What is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash?

What is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash

Are finding the answer to the question of what is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash? Well, you are in the right place. If you are an owner or sitter of a naughty yet sweet dog and love him/ her more than anything then try to read the article till the end.

 Commonly, the dogs get so excited after unleashing them. But, the situation is thinkable when your furry baby is not responding to your call. Most of the case the pet parents get anxious and tried to catch the dog.

Today, I will share some effective methods to retrieve an off leashed dog. All the information is not from other blogs. For the last 16 years, I am a sensitive dog parent who really cares for her and other’s four-legged friend. So, knowledge is from my real-life experience. I hope my methods will help you to find an adequate way. 

Least Effective Ways to Retrieve a Dog that has got off leash:

Don’t Run After Your Off-leashed Dog

Suppose that after getting off-leashed your dog has run very fast. Now, if you also do the same after your unmanageable baby then it will be a great mistake.

Most of the time dog likes to play hide and sick or running. So, after seeing your anxiousness the dog will think “It’s a game and I should carry on.”

If you want to retrieve your dog then you have to stay calm and giving expressions in your face that you don’t have any interest in your furry friend. You should know dogs can read your face. So, don’t be in a panic mode and let him/ her back to you by thyself. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work, we have other options too. Keep reading to discover more proven effective ways.

Recall Your Furry Baby

If the above solution is not working and the dog is getting disappeared from your range then call him/ her. Please be noted, you have to call the dog in a very calm, friendly, quiet, and cheerful voice. By doing this, your dog will feel that you are in a playing mode or want to cuddle. Also, the dog will understand that it is not in trouble.

Make sure, which type of voice the dog likes most. you may be thinking what is the value for a different type of voice. Well, I have some experience with this matter. And, most importantly changing voice has worked so many times in my pet life.

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One of my dogs’ names is Judy, she is 2 years now. So, one day she got off-leashed and started running very fast. I was really scared but I didn’t let her understand that. Suddenly, I remembered how I call at home and I do the same in that situation. Fortunately, Judy ran to me after hearing my playful voice.

Give Your Dog’s Most Favorite Treats

Before outing with your dog always keep some treats for your dog. And the treats must your dog’s favorite one. Now let’s talk about the importance of treats while you are outside at home.

This can be another good answer to “What is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash?” So, read it attentively.

Every dog likes to eat and when it comes about treat he/ she will definitely do whatever you say. Therefore, after getting off leashed just show their favorite food in your hand. Your dog will obviously come back to you. The success rate of this method is 96% according to my observation.

Besides that, you should praise or give treats to your dog for doing what you have said and whatever good things he/she does. When the dog comes back to you, gently attach the leash with the collar. Even treat nicely while giving dog food.

Stop and Lie Down to the Ground

This is another crazy option for retrieving an off-leashed dog. It might be sound crazy to you but it also works well like the above one.

So, after slipping from the leash your dog can run very faster but one thing the naughty boy/ girl will definitely do and that is looking back again. The next step of your dog depends on your action. Let’s do something that will make your dog very curious.

Just stop where you are right now and lie down in the ground. This silly action will make the dog much curious to come back to you. He/ she will think, “What happens to my HOOMAN? I should help my friend”

I know you may laugh at me but I have done this many times. Your main motto will be raising the curiosity of your dog as high as you can do. 

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Inform in Your Locality

The worst part is when your four-legged friend is missing for hours and you don’t know where it could be. In this circumstance, you need to create “Lost Dog” signs with your dog’s picture. It will encourage the people who see the same looking dog. Use a large colored image of your dog so that anyone can identify the dog very easily. Don’t forget to write the dog’s name and your active number.

If you have put a locket with the dog’s name, your name and your number, you may don’t need to do all those hassles.

However, try to add a line that anyone must call you first if the person sees your dog rather than try to interrupt with the dog. Your dog may get scared after being chased by a stranger.

It will be excellent if you can promise a reward to the person who will help you to get the dog. Actually, this type of posters helps to attract more public attention.

Write a Missing Post on Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform for spreading messages. You can post on your local pet group of Facebook. Moreover, change the setting to broadcasting the news to the general public. This is a very effective way, I must say. Because of one of my sister’s success in finding her lost pet. And, the Facebook post helps her so much.

Inform Animal Control

If it’s a long time and you haven’t found the poor baby yet then you must notify the animal control. They are very expert at picking a lost pet that could be anything. That is much easier when it comes to a dog.

If your dog is micro-chipped, you don’t need to worry extremely. If you get back your dog and he/ she is not micro-chipped, the next step you should take is micro-chipped your dog immediately as there is no security of losing the dog once again. Probably you got the answer, What is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash?

Run Opposite Your Dog

After a dog had gotten slip the leash, the worst thing can be chasing him/ her. Most of the dogs think that it is a new game and some get afraid and even run faster.

The true factor It’s impossible to beat a dog at running fast. So, what about you ran opposite to your dog? It’s like you are getting away from your dog or running from your dog like the dog did before a second ago. You can also call the dog’s name and continue running.

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By this trick, your dog will get curious and get back to you or even can run after you. Cuddle a lot to your furry friend when he/ she come back to you. The dog will understand how much you love.

Keep Open Every Possible Way for the Poor Soul

If it has been a few hours and you still don’t get your best friend then it’s better to do all the things I have said above. Don’t cry and get sick! Your dog will come to the home way when it has done enough exploring.

Remember dogs always love to sleep in his/ her cozy bad and stay in the sweet home. So, remain open all the possible ways like pet door, door, back door, yard gate, and other probable paths.

Final Verdict on What is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash

Do you know an adult dog has a brain of 2/ 3 years old human baby? Thus, they stay the same naughty for the whole life. So, what a 2 years old human baby knows about the world? They haven’t the intelligence to understand every situation. So, don’t ever dare to punish your dog after getting back home.

There are some heartless people who pet a dog and beat them while they do any mistake or didn’t listen to him. It can be a cause for running away from the beloved human. Another thing, if you don’t go outside with your dogs they might get curious or bored about present life and they start running to explore a new world.

Always treat them well at home, give favorite food, cuddle him and that’s it to keep your dog at your side. The dog only understands the love you give him/ her. In return, they try to provide their eternal love.

I think you have got the proper answer to, “What is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash?” Please let me know it is effective for you or not. And, be with us to know the important updates about pets.

Have a nice walk with your best friend!