Which is the cutest puppy?

Puppies, puppies, PUPPIES, puppies! They’re so stinkin ‘cute and they make us happy. Everyone has a personal favourite of their own, so what are the top cutest breeds of puppies? For your viewing pleasure, we toiled at night hours, went through some intense arguments, and eventually narrowed down the top 10 list of adorable puppies.

Golden Retriever

“The “Gerber kid” of dogs, of course, made the list. Golden Retriever puppies, known for their innate intelligence, kind disposition, and coats made of pure sunshine, can turn any frown upside down any day. At around 3 to 5 years, a golden retriever puppy becomes fully grown, although it is not uncommon for Goldies to have an adorable Peter Pan syndrome during their lifetime.

Jack Russells

With his tiny size and giant attitude, his spunky, adorable puppy steals your heart. Many would accept that owning a Jack Russell is just like having a puppy 24/7 for the next 15 years. Jack Russell, needless to say, is not for the faint of heart because of the existence of the breed. Although young, Jack Russell puppies need to be disciplined as they can become aggressive if not properly socialised. Reinforce desired behaviour early for a delicious reward with some jerky treats.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus, not much bigger than a dust bunny, are pretty puppies that remain small. For the breed that is often called “lion dog,” they are pretty ironic. They are clever little pooches, but they can also be stubborn. Having said that, as soon as you get them home, make it a priority to start socialising and educating your Shih Tzu puppy.


Rottweilers, also called Rotts or Rotties, are strong and muscular and optimistic, undeniably one of the most underrated dog breeds, but don’t let that fool you! Rotties can be very affectionate and when they decide to cuddle and enjoy you, there’s no stopping them. To hone their social and innate defensive instincts, train your Rottie puppies early. The training rewards of choice are durable chews such as bully sticks for big dog breeds such as Rotties!

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We dare you to look at this puppy face and not say “aaahhhhhhh.” Big and in control of cuteness, the cutest puppy races. In terms of pound-for-pound mass, Mastiffs are considered the largest dogs on earth, but all that brawn comes with a gentle temperament that makes Mastiffs a favourite family pet overall. Mastiffs enjoy digging and chewing, so make sure to have plenty of long-lasting dog chews on hand to keep them busy and conditioned if you do plan to have one.

The Beagle

This is one of the cutest breeds of puppy ever! Pawfection, with that silky soft puppy fur and cute face, surrounded by those floppy ears, is the term that comes to mind. Beagles were initially trained to be hunting dogs, and once identified, they can be very persistent in detecting a scent. No wonder so many beagle owners want to call them four-legged noses.

Retriever Labrador

We may have talked too early about the Beagle puppy being the prettiest puppies… You can’t forget about Labs carrying the torch of the pretty puppy breeds. Like golden retriever puppies, furballs of pure sunlight are labrador puppies! Plus, with children and other pets, they are fantastic, which, if you combine with their pawesome energy, provides the ideal service dog recipe.

Shepherd German

German Shepherds grow up to be exceptionally smart working dogs, but they start out as the cutest puppies, “all paws,” adorably awkward. As you would expect from herding dogs, German shepherd puppies enjoy all types of sports, so a German shepherd is up to the vibe if you have an active lifestyle. The secret to a fruitful dog-owner relationship is teaching small German shepherd pups at a young age. Just make sure you provide him with a lot of well-deserved treats!


You think it’s cute to have a full-grown Corgi ass. Have you seen a puppy corgi ass?! If we did not mention this cute puppy breed, this list of cute puppies wouldn’t be full! The goofy spirits and overall great personality can not even be dampened by short legs. Don’t skip this video of a corgi heading down stairs, if you love corgis.

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Although they are cute puppies that remain small in size, in time their character grows immensely! Three items are enjoyed by Dachsunds: mischief, crinkling food bags, and you! Look for more dachshunds? Read Meet the Dachshund: Big Personality, Tiny Dog

Honorable Mentions by Sweet Puppy
It was too difficult to choose just 10 cute puppies, so we couldn’t go without mentioning any of our other favourite cute dog breeds…

Français Bulldog

Who could ever resist the charm of a furry French bulldog? French Bulldogs or Frenchies are playful and irresistible breeds that give much more than their small size, a common family friend in many households around the world. The characteristic bat ears of The Frenchie make them immediately identifiable and actually strangely stunning.


These feisty, smart dogs may be small in size, but their hearts are gigantic! There’s nothing to hate about these little puppies, known for their fierce loyalty and excessive cuteness. Small as they are, however, when you try to move a napping Yorkie or fail to give him his treats, their big-dog personality comes shining through!

The Hound Basset

The cute jowly breed may be just 14 inches in height, but as one of the best sniffers around, they stand tall and proud. Basset Hounds excel at hunting but in most domestic environments, they’re happy as being the very best companions one might ask for. Only don’t take them for a swim as they sink in the water like shells.


Complete with the extreme flood and rambunctious attitude, Husky puppies are just as sweet as their adult counterparts. For their stunning looks, especially their lovely coat and sharp gaze, Husky puppies are well-loved. The breed is known for its intelligence, so that a husky pup can train and socialise early. With interesting snacks such as bully sticks and cow ears, make playtime additional fun.

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Thanks to their charming and sassy personalities, the quintessential lapdogs of the famed chihuahuas have captured the hearts of millions. Due to their natural race size, Chihuahua puppies are not much different from their adult self and, to be honest, the wilful nature is there to remain as soon as it blooms. Pleasant fact: these little furries come in different colours and styles of coats.


Since time immemorial, pugs have charmed everyone and it’s impossible not to see why. These funky, snuggly, funny little pooches are personified as basically adorable. Unlike other active breeds, pugs are more laid-back in temperament. For tiny places like houses, this makes them ideal companions.

Great Danes

Elegance is all about this magnificent dog breed. Their colossal proportions are just as immense as their cores. With caring and gentle personalities, Great Danes are adorably affectionate. And did we note that the Great Dane puppies really grow up very quickly?

From Pitbulls

Pitbulls are known for being mean dogs, but you’ll argue with others just to debunk the common misconception until you get to own one. Truth be told, pitbulls love doggies that love their humans to bits, happy to please them. Naturally, the temperament of the pitbull can be serious, but you’ll see them coming out of their shell as long as they’re raised well.


Is there a more noticeable dog than a Dalmatian? Their signature spots are easy to find everywhere. They make excellent guard dogs and loving companions, especially with small children in households.

We would like to hear what you are thinking! Don’t you see your own adorable breed of puppy here? Give us why your puppy is in love with you! Pictures are always welcome of all the cutest puppies out there!