting with diarrhea and other intestinal disorders. Your dog will no longer have a hard time at home or cause you concern. They also take care of eliminating dermatomes, and more severe cases such as pancreatic insufficiency or colon disease.

The kibbles can be given as appetizer to get to know them more quickly. Thus, they feel much more excited by the appetite of it. Starch, dicalcium phosphate and oat powder give this dog food great flavor without causing an allergy.

Already there is moisture present in the kibble and the hydrolyzed soy protein. Thus, these treats pass from the mouth to the large intestine in less time than it takes to say.


  • Treats skin and digestion problems.
  • Facilitates intestinal transit and assimilation.
  • Full of flavor and good texture.
  • Solutions to more serious illnesses.

  • The kibbles might be a little hard on the puppies teeth.

Merrick Power Bites Dog Treats

Are you getting fumbled to give a formidable treat to your most favorite four-legged family member?  Then no worries!   Merrick brings the most palatable treat, that really goes well with your dog satisfaction! No matter what your dog’s taste bud prefers! you can easily make him cravings for this mouth-watering small star-shaped treats, and trained him like the way you want.

Undoubtedly, the ingredients used in it makes it the most promising one.    Merrick power bites supplement is loaded with industry-leading levels of powerful protein, that gives delicious taste in every bite.  Also, it is different from all the contemporary products in the market because it is grain-free. It doesn’t mean your doggo will deprive of carbs, as the makers replace the grains with other qualified ingredients!

This supplement is cooked in the USA. All the ingredients used in it are balanced in a way, so no chance of gaining extra pounds to your puppies. Apart from all these, the nutritional value crafted inside it, in such a manner that, your dog gets enough energy, a great healthy-looking skin & a perfect muscle mass.


  • Probability to get refused by a typically active or a long-coated dog may be due to their joint sufferings!

What is a Sensitive Stomach in Dogs?

Some dogs you may see can eat anything whatever they notice in front of them without falling any illness. In contrast, some are unlucky to digest thoroughly what they intake. Similar to humans, when food doesn’t comply with your dog’s stomach (not properly digest) then it leads to diarrhea or flatulence. This situation is denoted by the ‘sensitive stomach’.  Here the most crucial factor on what you need to emphasize is nutrients from the food you offer to your pet. 

Symptoms of a Sensitive Stomach

You will find almost similar symptoms in the dogs which is suffer from sensitive stomachs. 

However, you may see some dogs exhibit a few special symptoms beyond the general. Nevertheless, you can easily perceive your dog’s stomach is sensitive after relating the following signs.

Recurrence Vomiting – Vomiting is not conceived as an unusual matter but recurrence of vomiting may be pointing to either your dog’s stomach is sensitive or has a major health problem.

Diarrhea – Repeated occurrences of diarrhea or runny stools are another cause behind the dog’s sensitive stomach. But once or twice loose or runny stools are a natural phenomenon for the dog. 

Gas – This problem arises for poorly digestible diets and also a considerable cause behind the sensitive stomach.

Restlessness – Some dog seems to become restless when their stomach is upset and they may lie down & change positions frequently. 

Changes in appetite – When you notice your pooch is turning his nose away from the food in which it is used to then don’t think that your dog becomes old or picky. Rather the upset tummy will insist on them not to eat. The habit of often eating will become unappealing. So, you have to give some rest to the stomach for its perfect digestion.

Stomach Noises – Borborygmus is the medical term for tummy noises.  Many dog owners experienced with gurgling sounds come out often from the dog’s stomach. Here the occasional sound is considered normal because sometimes the food passage through the digestive track will create some sounds. But when it increases then it will consider as a symptom of a sensitive stomach.

Gulping – Gulping is considered as another sign in the dog that suffers from gastroesophageal reflux. Here the pooch with gastroesophageal reflux seems to act restless and can notice a panic looks on the dog’s face.

Eating grass – As the grass is known as the natural remedy for the upset tummy, but the blades of grass will tickle the stomach lining and leads to pet to vomit. 

Why Do Dogs Suffer from Sensitive Stomachs?

As the sensitive stomach causes so much trouble to your lovely dog so, you (owner) have to acquire a clear idea of what will leads to this problem. We state some cause behind this health issue, so let’s have a look at the following.

Face trouble to digest some type of proteins or fat in the food

Dogs with a sensitive stomach may find it difficult to digest some type of proteins or high-fat foods. Here you can choose chicken and also lamb due to their easy digestion quality and also keep aside high-fat dog foods.

Allergic problem on food

Usually, food allergic problem lies behind the skin-related problem, but they have significant influence behind the digestive problem also. So, when you offer food then try to avoid that allergic food meanwhile you need to identify the food that causes allergy to your dog.

Problems in the dog treat

Some ingredients form a dog’s treats also lead to upset the dog’s stomach function especially the digestive system. Besides, providing too many treats can overwhelm your dog’s body. So, treats may avoid during dealing with solving the dog’s sensitive stomach problem.

Emotional distress

We need to full concentration during eating otherwise food left undigested. Here stress or anxiety retard from thoroughly digest the food we intake. Similar to humans, stress, or anxiety will disrupt their stomach functions.

How often you should give Treats to Dogs with Sensitive Stomach? 

Diet plays a very important role while your pooch’s having a sensitive stomach. In the following, you will find a checklist which notifies you with diet choice for a dog having a sensitive stomach:

Look for the grains-free or grains which can digest easily

Some dogs do not face problems digesting wheat, corn, and other types of grains, but if the dog has a sensitive stomach then those ingredients become hard to digest. So, you will find many dog owners like food with grain-free. However, according to new research that state that the substitutions without grains will increase DCM (a dog disease of the heart muscle and results in an enlarged heart) disease in dogs. So, considering grain-free will not the best option due to this new research so go for brown rice, whole grains, and oats (due to easily-digestible ) but we suggest you consult with the vet if you have concerned for DCM issue.

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Try to find out food where the ingredients are limited

If your dog’s food contains more ingredients then the chances of making upset your dog’s digestive system with one of its containing ingredients. Although your dog requires multiple ingredients to ensure a perfect nutritional balanced diet so, it is better to avoid unnecessary items in the food.

Look for the ingredients that can digest easily

Most of the dogs have no problem digesting lamb, chicken, potatoes, and brown rice even though there are always exceptions. So, it will be wise to seek these ingredients in dog food.

Additional ingredients and supplements for Dog’s digestive system

You will find some dog foods contain dog based probiotics or yogurt to assist in proper stomach-churning of the dogs. On the other hand, some have high-fiber ingredients or pumpkin that helps your dog’s stools firm up.

Another is bland mixture

Many dog owners tend to choose unique sources of protein and also look for vegetables and fruits mixing on their pooch’s food due to the well food for gastrointestinal dog tend to be fully bland.

The most common ingredients like basic rice and meats are used to make dog food in favor of a sensitive stomach.

Common Remedies for Common Digestive Issues

In the following, you will see some general remedies for common digestive problems.

Raw/Homemade Diet:

  • Sensitive Stomach.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Food Allergies.
  • IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease).


  • Diarrhoea.
  • IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease).


Sweet Potatoes:

Pepcid (Famotidine):

Kaopectate (Kaolin/Pectin):

Pepto Bismol (Antacid):

Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Sensitive Stomach.
  • Diarrhoea.

High-Quality Food/Special Formula:

  • Sensitive Stomach.
  • Vomiting.
  • Food Allergies


  • Sensitive Stomach.
  • IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease).

Ingredients you Look for in Healthy Dog Treats

Hopefully, you have a clear idea of the dog’s sensitive stomach and its reason. Now it’s time to look the following ingredients on your buying treats due to those works well for the sensitive stomach.

Protein level It will be better to feed with a single source of high-quality animal protein.   Sources example: Turkey. Lamb. Salmon.
Carbohydrate You need to look for the carbohydrates which can digest easily. Here you may avoid fillers like corn and wheat.
Fats Look for those are healthy and comes from animal sources.  Sources example: Chicken fat. Salmon oil.
Fiber You need to look for sources of dietary fiber that will help in healthy digestion. Sources example: Beet pulp. Inulin and psyllium It is wise to consult with a vet specialist before adding fiber in dog’s food.
 Fruits and vegetables Try to go for fresh fruits and vegetables that will provide natural sources of key nutrients.

Another most important thing you should avoid is artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  

FAQs on Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

What treats are good for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

There are some criteria you need to look for while choosing treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs, like:
Look for the grains-free or easily-digestible grains.
Try to find out food with a limited number of ingredients.
Look for the ingredients (chicken, lamb, brown rice, and potatoes) that can digest easily.
Supplements (probiotics and prebiotic) that help in the digestive process.

What to feed dogs with gastrointestinal problems?

You have to follow several key factors to feed dogs with gastrointestinal problems, like:
Fat level & type: You have to reduce the amount of fat in your dog’s diet.
Higher digestibility: Try to include items that are easier to digest.
Fiber-enhanced diet: Under this, you have to add soluble or insoluble fiber based on the dog.

Are Bully Sticks good for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Bully sticks are famous for containing high protein. Besides, you also find high calories in bully sticks that are ranging from 9 to 22 calories per inch. When your dog faces a problem digesting this high protein then it will lead to upset the dog’s tummy, diarrhoea, or vomiting. 

How can I get my dog to eat with a sensitive stomach?

Some dogs with upset stomach find the remedy from bland meals which is prepared at home. A simple dinner like cooked chicken and rice without adding any seasoning will assist to settle your dog’s upset tummy and diarrhoea.


We are going to touch the finishing line meanwhile; we try to provide much necessary information regarding your dog’s sensitive stomach. Although the sensitive stomach will not lead your dog to death, it will create lots of havoc. Besides, your dog’s pale face due to the sensitive stomach will not make you happy. So, read this article thoroughly and choose the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs to make your pet happy.