Vorderwald Cattle Characteristics

The Vorderwald cows are a really lovely breed of cows. They are dual purpose creature and increased for milk and meat. The strain known as Vorderwälder Rind at German and originated in Germany.

The Vorderwald cows well adapted such as the Hinterwald cows strain and are extremely sturdy. In 1544, the so-called “Wald Cattle” was cited for the very first time. They were differentiated between a strain plus a breed.

The larger breed is now the Vorderwald cows, and also the more compact strain is now the Hinterwald cows. A herd book was created. And there was a few crossbreeding of the cattle breed using all the Ayrshire cows.

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The amount of Vorderwald cows are diminishing Now. There were just 4826 cows from the herd publication in 2004.

Vorderwald Cattle Characteristics

Vorderwald cows are heavy creatures and comparatively larger in dimension.

Their body has stains that are reddish, brown or black. Legs and their head are white. They’ve forward curved horns.

Even the Vorderwald bulls are 150 cm tall, and the cows are 135 cm tall.

The bulls on weigh approximately 1050 kg and the cows roughly around 600 kg.

Vorderwald Cattle Facts

The Vorderwald cows are extremely hardy creatures in contrast to other cattle breeds.

They’re well adapted to the mountain states of the Black Forest. Feet and their legs enable them to graze around the hills.

They’re reputed to be best cows. The Vorderwald cows are dual purpose animals. They’re used for both meat and milk production.

Vorderwald Cattle Breed Information

Breed NameVorderwald
Other NameGerman : Vorderwälder Rind
Breed PurposeMeat, Milk
Special NotesActive, Hardy, Excellent Forager, Long-Lived
Breed SizeHeavy
About 1050 kg
CowsAbout 600 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorVary with red, brown or even black spots
Milk YieldGood
Country/Place of OriginGermany
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