Tumbler Pigeons

The Tumbler pigeons are kinds of pigeons that are descendants in the rock dove. They have been chosen and increased mainly for their capacity. Along with the strain is called due to its ability. This capacity was known in pigeon breeds for centuries. And it’s believed to be a survival skill that these birds developed to prevent airborne attacks by birds of prey.

In the book of Wendell Levi The Pigeon, reference is made with this tumbling capacity existing prior to the year 1590. Charles Darwin, in his book The Origin of Species, which makes reference to this Short Faced Tumbler which was a popular breed throughout his life, and still can be found exhibited at pigeon reveals. Read more information.

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Tumbler Pigeons breed information

The size of the Tumbler pigeons vary depending on the variety. And they appear in a vast array of colors that are plumage, body styles and as well as feather configurations. These birds’ head is generally round, with a brow that appears to be protruding in comparison to the pigeons.

Tumbler varieties normally have short or moderate length beak. The shade of the beak may fluctuate depending on the variety. Their neck is generally thick, but should not be too short. The color of the eyes may also vary depending on the variety.

Pearl or yellow-colored eyes are preferred in certain breeds. Their weight varies depending on the variety.

Now there are many distinct breeds that have descended from the original tumbler stocks. Some of the Tumbler now include:

  • Armenian Tumbler
  • Australian Performing Tumbler
  • Berlin Short Faced Tumbler
  • English Long Faced Tumbler
  • English Short Faced Tumbler
  • Indian Tumbler
  • Iranian Highflying Tumbler
  • Komorner Tumbler
  • Limerick Tumbler
  • West of England Tumbler
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