Why do dogs lick?

Dogs lick means a lot. Easy to decode for experienced dog owners. But sometimes even we struggle to understand why.

There are different forms of dog licking.

Welcome lick

Welcome lick is so common in dogs. It’s mostly a Hello greeting. Even with new dogs (if he likes) / friendly dogs – once accepted they threat them with Welcome lick. It’s also saying, i want something now and i am in good terms with you. Owner has to understand the welcome lick. Dog’s love to be around always, and keep communicating to its owner every now and then with subtle signs.


Dogs are pack animals, born and bred to live in groups. Pack cohesion is centered around the individual dogs role in the pack as a leader or a follower. The lead dog, the alpha, receives licks from the other dogs as a form of submission. The licking dog showing subservience to the alpha. This happens in your home too, the dog is feeling pack-centric and is licking you to show that he respects your leadership of the pack. Dog doesn’t feel dominant over you, and acknowledges that you’re the leader . One way of Dog’s body language.


One of the most beautiful feeling is affection. Dogs don’t know how to hide. Nonjudgmental love story, Dog licks and licks. Dogs wont discriminate whether its your face, hand or feet – licks licks licks. Licking for affection releases your dog the endomorphins. Endomorphins will calm n soothe your dog.

You Are Delicious

Behind hand licking  some dogs just do it because they like the taste.The natural oils, salt and sweat that collect on your hands. If you don’t wash your hands after cooking or eating, your dog may want to lick them clean for a sample of that. After licking us many times before, they are able to recognize and recall who we are based on the salts released from the pores of our skin, when we sweat.

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Compulsive Behavior

Some dogs develop compulsive behaviors because they find them comforting, much in the same way that humans do. This has less to do with the release of endorphins than it does the satisfaction of an inexplicable urge, like how a person may feel compelled to pluck his own hair or pick at his own skin. If your dog refuses to stop licking your hands, you may need to consult a canine behaviorist who can determine the root of the behavior. Sometimes dogs develop compulsions as a coping mechanism after past traumas or current unhappiness.

Know What does it mean when a dog licks your feet?


Have you ever noticed a dog licking and examining you when you go to dog friendly home? Well nothing to scare off. They try to examine you, explore you. To understand who has entered home, where had he been, what all did he do. Dogs can smell multiple subtle changes in the smell and taste. The true detective.

Do you encourage

Dogs get a sense of feeling that you like it. If you encourage Dog licking, they here you go. You get life time free subscription for Dog licks. Its left to owner to encourage or not. But soon enough Dog will understand who loves their licking and keep showering their immense love.

How to stop dog from licking you

  • Dog lovers never get it(including me) , but few of us do mind to keep our dog from licking. How to reduce or almost stop our dog’s excessive licking. Few tips to follow.
  • In the past you have rewarded the behavior of licking. Now start saying “No” and move away from the act. If it follows you again, try to apply the bad tasting or sour or bitter flavor on your skin( Making sure he doesn’t like this taste, it should not bounce back).
  • Keep him busy with his toys.  Dogs love attention distractors, use it for your help.
  • Exercise is must. Take for long walks , make him tired. The energy in dogs should be low. Better keep your dogs hydrated, while on log walks.