when can you touch the newborn puppies

Newborn pups are delicate animals and kids should be overseen when around them. Puppies, specifically newborns, typically shouldn’t be picked up, lugged, or had fun with up until they can stroll and also their eyes are open (three weeks is the target number below).

Adults can hold the puppy as well as permit children to pet dog it until the 3 weeks have actually passed. Even after that amount of time, it’s ideal to keep a watchful eye on both pet dogs and also a child.

Few points to consider before touching the newborn puppies

  1. The Mother Dog’s Role After two months of pregnancy and hormonal surges, her long-awaited litter has arrived. Now your mother dog must adapt to her new role, that of caretaker and protector. She instinctively senses the complete helplessness of her newborns and even a very mild-mannered mother dog might curl her body around her litter or place her front and back legs over her nursing babes to shield them from human attention.
  2. Stranger Danger While everyone in the neighborhood wants a whiff of new puppy breath, wait a few days before inviting anyone over. A mother dog with a new litter is naturally anxious and she could view the presence of non-family members as a threat to her young.
  3. Monitor Small Children Kids are naturally loud, boisterous and they typically exhibit all the behaviors a mother dog does not want occurring around her babies. Instruct small children to talk in whispers before allowing them to enter the nursery. If the mother dog seems leery, have the child remain outside the room and bring a puppy out for her to see and touch.
  4. Socializing the Litter Puppies who don’t receive human attention can have problems adjusting to their new homes. Take time to pet and hold each puppy daily, even if you have to wait until the mother dog goes outside for a potty break. Within a couple of weeks, after the newborns’ eyes open, most mother dogs begin to relax, allowing more human interaction with their puppies. By the time the puppies are about 6 weeks old, most mother dogs will sit by complacently or take a nap as their puppies play enthusiastically with their humans.
  5. Nursery Rules When your mother dog relaxes enough to let family members in the nursery without becoming anxious, allow visitors one or two at a time. Hold a puppy so the puppy is between you and the mother dog. If you turn your back, she’s more likely to get up from her litter to come around and see what you’re doing. Bringing her a food snack tells her you’re not up to mischief. Respect her desire to protect her young ones and she’ll be more than happy to share them with you in a few weeks.
when can you touch the newborn puppies
when can you touch the newborn puppies

How soon can you touch a newborn puppy or How long before you can touch newborn puppies

you shouldn’t handle the newborns too much until after their first 2 to 3 weeks of life.

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1 . Newborn Protection

The puppies’ mother usually handles their newborn’s tasks without any human intervention. They’ll clean and feed their young and snuggle with them when it’s time to rest. But if mom (who can sometimes become over-aggressive) is ignoring or neglecting her pup or pups, then you’ll have to take action and remove those pups! Also, keep an eye on all the pups and monitor their health. If any of the puppies have trouble breathing or have a problem maintaining proper body temperature and they’re shivering or overly hot, you’ll have no choice but to pick up the pup and rush to the vet!

2 . A Slow Process

The process slowly is the only way to handle puppies. Handling them in short intervals at first is recommended. A minute or two is enough time for puppy handling for the first or second time.

3 . Avoid Careless Handling

You do not ever want your puppy to have a bad handling experience so pay close attention to what the puppy is doing at the time of handling. If the puppy is nursing then leave the pup alone! Touching and holding a puppy requires it to be done correctly, so if you follow some guidelines, the pup will be happy and also will benefit from human interaction.

There’s a trust factor. The dog should “realize” that the owner is not a threat. Once that trust is established, the dog generally doesn’t bite.

Will, my dog bite me if I touch her puppies

A wise owner keeps in mind that the mother has just been through the exhausting process of birthing, her hormonal mix is undergoing rapid changes and her instincts are more likely to drive her behavior than usual. The owner of a bitch with a newborn litter should pay close attention to her body language signals and if she shows any signs of feeling uneasy or upset, back off ASAP.

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This is not the time to try to force human will upon the bitch because there is more than one way to lose in this situation. The owner could permanently damage the bitch’s trust, could be bitten or could leave the bitch feeling so threatened that she eats the puppies (something highly stressed out bitches sometimes do).

If all seems to be well with both puppies and mother, keep in mind that she needs room to learn how to care for her puppies and time to bond properly with them. She needs peace and quiet rather than parading the whole neighborhood through the whelping area to show off the new puppies.

If you touch a newborn puppy will the mother reject it

There is a long-standing myth that touching newborn animals will cause their mothers to reject them. This is almost never true, and puppies are no exception. In fact, family dogs are often very tolerant of their favorite humans touching their babies. However, although touching a puppy won’t make his momma reject him, that doesn’t mean you should do it indiscriminately.

Always take the mother dog’s comfort into consideration when you attempt to handle very young puppies. If the mother is nervous, defensive or aggressive, back off. If momma is growling or trying to hide her puppies from you, touching them is a definite no-no. Momma dog’s main job is to protect and care for her pups.

If momma dog is comfortable with you and doesn’t show any signs of stress when you approach her new babies, most breeders recommend you begin gently petting them for a few minutes each day from the time she first gets them cleaned off and nursing.

The idea is this early contact will habituate them to human beings and make bonding with their future human families easier and faster. This petting must be very gentle: simply stroke the puppies’ backs with one finger. Stop immediately if the mother acts like this bothers her, and don’t pet the pups for more than a few minutes at a time. Newborn puppies are very vulnerable to illness, so make sure you wash your hands very well with hot water and soap before and after touching them.

can you touch newborn puppies with gloves

Immune systems are non-existent at this point. The smallest germ can kill your babies. Keep them separated from all other pets in the household (except the mom).I know your first instinct is to show the puppies to every person that comes to your house because they are just that cute. DONT! No one should be around the puppies at all until they have at least done their first set of vaccines. When personally handling your puppies it is important to wear latex gloves which you will dispose of after each wear. That way you know your hands are clean and free of bacteria that could potentially pass along to the puppies.

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what happens if you touch a newborn puppy

Nothing happens, you feel happy 🙂 You can touch them straight away, but only if your dog lets you if she looks stressed then leave them alone. Never try and take them away, if she feels you are a threat to them she may eat them as a way to protect them, just hold them for a few minutes and then give them back. Make sure to stroke her first and talk to her calmly to let her know that you’re not a threat to them.

Finally, things to consider :

  • Approach the puppies slowly in a reassuring manner.
  • Back off if the mother is being protective of her litter!
  • Gently pet the newborn pups by running your fingers softly along their back and sides but only AFTER their mother is finished cleaning or nursing them – never interfere with these processes.
  • Lifting a small pup is easy, just slip your hand under its tummy. If the pup is larger, use both hands and make sure you’re supporting the pups’ head. Make the puppy feel safe by cradling its legs near to its abdomen, then snuggle the pups’ legs with both hands.
  • Newborn pups are delicate animals and children should be supervised when around them. Puppies, especially newborns, generally shouldn’t be picked up, carried, or played with until they can walk and their eyes are open (three weeks is the target number here). Adults can hold the puppy and allow children to pet it until the three weeks have passed. Even after that time period, it’s best to keep a watchful eye on both pet and child.