Turopolje Pig

The Turopolje pig is a strain of pig out of Croatia. It was called after the Turopolje, Croatia. It’s also referred to as Croatian: Turopoljska svinja.

Presently it’s a breed that’s currently nearing extinction. The strain is one of the breeds of tribes that are European. Even though it can happen to be bloodlines from the nineteenth century or infusions of Berkshire.

Turopolje Pig Characteristics

Pigs are moderate-sized creatures. They have spots on white or gray skin, the skin is with no pigment. They have a body that is long.

They’ve partly protruding ears and their ears are of length. Udders have been developed by the sows.

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The average dwell body weight of the older Turopolje hens is between 170 and 220 kg.

The Turopolje pig is a really hardy breed. It’s well adapted to the native climates of it. The breed is well-known because of the hardiness.

Nonetheless, it’s comparatively a creature that is slow-growing. Even the Turopolje sows are fertile and they’re effective at generating about five piglets in each litter. The sows are moms and they nurse for approximately three to five weeks due to their piglets.

The Turopolje pig strain was eclipsed by the progress of white beans which are much better adapted to the market conditions. Amounts of this strain have been reduced nearly throughout the previous decades.

The Turopolje pig strain was one of the pig strain in Croatia. However, the shift from extensive to intensive pig farming company in the mid-twentieth century discouraged using the strain.

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The strain is thought to be the Siska breed which spread across the Balkan peninsula. It’s also thought that the strain is due to crossing the Siska using the Krskopoljski.

Turopolje Pig Breed Information

Breed NameTuropolje
Other NameCroatian: Turopoljska svinja
Special NotesWell adapted to native climates, good mothers, sows are fertile, very hardy, good for both intensive and extensive systems
Breed SizeSmall to medium
Around 220 kg
SowsAround 170 kg
Climate ToleranceNative climates
ColorBlack spots on a grey or white skin
Country/Place of OriginCroatia