Tyrolese Grey Cattle Characteristics

The Tyrolese Grey cows is a dual-purpose breed of cows. The strain is great for both beef and meat production.

It’s a typical cows breed in South Tyrol in Italy and Tyrol from Austria.

The breed can be known by various other titles like Italian, German: Tiroler Grauvieh and Tyrolean Grey: Grigio Alpina.

Tyrolese Grey cows are extremely hardy, and they are adapted to the conditions in mountain areas.

Tyrolese Grey Cattle Characteristics

Tyrolese Grey cows are small to moderate sized creatures with strong gray to iron-grey colored jacket and a dark muzzle.

Darker colour colours occur in the locale of eyes, the backbone and neck in addition to on the thighs.

The bulls keep a lighter rope and also are a lot darker than the cows.

The Tyrolese Grey cows have horns, and their horns are somewhat dark.

The regions are lighter round the chest region, the udder, the muzzle and also the interior of the legs.

The creatures weight approximately 550 to 600 kg.

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Tyrolese Grey Cattle Advantages

Tyrolese Grey cows are double purpose animals. They’re used for both milk and meat production.

They’ve an excellent milk and milk manufacturing functionality.

The Tyrolese Grey cows are extremely active, rugged, strong and long-living creatures.

They’re excellent foragers, also possess feed conversion and a fantastic forage urge. The cows are growers, and they develop to their whole dimensions within 3 decades.

They’ve claws and a fundament. The cows are milk producers.

Normally, a Tyrolese Grey cow create about 4836 liters of milk per annum.

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Milk of this Tyrolese Grey cow has an fantastic quality.

The milk average comprise approximately 3.78% fat content and also roughly 3.38% protein.

Their milk is utilized for the processing of top quality solutions and to consumption.


They are sometimes utilized as a dairy cows breed in tough surroundings conditions, particularly in the mountain locations.

Due to their upkeep, forage that was exceptional, energy, solid prestige, ease of digestibility calving and practical udders with an milk grade, they’re also ideal to its Low Input Systems.

The Tyrolese Grey cows breed is spread over Bavaria and over South and North Tyrol.

A lighter and smaller kind (called the”Rätisches Grauvieh”) could be located in Switzerland.

Tyrolese Grey Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameTyrolese Grey
Other NameTyrolean Grey, German: Tiroler Grauvieh, and Italian: Grigio Alpina
Breed PurposeMeat, Milk
Special NotesActive, Hardy, Excellent Forager
Breed SizeMedium
About 550-600 kg
CowsAbout 550-600 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorSolid Grey or Iron-grey
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginAustria