Welsh Harlequin Duck Characteristics

The Welsh Harlequin duck is really a mild breed of a domestic duck coming in Wales. It’s a new breed that was created from 1949’s entire year from Leslie Bonnet.

A color mutation was detected by him and started breeding for the attribute. Welsh Harlequin Duck is well famous for its semen manufacturing capability, and it’s also noted for being birds compared to the Khaki Campbells.

They have been a utility breed following their own development. However, as with duck strains, their numbers fell from the fifties and sixties.

The Welsh Harlequin duck is recognized as a mild weight duck breed from the American Poultry Association. Along with its a very fantastic egg-laying capability, the strain is well-known and for the vibrant plumage of it.

Welsh Harlequin ducks include the tail, rounded chest abdomens, spaced legs, and moderate width backs. Their necks are wrapped with trimming.

The females have a dark bill with brownish feet and legs. As well as their plumage is treated, although comparable to some Mallard. They lack these Mallard females’ eye stripes. Welsh Harlequin drakes are much like some Mallard using orange legs and a bill and toes.

This Welsh Harlequin duck’s patterning and the color are complicated. Even the drakes have a mind that is black, red chestnut frosted with white shoulders, along with their breastfeeding is creamy using reddish-chestnut.

Their forewings are all both red and cream-white brown, with bronze cross-band and a green. Along with their spine includes a tortoiseshell of lotion, white, brown and chestnut.

The tail of these drakes is blackish/bronze garnished with white. Their feet and legs are pink and the toenails are all brownish-black.

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While the Welsh Harlequins have a white head with stippling. The summit of their head includes brown stippling compared to the remaining part of the face area.

Frequently there’s delicate mild rust or burnt orange blush for your head, neck, chest, and breastfeeding. Generally, the entire body of the feminine Welsh Harlequins is white with buff and also brown-green or pink when young, and generally brownish when mature. As well as also their claws are brownish-black.

There’s also a color variant of this Welsh Harlequin duck called ‘Golden’, which is a favorite in the UK. This color variant replaces the feather pigments that are dark.

The normal body weight of this Welsh Harlequin duck is between 2 and 2.5 kg.

Welsh Harlequin Duck Advantages

The Welsh Harlequin duck is an excellent egg-laying duck strain. It’s acceptable for commercial duck farming company for egg production. However, as a lightweight Duck strain, these birds generate a lean carcass plus it’s likewise acceptable for meat production.

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Welsh Harlequin duck is among those great egg-laying creature breeds. They can set up to 250 eggs each year.

They’re also noted for being birds the Khaki Campbells, compared to their ancestor. Welsh Harlequin ducks are all both birds that are placid, docile and friendly.

They generally don’t fly and are extremely pleased to remain in the garden or backyard. They’re also quite excellent foragers and generally forage enthusiastically from the backyard or garden for insects.

Even the Welsh Harlequin drakes have a libido. So it’s wise to not maintain more than 1 drake in a little pencil, otherwise, the females will probably be broken. Even the Welsh Harlequin duck breed is more prone to broodiness. And a couple can create ducklings readily.

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The sex of the ducklings could be ascertained readily after hatching with their invoice color (with roughly 90 percent precision ).

The ducklings with darker statements are made lighter and milder bills ending at a darkened place are generally females. Though this differentiation disappears within a few days.

Welsh Harlequin Duck History

The breed was imported to the United States. Actually John Fugate imported eggs of this Welsh Harlequin hens into Tennessee. But birds have been imported into the United States.

The strain has been accepted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in the entire year of 2001. Today Welsh Harlequin duck’s amount is not much.

Along with the strain is considered to be endangered in North America from the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. However, the breed might be available in various areas of the earth.

Welsh Harlequin Duck Breed Information

Breed NameWelsh Harlequin
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeEgg layer
Special NotesCalmer, Friendly, Docile
Breed ClassLight
Weight2 to 2.5 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ColorWhite
Egg SizeLarge
Egg Weight75-85 grams
Egg ProductivityHigh
Flying AbilityPoor
VarietiesSilver & Golden
Country of OriginWales