What is the best nail grinder for dogs?

When you think about dog grooming, the first thing that comes to mind is normally not nail trimming, but it’s an important part of the process of grooming. It’s not only better for them to keep your dog’s nails smooth and short, but it can limit unintentional accidents or harm to furniture, bedding, and hardwood floors.

Daily appointments for grooming can be very expensive, particularly if you schedule them every few weeks. Luckily, it is both simple and cost-effective to use a nail grinder at home to cut your dog’s nails. To aid, we’ve researched hundreds of nail grinders to find the 8 best nail grinders for your dog, and thousands of checked reviews. Our list is here:

Our Favorite Dog Nail Grinders Picks

  1. Dremel 7300-PT Grinder & Groomer for Dog Nails

For those who are looking for a quality, bang-for-your-buck dog nail grinder, the Dremel 7300-PT is a solid pick. For rotary instruments, Dremel, the business behind the product, is considered the gold standard; so much so that the term “dremel” has become synonymous with every grinding device. This unique cordless model has two separate speeds, and the included battery wall charger can be quickly recharged. Most notably, one of the top rated dog nail grinders in its group is the 7300-PT.

Main Functionalities:

Nail Grinder for Cordless Dog
Two speeds, either 6,500 rpm or 13,000 rpm
Rechargeable battery for 3 hours
It comes with 5 sanding discs and a wall charger plug-in.

Includes warranty for two years
Easy to set up and use
The Cons:

Does not require a security guard

  1. ConairPRO Nail Grinder for Dog

A professional-level, corded nail grinder is the ConairPRO Dog Nail Grinder. A variety of features are included in the system that make it a top choice: many finishing accessories, a safety guard to avoid over-grinding, and one of the quietest settings we have looked at. It’s the best bet if you don’t mind plugging your grinder into the wall.

Main Functionalities:

Nail grinder Professional-level
Protective cover is used to avoid over-grinding.
It comes with 2 different finishing stones as well as 4 replacements for the grinding band


Compatible for all dog sizes
One of the quietest grinding machines
Conair is a leading and recognisable brand.
The Cons:

It must be plugged into the wall, not cordless.
Has just one grinding pace

  1. Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder Casfuy

Looking for an ultra-portable nail grinder? This Casfuy choice is a small, easy-to-use grinder that can be charged either via a wall charger, portable battery or your device via any USB port. Depending on the size of your dog’s nails, the grinder features two speeds and three separate grinding ports.

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Main Functionalities:

Cordless dog nail grinder, with battery for 2 hours
Have two different grinding speeds
3 different grinding ports for grinding
To reduce noise, a low vibration grinder is used.

Low noise of less than 50 decibels; a safe choice for sound-sensitive dogs.
Via USB charged. It can be connected to a wall, a battery pack, or a computer.
The Cons:

May not include warranty on goods
Many have said that the grinding stone for bigger dogs is not strong enough.

  1. FURminator For Dogs and Cats Nail Grinder

At less than half of the cost of the other choices, the FURminator Dog Nail Grinder is the highest-rated affordable grinder on our list. The model is cordless and compact, powered by AA batteries that provide 100 hours of use. To defend against over-grinding, it also includes a nail guard and an LED lamp.

Main Functionalities:

Nail grinder for cordless dogs powered by AA batteries
Comes for healthy grinding with nail guard (two sizes)
LED light to help light the region of the nail
Two settings for speed

The cheapest option on our list
Convenient for both dogs and cats
Usage for 100 hours on 4 batteries
Replacement grinding bands are often inexpensive and quick to replace.
The Cons:

Many have assessed that the low velocity is not quick enough and therefore the higher velocity, which was noisier, was needed.

  1. Dog Nail Grinder Casifor

The Casifor Dog Nail Grinder is a highly revamped cordless grinder that distinguishes itself with a “stepless” control setting, which ensures that the power can be tailored to the unique needs of your dog. The grinder also shines (at 20 hours) in terms of battery life, and is charged via any USB port. Although this is a top rated choice, it should be noted that owners with large dogs said that thick nails had problems with this grinder. Small dog owners need to be perfectly fine.

Main Functionalities:

Cordless dog nail grinder with a battery life of 20 hours
The speed setting is “stepless,” which means you can tailor the speed exactly to the nails of your dog.
Ports of three types for mini, medium and big dogs
USB-rechargeable; charged with an adapter, laptop or external battery.

Comes with warranty for lifetime replacement
Quite quiet at 40 decibels; good choice for noise-sensitive dogs
The Cons:

Less strength, ideal for small to medium-sized dogs, compared to other grinders

  1. PawControl Dremel 7760-PGK Nail Grinder
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The Dremel PawControl 7760 is a top pick for those looking for a premium choice. To enhance the grooming operation, this grinder takes the Dremel 7300-PT (reviewed above) and adds a range of features on top. This requires an ideal 45 degree nail safety guard, a 9 piece accessory package, as well as 4 speed settings ranging from 8,000 to 25,000 RPM.

Main Functionalities:

Skilled dog nail grinder of the grade
Lithium ion rechargeable battery
Includes nail guard at an optimum grinding angle of 45 degrees
Complete with 9 various grinding accessories to customise grooming

It works for all dog types, including big dogs,
Comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer
USB-charged battery; wall adapters, laptops and external batteries
From a low 8,000 RPM to a high duty 25,000 RPM, 4 separate speeds
The Cons:

Pricier than most grinding machines
At top speed speeds, it can be noisy

  1. 2-Speed Nail Grinder by Andis EasyClip

The Andis EasyClip is another top rated nail grinder pick, complete with a personalised groom with multiple attachments. Thanks to its strength and capacity to file down thicker nails, this particular model is a favourite among experienced groomers.

Main Functionalities:

Nail Grinder for Dual Speed Dog
Used by professional groomers
It comes with a 13-piece accessory kit: large and small sanding drums and a number of replacement sanding wheels.
Lightweight silicone sleeve with ergonomic sleeves

Reasonable for all dog and cat breeds
Strong enough for thicker nails for dogs
The Cons:

Pricier than most grinders with nails
It needs to be plugged in to the wall, not cordless.

  1. Oster Gentle Paws Nail Grinder for Dog & Cat

Another no-frills, high quality grinder for those looking for an inexpensive alternative is the Oster Gentle Paws Grinder. Depending on the thickness of your dog’s nails, the unit is powered by standard batteries, and comes with two different speeds. The enclosed flexible safety guard is another highlight.

Main Functionalities:

Nail Grinder for Dual Speed Dog
Driven by battery, cordless design
Adjustable safety guard included to stop grinding over
Comes for a more personalised groom with 4 attachments

Indicated for dogs and cats
Many owners said that the grinder was relatively quiet,
Requires a 1 year product warranty
The Cons:

Does not have as much strength as grinders with cords
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Purchasing Guide for Dog Nail Grinders
Nail trimming is a simple job that can be done with the use of a nail grinder at home. Like an electric nail pad, a nail grinder is used to easily shorten and smooth the tips of your dog’s nails. You could be overwhelmed with all the choices if you’re in the market for a nail grinder. There’s plenty to choose from, from nail grinders made for small dogs and big dogs to different power levels to corded versions or rechargeable grinders.

To help you know what to look for when deciding which nail grinder is the perfect fit for both you and your dog, we’ve compiled a buying guide.

How To Work Dog Nail Grinders?
Dog nail grinders are basically electric nail filers, otherwise referred to as dremels, which have a rounded head and operate at a high speed to shave the nail down. The round head, very similar to sandpaper, is made of rough material. A nail grinder is electrically driven and wears off a dog’s nail bit by bit with friction.

Because of the vibrations and noise, a lot of dogs are not major fans of nail grinders. Most dogs prefer to have their nails clipped with clippers, but it works much easier, one of the greatest advantages of using a nail grinder. While your dog does not enjoy it at first, via positive reinforcement, they will typically get used to it over time. In fact, your dog can not even know after a while that they are having their nails cut—nail grinders are so quiet!

An at-home grinder, unlike nail clippers, is fitted with a safety guard in place that gives you peace of mind when trimming your dog’s nails. This stops you from grinding down too low in the hands of your dog and hitting a sensitive nerve.

Why is it critical that your dog’s nails are trimmed?
If your dog spends a lot of time walking on soft surfaces such as carpet or grass, their nails won’t have as many chances of breaking down naturally as they will on sidewalks or hardwood floors. Your dog would need the occasional nail trim to help with the natural wear because of this.

There are many reasons to regularly cut your dog’s paws, including:

Reduce Damage to Floor
If your dog has long, untrimmed nails, and your home has hardwood floors, you can get deep scratches from scratching on your floors over time.