Top 9 Best Dog Food for a Great Danes

best dog food for great danes

Your great dane is a superstar!! And your superstar needs that extra special food to keep it going on all day long. There are thousand types of food products in the market, but you cannot just give anything to your puppy. You need to know, what is the best dog food for a great danes. To begin with, the main thing to look for in a food is the ingredients. You need that excellent quality protein for your fur pups.

As we know, great dane is a big guy. So, we must have to think about balanced diet to keep it healthy and disease free.

Editor’s Choice: Best Dog Food for Great Dane

Your loving friend needs calories that you need as a human being. You also have to keep in mind what your pup is allergic to. However, you are good to go with this without any hesitation!

I and my expert editorial team researched over fifty dog foods. To help you through my research here is a list of different dog food from different brands that are the best!

Royal Canin: Dry Dog Food for Great Dane

Best Dog Food for a Great Danes

Royal Canin is the best food for Great Dane in the market right now. It has uniquely shaped large kibbles that help your fur babies to eat slowly which prevents overeating. It also improves bowel movement and increases stool quality. The texture and size are perfectly manufactured for a Great Dane’s jaw structure.  

Undoubtedly this dog food is the ultimate source of abundant energy for your baby to play all day long. The specially formulated protein and the chicken fat make it meet all the nutrition it needs. The fish oil and natural flavor make it tasty and enjoyable to eat.

Royal Canin is made with careful observation of veterinarians and nutritionists. This is why the formula is significant for different breeds. This prevents Great Dane’s health issues, makes up for proper muscle growth, and contributed to sturdy bones. The tailored technique is suitable for healthy joint growth as well. 

Food Qualities

  • Specifically, shaped kibbles help your dog to chew properly.
  • EPA and DHA from fish oil form strong dense bones.
  • A limited amount gives high energy.
  • Healthy digestive proteins improve stool quality and prevent overeating.

  • The packaging is not durable.

Halo Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food

Dog Food for a Great Danes

The special grain-free formula provides whole meat proteins that are easier to digest for your fur baby. The fat-free low-calorie fiber recipe helps to make the pups full from little serving. Halo Grain-Free Natural Dry Dog Food has turkey, turkey liver, and dried egg protein as the main ingredients. This provides fiber for healthy muscle growth.

It has vitamins E, A, D3, and B12 which help to strengthen the bone and grow shiny, smooth fur, and coat. It’s the perfect food with folic acid, niacin supplement, and thiamine mononitrate which help to grow healthy nails and skin. The newest formula uses dried fruits and vegetables that make the meal more enjoyable for your dogs.

Halo Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food is very much suitable for puppies with a sensitive stomach. Its non-GMO ingredients and fiber actually contribute to maintaining a healthy stool release. The complete plant-based ingredients also reduce the chance of allergies.  

Food Qualities

  • Perfect food for healthy weight gain.
  • Have all-natural and non-GMO ingredients.
  • Reduced calorie and fat boost metabolism and make it digestible.
  • The best dog food for great Danes with sensitive stomachs.

  • The new formula might cause a bad body odor.

Taste of the Wild Premium Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Grain Free dry food is specially made for your pups to have a tasty meal without compromising the required protein intake. The complex carbs, healthy legumes, and the meat protein from wild boars energize your fur puppy for a long time. This great dane dog food prominently uses roasted bison, quail, venison, and duck to give a taste sensation to your fur friend.

Probiotics and good bacteria make your pup’s digestive system strong. The exceptionally designed K9 probiotics are added after the kibbles are cooked; hence the probiotics keep intact and active for a long time. Your fur babies need these active probiotics for a healthy GI tract.

It’s also considered the best food for great Dane puppy for marine sourced omega fatty acids. Taste of the Wild Grain Free dry food uses salmon oil, smoked salmon, and ocean fish meal to source omega-3 fatty acid. The omega-6 fatty acids are from plant-based ingredients.

Food Qualities

  • Great source of animal protein for your fur darling.
  • The animal protein supplies great long-lasting energy.
  • It has plenty of fruits that provide antioxidants.
  • Meets the cravings for a wild taste.

  • The new formula is making pups sick.

ORIJEN: Dry Dog Food for Great Danes

ORIJEN High-quality dry dog food contains all the goodness of nature. This is the absolute biologically appropriate Great Dane dog food for your canine companion. The ratio of the ingredients ensures strong bone buildup. The fibers help to protect the muscles. Orijen is full of natural nutrients that are the best food for Great Dane puppies. It gives your pups a strength only a wild environment can offer.

It has zero grain percentage and 85% meat-based ingredients from the fresh and raw environment. The organic ingredients consist of free-run chicken and turkey, cage-free eggs, herring, and Farm-fresh vegetables and botanicals.

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Here in Orijen all of our employees are very much passionate about our work, we never outsource our ingredients. We ensure the food safety level with our own professional team. Every step of the cooking is closely monitored for a greater outcome of the product.

Food Qualities

  • Rich in meat protein.
  • All-natural sourced ingredients with 0% grain.
  • Biologically appropriate for fur baby and the environment.
  • Made from fresh and local ingredients.

  • Might cause diarrhea to some pups.

ACANA Adult Dry Dog Food for Great Danes

This wholesome freshwater fish formula is full of good protein that comes from wild-caught rainbow trout, blue catfish, and yellow perch. It provides protein from both fish and meat. The ranch-raised meats and free-run poultry are the good combinations for great Dane puppies. This provides the nutritious meal your pups crave for.

ACANA Dog Protein-Rich, Adult Dry Dog Food is high in fish protein as well as organs, and cartilage or bone in ratios that make this food appropriate for breeds from all stages of life. The zero gluten and cartilage abundant recipe supply nutrients like calcium for healthy bones.

No preservatives were used during the making of this Great Dane dog food. It is also biologically appropriate and safe for your canine. It is made with care and love for your fur baby by our professional team. We maintain all the safety regulations very diligently for your peace of mind. 

Food Qualities

  • Has all the goodness of freshwater fish food.
  • Fresh regional ingredients collected from trustworthy suppliers.
  • Grain-free with no gluten, potato, or tapioca.
  • The meat-vegetable ratio is 60-40.

  • Might cause diarrhea to some pups.

Nutrisource Adult Chicken & Rice Dog Food

Nutrisource Adult Chicken & Rice Dog Food is such a quality food for Great Dane puppies in the market that provides a balanced diet and tastes delicious. This food is has a perfect combination of rice and chicken. The main ingredient goes easy on your fur friend’s stomach which helps to digest easily.

The protein from the meat-based ingredient helps to maintain prominent muscle mass and strength. The rice provides the necessary grain compound that gives full-on energy to your active fur baby. This grain loaded formula helps your K9 companion’s heart to work properly and keeps the blood flow regularly. 

This brand has a proven scrumptious taste that makes the mealtime fun for your pups. The kibbles are also small so it’s easy for small pups to bite and chew properly. This helps to maintain a great appetite for the pups. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids along with the probiotics protect your fur baby from diseases.

Food Qualities

  • Ensures your pups healthy muscles gain.
  • Abundant with probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Has omega 3 and 6 fatty acid with DHA.
  • The best dog food for Great Danes with sensitive stomachs.

  • Price has increased recently.

Best Dog Food for Great Dane Puppy

Puppies food habit is a little bit different from adult. Great dane puppies’ food habit are more sensitive. Because the breed sometimes face food poisoning and stomach. For these reason, we have selected some different and puppies’ sensitive stomach friendly dog food for great danes.

Fromm Family Large Breed Dry Puppy Food

Great dane dog food

It is prepared in small batches with careful measurement and great a delicacy. This is like a home-made meal for your pup as it is made in Fromm family kitchen. Thought it is a homemade meal, they strictly follow the USDA and FDA regulations.   

This product contains beef and pork meat meal as the main ingredients. It makes up for a lean and fit muscle. Your dog gets the best sort of protein from these ingredients to gain strong muscles. Dried whole egg, pork liver, pork fat helps to maintain excellent skin and coat. The specialty of this dog food is that it improves the fur and skin quality like no other food does.

This is custom made food for Great Dane puppy because it contains Salmon Oil, Flaxseed, Lamb, Sweet Potatoes, Alfalfa Meal, Carrots, Lettuce, Celery, and many more plant-based products for a natural taste and organic nutrients. This also provides the best forms of fibers for metabolic development and digestion.

Food Qualities

  • Appropriate for all age group.
  • Has the highest quality of homegrown ingredients.
  • Excellent for large breeds.
  • Made with care and love.

  • Contains cheese and other dairy products.

Diamond Naturals Premium Dry Dog Food

dog food

Diamond Naturals is made with Lamb, lamb meal, egg product which makes it a prominent source of good protein. These amino acids make sure your fur baby has strong and lean muscles. The vitamin and minerals protect your pup’s healthy fur coat and great skin.

This food is the best option for Great Dane puppies especially which are a larger breed. It’s designed to meet the nutritional requirement of a large puppy with proprietary probiotics and plant-based nutrients. This helps to develop the brain, builds up better vision and proper growth. The antioxidants and L-Carnitine help to convert protein and fat into energy.  

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This dog food is perfect for pregnant adult dogs as it has DHA and omega fatty acids in it. It develops the brain and forms strong bones for the baby. Even nursing mothers can be benefited as it is easy to digest. It has small kibbles and is easy to chew.

Food Qualities

  • Has DHA for brain development and better vision.
  • Highly digestible and full of probiotics.
  • Provides high-quality proteins from real pasture-raised lamb.
  • Great for pregnant and nursing puppy mommies.

  • The new formula might make the poop smell bad.

Tuffy’S Pet Chicken & Rice Puppy Food

great dane puppy food

This Great Dane puppy food is the best for giant breeds. Your large breed fur friend requires special care for their bones. This has a prominent amount of concentrated calcium and vitamins which are essential nutrients for larger breeds. It will accumulate muscle growth for the pups that will mature more than 50 pounds.

Tuffy’S Pet Food Nutrisource also has a balanced level of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and calories that make the large breeds energetic as well as strong. The flax seeds, sunflower oil, dried egg product gives it a natural flavor. The brown rice, white rice, barley, and oatmeal takes care of the GI tract and digest easily.

Supplement folic acid, acetate, biotin, D3 supplement, vitamin A, E, vitamin B12 supplement, and glucose not only build up strong bones and teeth but also make the fur coat healthy. These elements also protect the pups from joint problems in later life.

Food Qualities

  • It has 85% + digestibility ratings
  • Specially concentrated calcium builds strong skeletal growth
  • This is a great dog food for larger breed
  • It contains grains for a healthy heart.

  • Might cause diarrhea to some pups.

Buying Guide for the best dog food for a Great Danes

Bear in mind that you should not allow growing it fast because it may create problems for you or the host. The Great Dane’s bone and joint need to grow simultaneously with their muscle mass. When you go to feed the Great Dane, you should be more careful because of its bloating nature.

How Much Food Does a Great Dane Need?

You will find the Great Dane as a giant breed while compared to other kinds. Additionally, the Great Dane’s growth rate is literally higher among all dogs. Their male counterpart’s mature weight lies between 140 to 170 pounds and the female one is between 110 to 140 pounds. In terms of mature height, the male dog will stay between 30 to 32 inches and the female dog will stay between 28 to 30 inches. Interestingly, all these transformations (weight & height) you will see in just a matter of 3 years. So, you can easily guess, the Great Dane has the exceptional fastest growth rate in puppyhood. 

Now, you may have a query on how much food you need to feed your Great Dane. Generally, in calorie consumption, the Great Dane requires the same amount as a human intake daily.  Here, we suggest a chart for your pet’s robust-looking but keep in mind that feed lower limit to the female and the middle-high range for the male.

    Weeks              Feeding Amount (Daily)
8 to 11  2 to 4 cups (Divided into 3 meals)
12 to 15 3 to 5 cups (Divided into 2 meals)
16 to 19 4 to 6 cups (Divided into 2 meals)
20 to 23 5 to 7 cups (Divided into 2 meals)
24 to 27 6 to 8 cups (Divided into 2 meals)
28 to 35 6 to 9 (Divided into 2 meals)
9 months to 1 year 7 to 10 (Divided into 2 meals)
Adult Male- 8 to 14 cups, Female- 6 to 9 cups. (Both Divided into 2 meals)

Which Nutrition & Food Supplements are great for Danes?

You already figured out that the Great Dane is quite different than the other kind in terms of growth rates. The food intake is quite similar to all types of dog but the Great Dane requires some additional amount of dog food. Great Dane has some specific nutrition requirements where most of the breeds require high protein intake. Right here, you will notice your gentle giant’s specific nutrients.  

Protein Intake

Protein is known as the macronutrient that helps to develop the animal’s muscle mass. In dog food, protein is considered as the prime along with prevalent ingredients. But in the Great Dane’s diet, the protein amount should keep below 24% to ensure slow growth.

You should maintain it carefully because anything more will increase weight and it may cause hip dysplasia of your pet. 

Natural and lean protein are sufficient for your Great Dane. In addition, this dog requires 10 amino acids to thrive which you will find from animal-based protein-like beef, chicken, or lamb. 

Nevertheless, proteins from the plat are not always bad. As the plant-based protein does not hold the necessary ingredients as the meat so, better to go with multiple proteins contains dog food. If possible, you may avoid the meat because meat byproducts are less advantageous. 


You should keep fat in the 2nd priority list in your dog’s daily serving. This is because it provides energy thus keeps your pet more energetic. In your Great Dane’s diet, the fat amount should keep between 12% and 20%, but in some opinion, it should not cross 14%.

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More calories you will get per gram from fat than protein, so owners should emphasize more on the intake of dog’s fat to avoid weight gain.

Animals like salmon or chicken are considered as the best source of protein. Moreover, flaxseed oil from plant-based proteins is also considered helpful. From here, you will find useful Omega fatty acids that assist to maintain the dog’s skin and coat healthy. 

Consumable Carbohydrates

For the Great Dane, some carbohydrates like corn, wheat, or soy will create a problem in digesting.  These types of low-cost carbohydrates will cause stomach pain so better to stick to easily digestible sources. For your Great Dane, legumes, whole grains, and starchy vegetables are considered good to digest.

Nutrient Sources

You should keep good sources of necessary vitamins and nutrients in your dog food. Natural fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and nutrients. For your Great Dane, chelated minerals are the perfect choice because of its easy digestion nature.


You should provide some essential supplements to your Great Dane for thriving. 

Below, we show you a chart on the necessary supplements for your dog’s good health.

               Supplements Name                     Works
DHA from Omega fatty acids Develop eye and brain
Glucosamine and Chondroitin Good for joint and bone issues
Probiotics from fermentation ingredients Help in digestive issues

What not to Feed Your Great Danes? 

As you know the Great Dane requires some extra nutrition as well as supplements to ensure its healthy growth. But you should be more careful in some items while feeding your gentle giant. Let’s see below what type of items you should avoid while feeding your Great Dane.

What Health Issues You to Watch Out For?

Great Dane’s life span is shorter (only seven to ten years) than other breeds. When anyone wishes to get the Great Dane then he/she should be prepared to tackle the possible health problem for its unique body. So, the owner should be more careful in maintaining a healthy diet and also aware of the possible health problems.

Hip Dysplasia

This type of problem occurs because of the abnormal ball and socket joint of the hip and it is quite similar to arthritis. Because of this, your pet will suffer from acute pain and also face a problem while walking. If your dog’s weight increases significantly then it will create pressure on the joints and the pain increases as the pet gets older.

Here, you may find glucosamine and chondroitin as the solution to relief from this problem. These ingredients will help to strengthen the joints cartilage of your dog. You will find many available dog foods that contain ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin. You also need comfortable dog bed for Hip Dysplasia.

Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy

The unusual fastest-growing Great Dane is vulnerable to this type of disease. Normally, a Great Dane will grow quickly within the first couple of years. But when the abnormal growth rate happens in it then the bone formation will hamper. 

Though the Great Dane gains more girth on their body so, the legs bone can’t able to carry the weight. Eventually, the Great Dane’s leg swells up and create severe pain. Moreover, it also impacts on other bones of your dog like ribs. 

Don’t be panicked, if you are cautious about its daily nutrition & food supplements then this problem will not occur. 


Bolt is considered a life-threatening problem for dogs at the same time it causes discomfort in humans. In the Great Dane, the bolt may occur for their large size.

Eating fast, exercise after a meal, and too much water intake while eating will lead them to bolt related problems.

As an owner, you should keep your eyes on your dog while eating. So, you may use specially-designed bowls to provide meals throughout the day to ensure surveillance.

FAQs on Great Dane Dog Food

Do Great Danes need special food?

As you love your Great Danes, you should feed your fur puppy the special food. It needs protein and fats keeping the right balance. But you should keep in mind that every type of protein and fats you provide to your dog are not the same.

What should I not feed my Great Dane?

You should not give Alcohol, Caffeine, Avocado, Candy, Apple seeds, Chocolate, Coffee, Chewing Gum, Toothpaste, and Mouthwash, etc. to your Great Dane. Whatever you give to your dog, you should make sure that everything comes from quality ingredients and safe sources.

Do Great Danes need grain free food?

It’s not a good idea to provide grain-free food to your Great Dane. According to the authority of food and drug administration, grain-free food might cause your dog a life-threatening heart problem. The medical term or name of the disease is dilated cardiomyopathy.

How much should a 10 weeks old Great Dane eat?

It depends on the age of your loving puppy. If it’s 100 weeks old, provide it 3 cups of kibble a day divided into two feeding sessions. An adult Great Dane can cost you $70 to $100 on food per month.

How often should a Great Dane puppy eat?

You should give 4 to 8 cups of food a day to your Great Dane with an age of 3 to 6 months. If the age is from 8 to 12 months, you should give 6 to 10 cups of food for males and 5 to 8 cups of food for females.

Final Words

As we can see, all of the products have good quality proteins in them to keep your fur friend active all day long. Some have grain compounds in them and some have not. You can choose what is suitable for your babe! Now that you know all the pros and cons of the 9 foods reviewed above, you can choose the best dog food for a Great Danes.